I've Been...

I've been listening to these albums:

I'm finally on the 1D bandwagon. I've thought a few of their singles were cute but never paid much attention to them. Since I'm seeing them in concert with Leeann this summer I thought I better get more acquainted. I watched their documentary and listened to their latest album, Midnight Memories, and I'm on board. So is my family for that matter. Jacob and Milo's favorite song is "Story Of My Life."  I was looking forward to Britney Jean all year and I'm sad to say it's kind of a let down. There are a few tracks that I love, a few tracks that make me cringe, and the rest are just ok. This is actually the first time ever I didn't fall in love with one of her albums. I'm still a superfan though! I always have and always will love Robbie Williams. Swings Both Ways is his second swing album with a ton of duets and I love it, especially the songs with Lily Allen and Kelly Clarkson. After a little push from my BFF, I finally gave Days Are Gone by Haim a real chance after I was totally turned off by their SNL performance. I admit I was wrong. They are actually very talented and write great, catchy tunes. 

I've been watching these music videos:

I still love Britney's stupid song and video for Perfume. Check out my review here. Lily Allen's Hard Out Here is amazing. Every single thing about it is perfection. Katy Perry's Unconditionally annoyed me at first, but it's growing on me. I'm sure the really pretty video had something to do with it.

I've been reading these books:

Winger is about a 14-year old boy at boarding school, his rugby teammates, and the girl he loves. It's YA so there's that. It was sometimes annoying, full of unbelievable high school drama, and the ending was rushed and didn't feel needed, which makes me wonder why I liked it, but I really did. It was a sweet, quick read. Dad Is Fat made me laugh out loud so many times. I think every parent should read it. I especially related to the chapter on hating summer and having to lather up your pale kids with sunscreen a million times throughout the day. I wish Rookie Yearbook One was around when I was in high school! It was smart, sweet and honest and had articles and interviews by some of my favorites, like Judd Apatow, David Sedaris, Lena Dunham, Paul Feig, Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Dan Savage, etc. I just love Tavi Gevinson. It Starts With Food was boring, but necessary since I started the Whole30 elimination diet last week. I actually learned quite a bit and don't know how much of it I agree with, but I'm giving this thing a real shot. 21 days to go! The Totally Sweet '90s was a super quick and fun read about random things from the '90s. I love that crap. Sisterland was a good story, but a little slow. I liked that there was a lot of back story, but sometimes there were so many details I got bored.

I've been TiVoing these shows:

Brookln Nine-Nine is hilarious and easily my favorite new show of the 2013-2014 season. The writing is great, Andy Samberg isn't as annoying as I thought he would be, and every single character is just the right amount of quirky. I especially love all the women on the show. The Goldbergs is so sweet and laugh out loud funny. Since I am a child of the '80s, the throwbacks are fun, but I also relate to it as a mother. I've loved every thing Wendi McLendon-Covey has ever been in and this is no exception. She IS the show. (It's also so awesome that she and creator Adam F. Goldberg interacted with me on Twitter. Love!)

I've been deleting these shows:

As much as I love Rebel Wilson, I couldn't keep recording Super Fun Night. It just wasn't funny. Same story with Mom. Allison Janney and Anna Faris are funny ladies, but the show is really cheesy. I heard that it's been revamped a bit, but I'm still not giving it another shot. Hostages was the only drama I added last fall. The first few episodes definitely had my attention but it dragged after that. When I heard it was ending after fifteen episodes, I called it quits. The Michael J. Fox Show is a sweet family sitcom and I love Michael, but it didn't wow me so I finally gave it up last week.

I've been seeing these movies:

Nolan was so excited to see Walking With Dinosaurs. I have to admit it was pretty cute. It was also hilarious when I asked him where a particular dinosaur was and he said, "Mom (sigh), that one is from the Jurassic period (eye roll)." American Hustle was great! I was surprised how they turned a pretty boring story into a really interesting movie. I was thoroughly entertained the whole time. The cast was incredible, but Jennifer Lawrence absolutely stole the show. I can't stop calling my microwave a "science oven" now. Anchorman 2 was pretty stupid, but I expected that. It was Jacob's choice. I did love the story line because it is so relevant to today's news corporations, the cameos were fun, and yes, I laughed quite a bit, though nothing was really that funny. I think my favorite parts were any time Steve Carell was on screen. I LOVED The Wolf of Wall Street. You can read my review hereSaving Mr. Banks was ok. I love Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson so much, plus the idea of the movie was interesting, but it wasn't amazing. I didn't buy Tom as Walt Disney at all and it got boring to watch Emma's grouchiness the whole time. Colin Farrell surprised me and Paul Giamatti, Bradley Whitford, Jason Schwartzman, and B.J. Novak provided some lightheartedness and laughs. I loved Her. It was odd, heartbreaking, sweet, and funny. I feel like it verged on the themes of a regular old romcom with a little sci-fi mixed in and it was too slow at times, but I stayed interested. I really loved the cinematography. I've never been a huge Joaquin Phoenix fan, but he won me over in this movie. Inside Llewyn Davis was a little depressing and slow, but so good! I loved everyone in the cast. I can't believe how different (and not great) Carey Mulligan looks with dark hair. I just bought the soundtrack and I'm already in love with it. August: Osage County was awesome! It's a very, very dark comedy that was downright depressing and shocking at times, but the entire cast was brilliant and I was enthralled with the story the entire time. I still cannot get over Meryl Streep's performance. Perfection!

