Pop Music

The past few months have been kind of amazing for pop music. So many new albums were released and I have a ton of new stuff to listen to, though not all of it has been very good.

Lady Gaga - ARTPOP  Gaga kinda lost me after Born This Way, but I'm always excited to hear what she comes up with next so I grabbed her latest album. It's not great though. She's trying too hard and it feels very disjointed. Plus the lyrics are all pretty stupid. I love a few songs and absolutely hate the rest. Favorite songs: G.U.Y., Manicure, Do What U Want, Swine, Applause

Avril Lavigne - Avril Lavigne I kinda can't stand Avril, but I haven't been able to stay away from her since she came out. Any song where she talks about being rock-n-roll or not giving a fuck automatically gets skipped by me. She's not a bad ass and it's embarrassing for me to listen to. She does have a really pretty, unique voice, so I typically like her slower songs and there are some great ones on this album. Favorite songs: Give You What You Like, Hello Heartache, Falling Fast, Hush, Hush 

Katy Perry - PRISM The first time I listened to this album, I shook my head, rolled my eyes, and sighed in embarrassment during just about every track. The lyrics are all really, really stupid. But the music in every songs is great and addicting and now I can look past the lyrics on a lot of them. Not all of them though. I cannot get behind This Is How We Do no matter how much I like the beat. I also can't stand International Smile and This MomentFavorite songs: Legendary Lovers, Dark Horse, Double Rainbow, Spiritual

Miley Cyrus - Bangerz I'm bummed that this album is a big ol' mess because I was really looking forward to it and rooting for Miley. Some of the songs are so loud and messy and her vocals are so ridiculous, that I can't listen to about 75% of the album. Miley shouldn't attempt Christina Aguilera type runs. Ever. Even though Britney Spears sounds amazing on the song SMS (Bangerz), she couldn't save it. Sad. Favorite songs: Wrecking Ball, #Getitright

Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience (2 of 2) I'm disappointed in this album too. I'm a big fan of JT in general and I typically love his singles, but that's about it. I feel like this album just consisted of the rejects from Part 1. Why are all his songs eight minutes long? I get bored after three! I either really, really love a song on this album or really, really hate it. Favorite songs: Give Me What I Don't Know (I Want), Cabaret, TKO, Murder, Drink You Away, Only When I Walk Away

Lorde - Pure Heroine Finally! An album I love straight through! Lorde is amazing. She kinda freaks me out being a super talented and confident teenager, but have you seen her perform? If not, watch this. I think she's a witch! I don't care though. She's amazing and I like every single track, which is rare for me these days. Favorite songs: Tennis Courts, Buzzcut Season, Team, Glory and Gore, A World Alone 

So yeah, some of those albums are great and I've had a lot of new music to listen to, but I'm sure you all know I'm impatiently waiting for the princess of pop to release her new album on December 3. The rest of these guys can bow down to Britney!

Britney Spears - Britney Jean

Until then I have Lily Allen's new single, Hard Out Here, to tide me over. She's right up there with Britney and Gwen as far as my favorite women in music go. I love her voice, her message, and every single song she's ever released. This one is no different. Check it out.


Karen M. Peterson said...

Yeah, it's been kind of a disappointing time for music. But Lorde rocks!

Suze said...

I was a huge fan of JT's part 2, though I loved part 2. Spencer loves it though. We are going to see him in concert tomorrow- excited.

Also, I'm loving Lorde and looking forward to Britney.

Jodi said...

Can't Miley just go away???!!! I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga at all. I know a lot of people like her I just can't get into her. Love me some JT!!

Misty said...

I love Lorde's entire album. I'm really digging Gaga. I only like a couple of songs off of Katy's album. JT's is good not great. I kind of want to give Miley a listen, but mostly I don't because I just don't like her.

Angie said...

I saw Lorde perform on Jimmy Fallon and it looked very similar. It was almost uncomfortable to watch! ha Her makeup and they way she acts makes her look soooo much older than 16! But I like that she is so different than all the other teens in music. I havent bought any of these yet, seems like I usually end up just liking the singles and not the rest of the album :/

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

LILY!! I haven't heard yet. About to listen 23678383X! I promise I'll send Eminem's album tonight. Sorry I've been lagging thanks for packing misery.

I wish JT would've just picked the best songs and made ONE good album. I didn't even buy the second, but since I'm going to see him in two weeks I'll download these ones you suggested - thanks :)

Jo said...

Well you know I just love Lily Allen!

Wrecking Ball is a big hit in our house. Tiger (9) loves the song but doesn't like the video. Cat who at 11 is still a massive fan of Miley just wants everyone to get off her case ... 'she is a grown-up now, leave her to make her own mistakes, it's all part of growing up' yip that is what she has to say about it.

And yes, we love Lorde.