A Few Of My Favorite Things

This engagement photo session making fun of engagement photo sessions is absolutely hilarious. My favorites are of the couple peeking around a garbage can and the ring on the dirty coffee cup.

The Veronica Mars movie has an official trailer. I'm so excited to see this! Oh, Logan.

There are rumors going around that the Spice Girls have been offered a ton of money to reunite in Vegas. I'm 99.9% sure it won't happen, but I'd totally be there if they did it!

NBC's mini-series, Rosemary's Babywill star Zoe Saldana. I'm excited for this! That movie is super creepy and has definitely stood the test of time, but an updated version should be fun.

Madonna is dating a 26-year old after her recent split from her 25-year old boyfriend. She's 55. Get it, Madonna!

Aaron Paul says he and Bryan Cranston both want to make a guest appearance on the Breaking Bad spin-off/prequel, Better Call Saul. I wasn't going to watch the show, because Saul was the most boring character, but for a chance to see Jesse Pinkman again, I might have to.

There are some rumors of third Sex and the City movie. Honestly, the last one really sucked and I wasn't a huge fan of the first one, but I'd still see this opening weekend. I just love SATC that much.

The Stella & Bow Mean Girls jewelry line is awesome. I really want Gretchen in silver that says "That's So Fetch."

A trailer for season six of The Real Housewives of New York City was released this week. Sonja loses a tooth? Aviva's leg is on the floor at a party? I can't wait! (P.S. I only watch NYC and Beverly Hills)

An extended trailer for Lifetime's Flowers in the Attic was released this week. The movie premieres next Saturday and I cannot wait. In other great made-for-tv incest movie news, Lifetime has already ordered the sequel, Petals on the Wind, which I think is even more f*cked up. Please tell me why I was reading this crap in 8th grade? I also read V.C.'s Casteel series (Heaven, Dark Angel, etc). I don't exactly remember sneaking it, but I'm sure my parents didn't know. Scandalous stuff!


Suze said...

I'm a HUGE SATC fan as well. I didn't enjoy the second movie really at all. The first one was okay. Yet I would totally go see a third. :)

I would also go see the Spice Girls Reunion. :)

That engagement photo thing is hilarious!

Kristine said...

And friends is returning with them older! Ps I'd pay big money to see the spice girls. Like I'd take out as big of a loan as I can get.

Jodi said...

OMG those engagement pics are too funny. Love it! I would love another Sex in the City movie and would totally go see it in the theatre too!

Micah said...

OMG. Those engagement photos. I can't. I'd share it on facebook, but I don't want to offend some of my friends who used those poses in their engagement pics. :)

Jo said...

Love those engagement photos!

I'm pretty sure VB will not be interested in doing a SG reunion. Her carreer doesn't need a boost.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Those engagement photos are hilarious!!!

I think Spice Girls in vegas would be perfect. THey should all do it - limited engagement and NOW! I don't know that I would go but it would be PERFECT for them all.

I totally forgot about Flowers in the Attic - that always creeped me out.

V MARS - ugh I still need to watch that show!!!

Oh Madonna... I'm starting to think I'm getting too old for my dream of having "The Boss" rob my cradle. Is it still cradle robbing if I"m 37 and he's in his 60's??? ;)

Karen M. Peterson said...

I am BEYOND EXCITED for the Veronica Mars movie!!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I cannot WAIT for Flowers in the Attic.

Gwen said...

I read all those VC Andrews books (up to a point, anyway). I don't think I snuck them either. WTF was my mom thinking letting me read that?! But I'm excited for the movie.

Misty said...

I really need to catch up on Veronica Mars next now that it's on Prime.

I'm going to Spice Girls with you if they come!

I liked the first SATC movie. The second one was tolerable. Would I see a third? Absofuckinglutely!

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

Maybe I need to rethink an engagement session and do one like those pictures!

Meetup in Vegas for the Spice Girls? DONE AND DONE. Hypothetically speaking :)

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

I have my alarm on my phone set for Flowers In The Attic.. I CAN'T WAIT!!