Cheers & Jeers

Cheers to Lifetime! The network is killing it with biopics lately. Or maybe it's just me because I'm a sucker for TV movies. Did you see Anna Nicole, Donatella Versace, and Jodi Arias this year? Up next, Christina Ricci portrays Lizzie Borden, the woman who was acquitted of the axe murders of her parents in 1892. Lizzie Borden Took an Ax airs on January 25. Lady Gaga and Gabby Douglas are the subject of two more biopics we should be seeing on Lifetime in 2014. And don't forget about Flowers In The Attic on January 18!

Cheers to Ralph Lauren! Team USA's Winter Olympic uniforms were unveiled earlier this month and we can all breathe a sigh of relief that every article of clothing designed for Sochi was made in America. Lauren used more than forty vendors from all over the country and the clothing was sewn in NYC's Garment District. Plus, it's really cute and I want some of it. I'm getting really excited! Go USA!

Cheers to Pixie Lott! I've been a fan of hers for a few years and I love this retro/soul cover of Lorde's Royals.

Cheers to Tina Fey! NBC just picked up 13 episodes of a new comedy created, produced and written by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, her producing partner from 30 Rock. The half-hour show stars Ellie Kemper (Erin from The Office), who plays a woman that flees from a cult and has to start a new life in NYC. I can't wait. With that team behind it and the hilarious Ellie Kemper, I'm sure I'll love it.

- - - - -

Jeers to Kanye West. He premiered his video for Bound 2 on Ellen yesterday. It's pretty terrible. There are eagles soaring, horses running, and motorcycle riding while making out with topless Kim K (who looks amazing, I have to say). It's so weird. But he's the genius, what do I know? Poor Ellen having to pretend she enjoyed it afterwards.

Jeers to Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Doctors are warning that this spicy snack is actually dangerous after numerous children have been admitted to the ER with severe abdominal pain. It turns out hot, spicy, non-food can cause inflammation of the stomach lining which results in bloating, burning and vomiting and can set kids up for ulcers and erosion. Yuck. I love chips, but I've never had these before because I can't do spicy. I'm four.

Jeers to Gaga and R. Kelly. Did you see their performance of Do What U Want on SNL? I actually really like the song, but it was sooo awkward to watch. Probably one of the least sexy things I've ever seen. That being said, I've watched it like five times. I can't look away! Again, she's the genius, what do I know?

Jeers to Typhoon Haiyan. Time to get serious. This storm has done some major damage to the Philippines, killing at least 4,000 people and displacing four million. It's absolutely devastating to look at the pictures and watch the news coverage.

It's the holiday season and we're all concerned with picking out the perfect gift for a loved one, adding something amazing to our own wish list, and making huge meals to share with family, but take a look at those pictures and ask yourself if you really need any of that. I'm not saying skip the holidays, but there has to be a way you can help out, just a little bit. Here are some suggestions:







Kristine said...

I LOVE Lifetime. Probably more that I should admit.
And I am absolutely sickened by what's happened in the Philippines. It makes me so sad. And when Doug Baldwin carried the Philippine's flag when he came running out into the stadium on Sunday, I got chills.

Karen M. Peterson said...

That typhoon damage is just so hard to see. It's amazing that nature can cause that much awfulness.

Suze said...

It's so heartbreaking to see the devastation in the Philippines.

Jen said...

That new Kanye video is ridiculous. The song is horrible too. Did you see the unedited video? Kim does look amazing but come on.

Jo said...

Sadly we don't have Lifetime ... so who knows if I'll ever get to see any of these ... then again anything is possible.

I really like Pixie's cover!

Tina Fey Rocks - nough said!

Kanye West - WTF? I'm sorry I really don't like him or his song or his video

Lady Gaga & R Kelly - I actually don't mind the song but that pant suit she was wearing is really unflattering and she looked really awkward!

It is really terrible what happened in the Philippines, puts our complaints into perspective

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

The devastation is awful. Truly. It makes my eyes tear up.

Tina Fey is my homegirl.

I cannot wait for the Lizzie Borden thing. I loved loved loved Jodi Arias.

Mrs. Jones said...

I have to second all of your cheers. They are awesome.

Jen @ That's What She Read said...

i love the idea of cheers and jeers. I saw the promo for Lizzie Bordon and CAN'T wait!!

Misty said...

Yay - Olympics
Boo - Kimye
Yay - Flamin' Hot Cheetos
Awkard - Gaga & R. Kelly