Old Spice Mom Song

Have you seen this super creepy commercial yet?

Oh I didn’t see it coming but it came in a can
Now my sweet son sprayed into a man
Mine too and hey, we know just who to blame
When our sons have fun with women and misbehave
Old Spice! Sprayed a man of my son
Now he’s kissing all the women and his chores aren’t done
He was just my little sweetie, tiny fingers, hands and feeties
Now he’s touching, kissing, feeling all the women because
Old Spice! Sprayed a man of my son
Now he smells like a man and they treat him like one

As a mom of two boys I have a lot to say about this. Yes, of course I hate that my babies are growing up. I was almost in tears at a hockey game recently when I couldn't stop staring at two teenage brothers who were basically Nolan and Milo from the future. And I'm not at all looking forward to dealing with puberty. Boys are gross. Like, really, really gross and smelly. But I'm declaring right here, right now that I will never be THAT mom.

There's a certain level of parental involvement needed when your kids start dating. It will be incredibly awkward, but communication is key. I had a pretty healthy relationship with my parents and with my high school boyfriend's parents. As annoying as we thought it was at the time, they were just there to make sure we weren't getting into too much trouble and that we were being safe, smart and respectful. I don't think I could have asked for a better first relationship situation, but I know that's not typically the case.

I really hate this "my son is more amazing than anyone in the world and no one will ever love him as much as I do or be good enough for him" attitude. I have a friend who hasn't even birthed her child yet, but constantly posts things on Facebook about her fetus's future girlfriends and always refers to him as "mama's boy" and "heart-breaker." Gross. Let's just wait to see what he looks like first.

By the way, you can get these sets of rules on t-shirts. No. Just No.

How about we just have open, trusting relationships with our sons and raise little men who respect and seek out quality women, so we don't have to worry about skanks coming to our door and stealing our "babies" away? And if you have daughters, forget the princess crap. Instill self-worth and promote education so they don't end up stripping for a living and "going after" all of our "innocent, precious sons" with their "games" trying to "take our place." Too many air quotes? Probably, but these moms make me gag.

End rant.


Jo said...

oh my word that is creepy!!!!
I'm so with you about having a good relationship with your kids. I also think that having a good relationship starts from when they are young.

You need to start talking to them about everything (at the right time/level of detail) from the start then it will be normal for both you and them when they hit the teen years.

(at least that is what I'm hoping, check with me in 5 years time when I have 16 & 14 year old).

Jen said...

Yes! I feel the same way. I'm trying to just teach my boys to be respectful. And I will be open with them and hope they feel comfortable to be open with me too. My parents were very cool. I was always pretty open with my mom. As long as I told her where I was she really didn't say no to anything. I never had to sneak around. I was a pretty good though so they didn't need to worry.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

BALLS. I just tweeted this because the first two times I tried to comment I couldn't. ANYWAY

Your last paragraph is the stuff.

I hate when I see people treating boys like tiny tyrant kings and girls like princesses.

The rules Ts? HATE

jessica said...

First, that commercial is creepy as hell. And second, I couldn't agree more. Those sayings or whatever are just gross and tacky.

I'm a complete mess at the thought of Violet growing up too! I always have to remind myself though that everything I do/say is affecting her life in some way and whether I like it or not, she's going to grow up. I just hope her dad and I can always maintain open communication with her. I never had that with my parents and I think I would've been less of a sneaky, bad decision maker had things been different!

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

As the mother of girls not boys I can only partly relate, my brother is a mummy's boy at the age of 35 and his wife still doesn't get that he talks to mum about stuff

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

that commercial wigs me out so much that when I see Mike's old spice deodorant in the medicine cabinet I shudder a little bit.

Misty said...

I hadn't seen that commercial until now. I wish I could unsee it.

I'm not ready for puberty with either child, but especially Dain. I'm going to need lots and lots of drinks.