Just like the every one else in America, I watched the second season of House of Cards in record time. Well, that's not true. If I didn't have kids I would have sat down for 13 hours and not moved until I was finished. But I did get through it in the first three days. I love the instant gratification of binge-watching and have been doing it way before Netflix released entire seasons in one day. But I also feel a lot of pressure to do it. A friend ruined the first episode on Facebook at noon the day House of Cards premiered. Boo! And there is another shocker in a later episode that everyone was hinting at. I was so afraid that I'd hear about it before I watched it, so I stayed up too late two nights in a row to see for myself. Luckily, it wasn't that big of a shock to me. (It's called foreshadowing, people). Still, it was a great season and since the show sort of plays out like a long movie, I enjoyed watching the episodes in a row.

I guess I started binge-watching waaaay back in 2003 when a friend gave me the first three volumes of The Best of Friends for my birthday. Even though I'd seen every episode of Friends multiple times, I had fun lying around all day watching one after another. 

In 2005 Jacob got me Sex and the City: The Complete Series for Christmas. I watched every episode from beginning to end two times in 2006.

2005 was also the year we got Netflix. At first we just got movies by mail, but I eventually took over the queue when I decided that TV shows were a ton of fun to catch up on. Freaks and Geeks was a show I missed out on when it aired, but it quickly became on of my favorites after watching the entire lone season in two weeks.

When I was pregnant with Nolan in 2008, I quit my job and lounged around. I read a zillion books and magazines and watched teen dramas on Soapnet. Then I realized I could start them all from the beginning with Netflix DVDs! I don't know if it was the hormones or the story lines, but I was in tears constantly while watching Veronica Mars. I got so invested in the characters! It's still one of my favorite shows. One Tree Hill and Felicity had a similar affect on me. 

I wasn't able to relax as much when pregnant with Milo because I had a rambunctious two-year old to chase around, so my down time was usually spent sleeping. I did watch a lot of streaming shows during Milo's first few months while feeding in the middle of the night. I started with fun comedies like Party Down and Parks and Recreation, but when I was done with those I watched Dexter. I don't know why I thought watching a drama about a serial killer in the middle of the night with a newborn was a good idea, but I loved it. Back then Netflix only had seasons one through four. I recently watched season five and it was crazy how much the creepy opening credits reminded me of my sweet little baby. I hope I didn't cause him too much damage.

Then came the Netflix original series. In order to prepare for the fourth season of Arrested Development, Jacob and I had a marathon of the first three seasons for a month leading up to the release date. Jacob is the worst binge-watcher ever, since he just won't do it. He is totally fine with watching an episode here or there, never in any rush. Why doesn't he care about TV like I do?! He's ridiculous.

Even though it was getting a lot of great hype, I waited a few weeks to start Orange is the New Black. I fell in love by episode three and finished the season in four days. I cannot wait until June 6 for season two! I'm making sure my calendar is clear that weekend.

I had never seen an episode of Breaking Bad, but new it was a show I wanted to watch, so I recorded the second half of season five as it aired on AMC. I didn't get a chance to watch the first four and a half seasons before the live series finale, but I caught up quickly. While recovering from surgery I was able to watch every single episode in eleven days. It should have been seven days. I only had last three episodes of the series to go, but we just had to go to Disneyland. I thought a lot about Jesse and Walt at the happiest place on Earth. The second we got home, I parked it in front of the TV to finish it. (By the way, season 5 part 2 is available to stream on Netflix today!)

December is always a great time to binge-watch a new show since all the regulars go on winter hiatus. I heard good things about the Australian teen drama Dance Academy and watched all 64 episodes in three weeks. I loved it!

I'm halfway through season six of Dexter, then plan to start a show from my binge-watch to-do list.

What were your favorite shows to binge-watch?


Melanie Montgomery said...

I binged watched Friday Night Lights last month and oh my. That show is amazing. I wished they had given it just one more season. Also, The Walking Dead, I'm 3 seasons in and it's perfection. Eventually, you stop noticing the people eating other people and focus on the characters. Which was nice because I hate zombie themed movies/shows.

Misty C. said...

I haven't had time for any binge watching lately. I did fly through OITNB, but nothing really since. I started House of Cards. I started Veronica Mars. I started Friday Night Lights. I like all three, but need to pick one, finish it and move on to the next.

Can't wait until OITNB season 2!

Did you ever start True Detective?

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I started watching One Tree Hill this weekend and I have to say maybe it's my age but I'm having a REALLLLY hard time with it. I made it through 9 episodes yesterday... still not sure. Friday Night Lights is next in line because EVERYONE speaks so highly of it.

Be prepared to be obsessed with The Walking Dead and Sherlock - PS Sherlock is a commitment. It's only 4 episodes a season but they are LONG, amazing, lovely and so well done episodes but just be warned you will need TIME for these. It's a marathon not a sprint for SHelrock, but so worth it. I just started watching Walking Dead from the beginning again.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

VEEP is amazing. I freaking love it.

FNL is one of my favorite shows ever to appear on TV.

I have The Wire on DVD from a friend, all seasons. I need to buckle down and watch that. I've been waiting to finish Sons of Anarchy but I think I'd rather wait for that series to end before I try to catch up to it.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

VEEP is amazing. I freaking love it.

FNL is one of my favorite shows ever to appear on TV.

I have The Wire on DVD from a friend, all seasons. I need to buckle down and watch that. I've been waiting to finish Sons of Anarchy but I think I'd rather wait for that series to end before I try to catch up to it.

Kenli Peterson said...

someone totally blew house of cards season two for me the other night. pissed off is an understatement.

by the way - i can't wait to hear what you think about the end of dexter. i was literally so angry i made bryan stop watching it from the beginning (he ended up still watching the whole thing anyway.)

and i HAVE to suggest you watch the league. i think i finished it in maybe 3 days. THE BEST.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I haven't seen House of Cards yet. I keep meaning to. I'll watch it during Spring Break or something.

I love binge-watching shows on Netflix. That's how I got through Veronica Mars, Dexter, and The Tudors.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I'm the only person in American who didn't binge watch House of Cards this past weekend and I feel like I am missing out!

I've only binge watched two shows - Dawson's Creek, about five years after it went off air, and True Blood last spring.

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

SHERLOCK! And also VEEP. You will love them both so much!

I started FNL but never finished. And I haven't even started House of Cards!