And I've been renting these ones:

Jobs was kind of boring. While Ashton really did look the part (as well as the rest of the cast) I didn't like him, mostly because his accent was all over the place. I felt like they had too much to cover and didn't pick the best parts of his life to include in the movie. Thanks For Sharing was alright. I actually really liked the cast. Pink's acting chops surprised me and I usually hate Gwyneth, but she didn't bother me that much. I felt like the movie was all over the place though, not too sure if it was a rom-com or not. I shouldn't really comment on The World's End because I fell asleep halfway through. Jacob liked it though. I really love Simon Pegg movies, but this one was just lost on me. The Purge wasn't as scary as I was hoping/expecting. It was just a run of the mill home invasion thriller. Blah. Some Girl(s) was adapted from a play, and most of the scenes still felt like a play, but I liked it. I couldn't believe how the first scene mirrored my breakup with my high school boyfriend. I mean, he worked at Safeway, we broke up right before prom because he was scared and wanted freedom, then he went with someone else to prom. It was the exactly the same story, like they took the pages from my diary. I really, really wanted to like A.C.O.D. because of the cast was and story line, but I don't think I laughed once. I really loved The Spectacular Now. It was a sweet coming of age movie with some other pretty serious stuff going on. I thought the entire cast was amazing and it left me thinking about it for a few days. That's always a sign of a good film! Fruitvale Station was another one of those movies. Michael B. Jordan was absolutely awesome.

What have you been watching/reading/listening to lately?


Melanie Montgomery said...

I bought The Spectacular Now because I knew I was going to love it. And I was right, I did. They gave the movie a happier ending then in the book which I liked, because I'm a sucker for happy endings!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

You are killing it in the movie category!

I hate when a book is too detailed.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Glad you've come over to the dark side with 1D ;) And I love that Jacob supports it too. No more making fun! I bet he'll ask you to bring home a tee this summer bahaha!

Tonight I'm going to a WB event and Mom is one of the shows that's featured. The cast will be there too. I should've got into the show beforehand since there's an interview portion but I just am nor interested.

I LOVED Haim's song from this summer. I never bought the album though. And I gotta see what happened on SNL now!

Misty C. said...

I really want to see Her, American Hustle and August: Osage County.

I need to see if 1D is coming here. Ro would die. I only have a couple of their songs.

I feel the same way about Brit's album. A few of the songs are good. The rest just don't fit her at all. I wonder what went wrong.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Wow, you've been keeping busy!

I've been trying to get through the foreign films and documentaries that are nominated for Oscars. So far I've seen two of the docs and one of the foreign films. I have a lot of catching up to do!

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

Did you watch Flowers in the Attic? Thoughts??

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

WOMAN how do you have time to read all those books and see all those movies and raise all those kids of yours?!? Okay just two kids. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. I want to see Her sooooo badly. And Wolf of Wall Street. We just saw American Hustle last weekend!

Jo said...

I must have the only mother of a tween girl who is not a 1D fan. In fact both my kids call them all kinds of names like 1-Directionless etc. They are really not fans. Cat doesn't even think the boys are cute. I am rather ambiliant about them. I don't think I'll be buying their album but I do find myself singing along to them when they are on the radio.

I'm a HUGE Robbie Williams fan, love everthing about this album.

O my word, I have never heard of Haim - I'm, going to have to listen to them some.

I'm the only one in the house watching Brooklyn nine-nine, it's funny and Tiger & I are enjoying The Goldbergs. As for Super Fun Night, yeah I started watching it and then just blah couldn't be bothered afer a while, same with Micheal J Fox's show. I still watch Mom if I happen to have nothing else to watch but it is a bit too cheesy. And Hostages I watched until the end, at least I think it was the end. In the beginning I thought it was going to be really good but then I just stared getting annoyed with it.

I haven't seen any of these movies you list but I haven't had a whole lot of time to watch movies the lately. I am dying to watch The Wolf and I've heard great things about American Hustle.

The only movie that I've watched recent is a rather old one called Killer Elite (2011) with Jason Statham, Clive Owen, Robert De Niro, Dominic Purcell. I didn't mind it at all and I think the was good that it wasn't over the top. It is also based on a true story.