Plantar Fasciitis

I finally saw an orthopedist last week for my knee and heel pain. My left knee was easy to diagnose. The X-ray showed no damage and after a physical exam with a bunch of exercises, pushes, pulls and twists, she determined it was a torn meniscus. Because the pain has been more and more bearable, she thinks it's healing fine on it's own. It only hurts now to go up stairs and uphill or if I'm crawling around on the floor with the kids. When I go down stairs, it feels like my knee is going to lock up, which is scary, but not painful. Now if only I could install a dumbwaiter in my house...

My right foot is basically f*cked. I've had plantar fasciitis off and on for about seven years, in both of my feet and in one or the other. Some people are just prone to it. I most likely get it because I have high arches and over-pronation. My heel would hurt in the morning, I'd do some stretches and then the pain would fade away until the next morning. I was pregnant with it, I went to Disneyland with it, I walked 5Ks with it, and it sucked but it was manageable and always went away after a month or two. 

This time around though, I AM DYING! The pain doesn't ever fade away. It feels like I'm stepping on sharp tacks all day long. Even when I put my feet up at the end of the day, my foot throbs and I feel shooting pains. I was doing everything I was supposed to do: stretching, icing, rolling little balls under my foot, and making Jacob massage it. I also bought a ton of products: compression socks and sleeves, like six different shoe inserts, ace bandages, and finally a night splint.

My OP said my case is pretty bad, but there's really nothing that can be done right now. I have to give it at least another month before she'll consider injecting cortisone. It just has too many risks, doesn't always work, and sometimes makes it worse. Surgery is another option, but not for at least 18 months. They don't mess around with going under the knife! I don't want it anyway.

Instead, she wants me to start taping my foot. Tape? That's it?! Her assistant showed me how to do it in order to get the best stretch and I have to admit, I felt a little relief right away, but that only lasted about twenty minutes. And the tape only works when you're actually out walking around, so it's not something that can help the chronic pain. I recently tried KT Tape too. It doesn't give as good of a stretch, but it's helpful since I can wear it while lounging around the house.

My doctor told me to stay off my feet, period. That's impossible because I have two littles and run a household, but she said to try. Practical. She also said I should never EVER go barefoot, not even at home, and when I'm out no more flats or TOMS, only my big, bulky walking shoes with my Superfeet insoles. I told her that I have an upcoming vacation, where I'll be walking the streets of Manhattan and she seriously suggested a walking stick or cane. Um...no. Instead I'm wearing a little post-op shoe around the house and a walking boot when I'm out and about. So far, I haven't noticed any difference with anything I've tried. Boo.

I also really, really, really need to lose weight. I suddenly packed on the pounds (like, twenty of them), but after a bunch of blood tests, my doctor couldn't find any real reason why. Which is good, but also bad. I guess I'm just old and lazy with crappy metabolism. Since there is absolutely no way I can exercise, I really have to focus on my diet. Like, for real. 

We went to a Sounders game two weeks ago and the walk from the parking garage to the stadium killed my foot. I had to cancel on two Mariners games last week. I have a concert to go to tonight, but I'm going to have to sit the majority of the show. I'm such a bummer!

Are you sick of me complaining about this yet?
I'M MISERABLE, but I'll stop talking about it now.


Karen M. Peterson said...

Oh, man! I'm so sorry you're going through this. I wonder if this is the problem I had when I was in Europe. I got to the point where I could barely walk and even sitting down didn't help. A couple of days at home with rest and it's right as rain.

I hope your pain goes away. Surgery sounds horrible. I know from experience that Cortisone shots are AWFUL!

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

This is how I feel with my carpal tunnel. I can't open jars or anything with a twist lid because my arms and wrists hurt so bad. Some days are better than others though. My back keeps going out too. Haven't seen a doctor about it yet. I'm scurd.

Getting old SUCKS BALLS!

Jodi said...

Why is the cortisone risky?

Cute shoe! :)

I've gained 10 lbs since last summer. I was to blame my new MS drug but not sure if that is it or not. I think it is our age. It sucks. The older you get the slower the metabolism gets. Ugh!

I hope your foot is feeling a little better for NYC. I'll give you a piggy back if not. Haha

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

I feel your pain with each step I take.........