Leonardo DiCaprio. Discuss.

While Jacob and I were deciding on what movie to see a few weeks ago, I threw out my first choice, The Wolf of Wall Street. He asked me what it was about, but I only got "That movie with Leonardo DiCaprio" out of my mouth before he cut me off and said, "No. I hate him." Um...what?! After I rattled off a few more of Leo's past movies, he said he didn't like any of them and that this shouldn't be a surprise because guys don't typically like him. I was perplexed. I honestly thought he was a universally loved actor. So I took it to Facebook:

"I just found out that Jacob hates Leonardo DiCaprio (blasphemy!)
and he said most guys can't stand him. Is this true?"

I instantly got ten comments that said, yeah, he sucks. A few people mentioned that he seems like a douche. I can't exactly argue against that. Remember the P*ssy Posse? When he and Tobey McGuire, Kevin Connolly, Lukas Haas, and David Blaine (yes, the "magician") ran around clubbing in NYC in the late '90s? These days he doesn't have to go out, he can just order supermodels. He's dated Kristen Zang, Amber Valetta, Gisele Bundchen, Bar Rafeali, Emma Miller, Madalina Ghenea, Blake Lively, Erin Heartherton, and most recently, Tori Garrn. I imagine he chooses one from a current fashion magazine and asks his manager to arrange a meeting/weekend on an island/yacht and then they're in a relationship for a year or so. Gross, but whatever. Modelizing happens every day, just ask Clooney.

Then some girls started chiming in, saying they didn't like him either. Hold the phone. Girls don't like him? Have they seen Romeo + Juliet?! Ok, yeah, he was like twelve, but so was I when it came out and I fell in love instantly. (I was actually 17 and he was 21). If that didn't work for you, what about Titanic? Who are these crazies? He's definitely lost some sex appeal. His face is weird and his body hasn't been great in at least a decade. But I still remember him like this, which probably makes me a total creep:

Here's what he actually looks like:

I mean, I'd still do him, but I can see why girls are exactly swooning anymore. Regardless of what he looks like, he's a GREAT actor. He chooses good films, works with awesome casts and directors (he and Scorsese are basically BFFs), and brings his A game to each of his roles. I honestly haven't seen a DiCaprio movie I didn't like.

After a while I finally got a few comments that took my side and a friend even said he'd go see The Wolf of Wall Street with me. And guess what? It was an awesome movie and Leo was perfection, as usual. By the way, his body was just fine! Hot even. I definitely enjoyed the fast-paced, hard partying first half more than the slow-moving, downward spiral second half, but the entire movie was really, really good. The rest of the cast was great too, especially Jonah Hill. And I think I have a girl crush on Margot Robbie, who I saw a few months ago in About Time. I don't understand all the complaints about Wolf though. You had to know what you were getting into after watching the trailer, right? People are also offended with the record number of F-bombs in the movie. I didn't really notice. I guess that says a lot about me.

So tell me, how do you feel about Leo?
Do the men in your life feel the same way?


ErinMSW said...

I think he's a terrific actor (I still can't believe he didn't get an Oscar nod for Basketball Diaries). But yeah, I think he seems like a douche. Hubs agrees with me - great actor.

Jen said...

I had a crush on him after Titantic. He's really not on my radar anymore. John doesn't keep up with entertainment and is horrible with names. If I asked him he probably wouldn't be able to place him.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I think he's a phenomenal actor, I'll see almost any movie he's in. He totally seems like a douche, but so do most stars.

Angie said...

I don't even care about his personal life really, he's still hot in my eyes and I have always been a huge fan!!! I havent liked ALL of his movies (hated Gatsby and Shutter Island) but he is an amazing actor. I agree with you, I do tend to still see him in his Romeo and Titanic days and I think thats why I will always love him ;)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I am meh about him - I don't care either way. I want to think he's hot but I can't quite get into him.

I heard The Wolf was horrible though. You're the first person who has said otherwise. I think they were just shocked with the drugs and girls, more unexpected I guess.

Misty said...

In response to the comment above, the only people who don't like The Wolf of Wall Street are the ones who can't handle the drugs, nudity and F-bombs.

I thought the movie was fantastic. Leo is brilliant in it. I saw it with Tony. He loved it too.

I've yet to meet a Leo movie I don't like. I don't think he's a douche. I just think he's probably a bit of a dick. And I like dick-y guys. Ha!

Melanie Montgomery said...

I'm not attracted to him, even in his younger days I wasn't. But I think he's one hell of an actor, and I watch all of his movies. I'm rarely disappointed by his work. And as for my husband? He loves Leo. He's got a man crush.

Melissa said...

Inception sold me! He's a great actor. I'm not attracted to him though lol.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Mike and I like him. I won't say I LOVE HIM, but I can honestly say any movie I've seen him in, I like him.

I've never been attracted to him, but he is an attractive man. (This is sort of how I feel about Brad Pitt too). I like them both in ODD roles. When they are NOT playing "hot men" if that makes sense. 12 Monkeys, Fight Club, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Shutter Island, D'Jango, Gangs of New York (he might look good in some of these but I like when he's not just being a pretty boy - Basketball Diaries is another one). :)

So there you have it - talented, yes, attractive, yes. Would I do him, probably not, he's just not my type. (I'm not a blonde lover, unless you say Owen Wilson and maybe what's his name from True Blood that plays Eric)... there may be a few more here and there but I prefer dark haired dudes.

Like let's say Ben Afleck vs. Matt Damon - ALWAYS BEN! ALWAYS!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

PS isn't it funny how film always makes us revert in our memory to what we most remember the actor being in, looking like, vs. real life?

This happens to me a lot. I will think of say Ben Affleck and then it's like I see him now and while he's still very attractive I'm like.. where did the gray come from? Let's go back to Dogma please!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Wait. Is it weird that I still find him totally attractive? Because I do.

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

I HAVE STRONG FEELINGS ABOUT THIS. I never found him SUPER attractive when he was younger, but MAN did he grow up fine. I think he is just an absolutely brilliant actor. Even though he was evil, he was so effing amazing in Django and it was great to see him in such a different role! AHH I LOVE HIM.

Aubrey S. said...

I've decided that anyone who doesn't like Leo is someone that I don't need to be friends with. =) Luckily my husband has no issue with him.

Aubrey S. said...

I've decided that anyone who doesn't like Leo is someone that I don't need to be friends with. =) Luckily my husband has no issue with him.