Favorites of 2013

That's What She Read

I'm so excited to link up with Jen and Steph about 2013! Some of my favorite things of the year were vacations: Salt Lake and Park City with Jacob (here, here, here and here), Disneyland as a family, and a Seattle staycation with Leeann. I also loved getting kittens, going to concerts, celebrating holidays and seasons with my family, and going on dates with Jacob, my husband of seven years. Whoa. But you know what? You were here, you already read all about that, so let's get to the pop culture of the year. Here are my top five favorite books, movies, TV shows, albums and pop singles that came out in 2013, in no particular order.

I Wear the Black Hat: Grappling With Villains (Real and Imagined) by Chuck Klosterman
Winger by Andrew Smith
American Savage: Insights, Slights, and Fights on Faith, Sex, Love, and Politics by Dan Savage
Chanel Bonfire by Wendy Lawless
Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

(There are movies I haven't yet seen that could be contenders. Like, Her, The Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle and Saving Mr. Banks)
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Don Jon
The End of Love
Warm Bodies

Orange is the New Black
Drunk History
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Bates Motel
The Goldbergs

Heartthrob by Tegan and Sara
Stars Dance by Selena Gomez
Pure Heroine by Lorde
Britney Jean by Britney Spears
Too Weird To Live, To Rare To Die by Panic! at the Disco

I'm linking up my favorite pop songs of 2013 with Helene!

Helene in Between

Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus
Gorilla by Bruno Mars
Scream & Shout by will.i.am and Britney Spears
Dark Horse by Katy Perry feat. Juicy J
Do What U Want by Lady Gaga feat. R. Kelly
Story of My Life by One Direction
Still Into You by Paramore
Mirrors by Justin Timberlake
Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke feat. T.I. and Pharrell
Diane Young by Vampire Weekend

I'm so looking forward to 2014, especially for the travel and concerts. Misty and I are planning a trip to see Britney in Vegas and Leeann and I are going to see One Direction while we're in Philadelphia next summer. I'm also going to see Justin Timberlake, George Strait, Cher, and will definitely buy Garth Brooks tickets. Those are some pretty epic entertainers! Hopefully Jacob and I will finally make it to Boston and there's a possible San Diego work trip the kids and I can tag along on, so I'll get to hang out with Tiffany! I'm excited for the new year!

What were some of your favorite things in 2013?


Jen @ That's What She Read said...

Your lists of favorites is awesome and we have so many of the same! I will definitely check out some of those books! Thanks for linking up!!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

How awesome is Drunk History? I love that show. I NEED MORE OF IT!!!!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Drunk History should totally have made my list. I need more and more and more of it.

I need to go read up on Eleanor and Park.

Great list.

Thanks for linking up! Hope to see you in Philly in 2014!

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i LOVE brooklyn nine-nine! you're actually the first blogger i've read who knows about that show. best comedy of 2013, hands down.

Vodka and Soda

Helene said...

i haven't heard the panic at the disco song!!! i need to listen to that asap!

Christine @ Kouisse's Korner said...

Have you read Attachments by Rainbow Rowell? Also a good read.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

YAY!! I'm so excited for 2014! I hated 2013, the only good things were my vacation - one of which was Seattle of course ;)

If you go to SD I'll def be making the trip. Also, if you do DLand again may7be I can tag along or babysit for awhile bc I am hoping to get a pass for Xmas lol.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I love Bates Motel. So glad I'm not the only one!

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

Yes, come visit meeeee!!!

Also, I need to listen to the new Panic! At the Disco! Since it made your list :)

Misty said...

I loved Eleanor & Park. I haven't read the others.

I haven't seen any of those movies except for Catching Fire.

I'm going to finish OITNB while my shows are on hiatus.