Everywhere I look lately, it's all about prom. It's dress season at the mall. While running errands in town on Saturday I saw a ton of girls getting their hair done. While playing outside with the kids that evening, I saw some neighbors taking front yard pictures of their teens in formal attire. My oldest niece just went to her senior prom. And a bunch of my Facebook friends posted #tbt prom pics last week. Guess what guys? I didn't go to prom and I'm still a little bitter about it. 

Our school had two formals each year - Homecoming and Valentine's Day - but the only prom was senior year. I always had issues shopping for dresses because I'm six feet tall. Everything was too short! Up until that point I'd always gone with too-short short dresses. But for prom, I wanted to be fancy in a long gown. My mom can whip up anything in her sewing room and made me a dress. I can't find the exact pattern, but it was very similar to the pink dress, but in lavender, a little less puffy, and with thicker straps to give the twins some extra support. So, so lovely.

I bought some dyed-to-match kitten heels and my jewelry, and scheduled my hair and makeup appointments. Prom was just three weeks away and I was ready. But then my boyfriend dumped me. We had been fighting a lot and the threat of breaking up was thrown around in arguments by both of us, but I didn't think it would actually happen. And when it did happen, I didn't think it'd stick. I was sure he'd cool off in a few days, apologize (he broke up with me for being mad at the really sh*tty stuff he did), and we'd be back together, ready to make some amazing end-of-senior-year memories.

Except that didn't happen. At school on Monday he asked a junior girl to prom. She was sort of on the outskirts of our clique and everyone was going as a big group, so it sort of made sense. But seriously, wait for my tears to dry, dude! Obviously, I instantly hated her, even though I knew she didn't like him like that. But I was pissed! What the hell was I supposed to do?  Everyone knows you have your prom date picked out months in advance! I didn't even want to look for a date. I was over the whole thing.

During the last few months of school I became pretty good friends with a junior boy who I thought was THE HOTTEST GUY in the whole school. But he was amazing because he didn't know how hot he was. He was just a genuinely nice guy with zero agenda and said all the right things all the time. Swoon. While hanging out one night after marching band practice (I was such a catch!) we talked about my breakup and prom and I casually asked him to go with me, as friends of course. He said he'd think about it. First thing the next morning he handed me a long letter explaining that he couldn't go because a mutual friend of ours already asked him and he said no. It wouldn't be fair to go with me, even though he wanted to. Ugh. So hot and so nice. My best friend had a few other date options for me (her boyfriend's friends), but I was officially over prom. I didn't want to go at all.

On prom night, my bestie and her boyfriend stopped by to say hi and then I went to the movies with some of my junior friends. Lame. I found out that night that my ex-boyfriend's prom date slept with another guy at the after party they went to together. Even though they didn't have feelings for each other, I thought it was hilarious. Karma's a bitch! As for the adorable junior guy? He wrote me this long, heartfelt, very flattering yearbook entry. When my ex-boyfriend signed my yearbook a week later, he read it, and got extremely jealous. Two days after graduation we got back together. Asshole. Because of Facebook, I've kept in touch with that super hot junior who is now a super hot adult...and a pastor. 

Sometimes I regret that I didn't just go with some random guy for the prom experience. Other times I remind myself that I would have been miserable watching my ex and all of our friends have fun without me. I also think about how if we did go together, we would have waltzed in late, danced for maybe three songs, got our pictures taken, and left for the party hours before the prom ended, so it probably wouldn't have been worth it anyway.

Ok, enough with this woe is me crap. I'm not actually that mad about it. 
Tell me about your prom experience! Let me live vicariously through your memories.
Did you go? Did you love it? How was your date? Was there drama? I gotta know!


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

That stinks!!! High school can sometimes be the pits!!! And other times be great. I hate that you missed out but you're right - you would have remembered it as the jealously / left out night.

I went to both my proms, Junior and Senior. With the same guy. Junior year SUCKED!!! My ex was very, very jealous of any guys, didn't want to dance out of embarrassment in front of his classmates, and we argued, a lot. At one point one of my friends that was a senior dragged me out on the dance floor for conga line and he got LIVID... Because a football player was behind me, looking back I think I finally said - Well if you could have gotten out there YOU could have been holding my hips.

Fast forward to Senior Year - we had a blast, We went with a group of mutual friends, most of which were younger (my grade), and what was funny was that his friends, at least 3 of them that had already graduated, came back to the prom, to be with girls they were dating in my grade. So we all had a blast, he was much less worried about what others thought, he danced, and had a blast.

Senior was way better, my time was better, my dress was better and his attitude made such a difference.

Dress shopping was always a melt down thing for me, I found the EXACT dress I wanted my junior year, my Senior year I felt more pressure, it was MY SENIOR prom - and I literally tried on the dress I wore as a joke - it was white lace, high neck and fitted, and i said it looked like a hooker dress... I put it on, and it was AMAZING... and odd... it had sequins at the neck, so not me, but I totally rocked it... And I think I wore white panty hose, WTF? LOL But Looked great! Probably the fittest I ever was in my entire life (dance team).

I have fond memories, but sort of wish I had dumped that dude my junior year... we dated from age 15 until I was 20. We were engaged after my senior year and he cheated on me, a lot. HS boys suck!

PS Our Senior Week - everyone goes to the beach after graduation - he had a BLAST at his, I wasn't there, drinking partying... he came to mine and we were in the hotel room with our friends, every night, by 10 PM!!! WTF? Were we 50?

Karen M. Peterson said...

I didn't go to prom either. But it wasn't because of a breakup. It was because no one asked me. Story of my life!

Jen K said...

I have to find a picture of my junior prom dress. It is almost exactly what you described!! We are having retro prom Saturday at the blog conference I'm attending. I'm going 60s Mod.

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

We didn't have "prom". It was called Jr./Sr. Banquet. There was a dinner-banquet first. After that, we had to leave and got to another location for the dance sponsored by the parents. I went to private school and dancing was against the rules. The school knew we were doing it, but the church didn't want their name attached to it. SO LAME! In the end, it was still like everyone else's prom except for the location change.

Junior year I went to the dinner with two girlfriends. My high school boyfriend had mandatory lifeguard training and met up with me for the dance part. I was so mad at him at first, but he was hot and everyone was jealous so I got over it. I loved my dress and my hair and had a blast.

Senior year, I went with 2 girls again. My best friend and I had hot older dates lined up, but she waited until the last minute to tell them yes because she was holding out for a guy at school to ask her. In the end, she told the other 2 guys no on our behalf. So I got stuck going with her and another girlfriend. I'm still friends with the 2 girls and love them, but I was bitter at the time that I didn't get to go with my hot older guy "friend". Senior year, they had a "lock-in" after prom for everyone to stay the night at some sports facility. We thought it was stupid and rebelled. We were the only 3 people who ended up not staying for the lock-in and ended up home very early. It was lame. I was also wearing the same dress as a girl a classmate brought. UGH!

Corrin said...

I was a total late bloomer and didn't even date until college. I played lots of sports, so I was on curfew and couldn't have went if I wanted to.

Susan S. said...

I went to many proms. But like you, my bf of several years and I broke up right before my senior prom. So I went with a group of girlfriends and had a marvelous time.

Prom has become way bigger in recent years, at least in my observations as a teacher. The asking process is like a marriage proposal, and the dresses- damn!

I am over 6 feet tall- I didn't realize you were a tall girl like me!

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

We don't have proms here in Australia so I have never been to one although nowadays they have formals and my brother went to his formal but there was nothing like that when I was at school