World Cup Hotties

My brother played soccer from ages four to sixteen and I was dragged to many rainy Saturday morning games throughout my childhood. I went to games in high school and college to watch some of my crushes and guy friends play. And I've been to one Seattle Sounders FC game. It was definitely fun to watch and I'd love to go to another match, but I really don't keep up with the team. Now that the World Cup is upon us, I've been more interested in the news out of Brazil about construction problems, poor conditions, weather, transportation and traffic issues, FIFA greed, corruption, and protests than the actual games. However, I've always said that soccer players are the hottest athletes (swimmers are a very close second), so it's worth it to pay a little bit of attention. These guys are lean and strong without being bulky, they're flexible, agile, have tons of endurance, and there isn't any fat on their bodies. Let's take a look at some players that have caught my eye. 

Jozy Altidore, United States

Adam Larsen Kwarasey, Ghana

Karim Ansarifard, Iran

Luke Shaw, England

Cesar Azpilicueta, Spain

Aurelien Chedjou, Cameroon

Dejan Lovren, Croatia

Asmir Begovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Glen Johnson, England

Ben Foster, England

Gabriel Achilier, Ecuador

Mensur Mejdza, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Andrea Barzagli, Italy

Olivier Giroud, France

Juan Quintero, Colombia

Eden Hazard, Belgium

Orestis Karnezis, Greece

Alexis Sanchez, Chile

Fabian Johnson, United States

And now a tribute to the hottest soccer player there ever was...David Beckham.

Are you a big soccer fan? Are you keeping up with the World Cup?
I'm kinda getting into it and I'm rooting for Germany.


Jo said...

I've been forced to become a football fan since the boy is obsessed. Not to mention the fact that when your husband owns a pub you see a lot of games. That said I have to agree with you about David Beckham!!!!

ps. Glad to see Eden on your list (go devils)

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

where is Cameroon?? and I approve of this FABULOUS list!!! no i don't watch and don't care much.... not like the olympics ;)

Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm not a soccer fan, but I am a fan of all of these faces!

Lauren @ Lot Forty Eight said...

AMEN. The men Kelly, the MEN. I always feel guilty being attracted to other men now that I'm married but really though these men are YUM

Jodi said...

Oh yes so many cuties! Too bad they are all kinda young and make me feel a little creepy for crushing on them. haha

Gwen said...

Oo la la! I may bookmark this post just for the eye candy!

Aaron went to a bar with friends to watch today's match. He asked if I was going to watch. Um, no. I'd watch it as a social event but if I'm home alone, that's not going to be my viewing choice.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I feel like I'm too American to appreciate the hotness of soccer playets. Most just look prettier than me. Too metro lol. Although I did notice Spain has a lot of hot dudes!

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Enought to make a woman want to watch sport

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

I did a similar post during the last World Cup. David Beckham is definitely the hottest.