Cheers & Jeers: At Home

I don't really know how to organize my thoughts on things at home, so here are some cheers and jeers for you. 

Cheers to summertime! We've been hitting up parks, kid museums, and beaches. We've gone out for a ton of froyo and have also been buying treats from the ice cream truck. We've been spending time at the lake and have made s'mores, popcorn, and popsicles. We've been playing with sidewalk chalk and bubbles and have been getting dirty with our water table, sand table, sprinkler, and blow up pool in the backyard. We've completed our summer reading program and the boys have done a few day camps at the YMCA, on top of their usual swimming lessons. We have plans to go bowling and mini golfing and also want to visit the splash park and planetarium. We also have a weekend at the ocean coming up. We're having tons of fun and I'm completely exhausted every day, but in a good way. I've been so tired at night that I'm not really reading or watching much TV. This is also why I've been a terrible blogger.

Cheers to road trippin'! We decided to visit my brother while he's working in San Diego this fall and Jacob insists on a road trip. It will definitely save a lot of money, but holy crap, that's a lot of driving with our two monsters. We're staying in a hotel one night each way, which means ten hours of driving per day. Because we'll have to take like 85 potty breaks I'm sure it'll be more like fourteen hours. I'm excited though! I've been to San Diego about ten times (and lived there when I was in kindergarten), but it'll be a whole new experience with our kids in tow. We'll have tons of fun at SeaWorld, Legoland, the zoo, the beach, the museums at Balboa, the pool at my brother's house, etc. I'm also excited to see some California friends!

- - - - - 

Jeers to my hair. I made the mistake of going to a new stylist while mine was on maternity leave. I loved my cut when I left the salon, but the next day I realized he went to town with layers. It looked thin and stringy. Thankfully I was able to see my regular stylist two weeks later and she fixed it. And by fixed it, I mean she chopped it off so I no longer have any layers. I was kind of happy to do it though. I just can't really have long hair. My hair is very healthy, but every time I have surgery the anesthesia makes my hair fall out, which makes it tangle and thin. I guess the lob is where it's at.

Jeers to my body. I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot. If you don't know this hell, it's when the flat band of connective tissue that runs along on the bottom of your foot becomes weak, swollen, inflamed, and even tears. I've been wearing my sexy night splint for about a month, but I'm still in pain all day long. As if that isn't bad enough, my left knee has been sore for weeks, without reason. I've never had a knee injury before and it is killing me! I got X-rays done last week and I'm finally going to see a orthopedist tomorrow. My doctor warned me that I'll probably need an injection in my foot. Whatever it takes to make it feel better, but I reeeally don't want to be told to wear a brace or get crutches! She said she's even heard of people needing a cast until it healed. Ugh!

Jeers to getting old. As if my body falling apart wasn't bad enough, I realized I graduated from high school 17 years ago. Two of my friends had parents pass away last month. I took this hearing test and could only hear the first two tones. The group of kindergartners I taught graduated from college this year. I Facebook stalked some and they are full on grown ups! Jacob and I are updating our wills. I wrote this post about music festivals. I wrote this post about the 2000s. Mary-Kate and Ashley are 28 years old and Friends has been off the air for ten years. I'm totally fine with being 35. My age has never really bothered me, but man, I feel really old and lame lately.

Jeers to Jacob's job. Not really. It's a great job and more than pays the bills, but he's been working Monday through Saturday since January. Two weeks ago he got bumped up to ten hour days instead of nine. I miss him. The kids miss him. The kids drive me crazy when I have them on my own for too long. He's also still working at his MMA gym and training for a triathlon. I feel bad for packing in family fun on Sunday (his only day off) because if I were him, I'd just want to sleep. He he tells me to bring it on though and never complains. He amazes me and I'm so grateful for him and don't feel like I do enough in return. I'm sure this thought runs through his mind a few times a week:

Honestly though, life is very good. I'm just grumpy about being in pain.
How are things at your house?


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Keep me updated with the doctor's results. Fingers crossed you can get the shot and it works for you!

Jeers to my hair too! I HATE it! Worst decision ever to cut it. I already know it's going to be a pain on vacation. Sorry in advance lol.

And boo to getting old. In two weeks I'm officially 31. That means like I'm a real 30-something. Eff that lol!

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

My mom has plantar fasciitis. She had to have each foot casted for a couple of weeks. She had them casted one at a time though. She seems to be a lot better now. I feel like what I have in my arms and wrists is probably pretty similar. I haven't gone to the doctor about it, but it's either severe carpal tunnel or... ARTHRITIS. I sleep in braces when it gets bad. A huge reason I have it, even without a doctor telling me, is because I'm a side sleeper. This jacks up my neck, back and arms and wrists because I sleep with one arm tucked up under my pillow. I just don't know how else to sleep! This is how I'm comfortable, dammit. Ha!

I haven't been to see my stylist in a while. I really need a haircut. We've been really busy, and my blog has suffered. Oh well, I'll get back to it soon enough.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

I also have plantar fasciitis and know how painful it is I was told it would just get better on it's own and there was really little that could be done .

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I've been out of HS 20 years... remember age is just a number.

I love your shorter cut - so cute, I wish I could pull off shorter hair agin.

PS The hearing issue is probably from all those awesome concerts, I say keep on going, screw those two tones you probably don't need to hear them anyway ;) hehe

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I've been out of HS 20 years... remember age is just a number.

I love your shorter cut - so cute, I wish I could pull off shorter hair agin.

PS The hearing issue is probably from all those awesome concerts, I say keep on going, screw those two tones you probably don't need to hear them anyway ;) hehe