Halloween House

"Halloween House" is what my kids call our place during the month of October. Except our house isn't scary at all. We don't have a fireplace (I know, I know. HUGE regret when building this house), so I just put decorations on every single surface. Our faux mantel (two Ikea RIBBA picture ledges) is filled with framed Halloween pictures and dollar bin or craft store finds: headstones, crows, twigs, spiders, broom, owl, etc. Our two foot tall skeleton holds trick-or-treat candy in his head. The votive and tea light holders are all from Yankee Candle and the pumpkin people are from Safeway.

We decorate the buffet in the dining room with mini Halloween trees, some headstones, and framed silhouettes that we got of the boys from this etsy shop. We have Jack and Sally jack-o'-lanterns on top of our tall cabinet that my friend carved for us a few years ago. And I've always got my Halloween Scentsy warmer going. My favorite fall scent is Apple Press.

Outside is a random mess. We have jack-o'-lantern lights and lanterns, spiders on the door, webs in the bushes, skeletons hanging, yard signs, and a "scare ghost" (Nolan's term). You know, to keep ghosts away.

It's so tacky! One day, when the kids are older and we have extra money, I want to go all out.
Trick-or-treating is a pretty big deal in our neighborhood so I've got to step it up. Here are some ideas:

halloween house decorations

halloween house decorations

halloween house decorations


halloween house decorations

halloween house decorations


halloween house decorations

I really, really want this, but can't convince Jacob to pay $75 for it.

Jack Skellington -  Nightmare Before Christmas Style - Huge Garage Decal - Halloween Decorations - Vinyl Wall Art - Huge 80 x 100 inches


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I am usually all into Halloween. Not this year. I'm not sure why.

Your place looks great!

I'm sad I don't have a fireplace at every holiday.

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

wow you rock at decorations!! i might buy a pumpkin like every 3 years hahaha i remeber my mom used to decorate a lot...i did not get that gene hahah

Misty said...

We go to a really big neighborhood a couple of streets over. They go ALL OUT. It's so much fun!

I love all of your fun decorations.

Jen said...

I'm sad we haven't been able to decorate yet. I have put out a couple smells things bc the boys keep asking. In your first pic top right I thought that was one of the boys at first glance :)

KellyGrrl said...

I love your house!!

Also, this year I tried the window shadows - I did it very quickly and wish I had spent more time on it - but it turned out REALLY really cute and was SO incredibly easy to do!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I never seem to get around to decorating for Halloween. Your stuff is super cute!

And I love some of those outdoor ideas. Maybe one day I'll decide to be creative too.

Courtney @PrettyCheap said...

OMGosh your silhouettes are SO cute! thanks for sharing! But could you imagine that HUGE spider on top of your house :) lol

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

The monster windows are AWESOME!!! All of these are amazing. I always say I want to go all out too but end up just getting a pumpkin. We thankfully got a light up jack-o-lantern a few years ago at Target so it's saved us from having to carve one every year - since we don't have kids, or many treaters it doesn't seem worth it. This year I purchased a bunch of different color and shaped pumpkins for the house. Half of which I will later cook ;)

This is my favorite holiday and I love all your decorations. You made me miss Safeway too - I loved going there when i lived in Maryland for groceries.

Wendy May said...

Wow, great decorations all around. Some great ideas for next year. Your decor looks great for the ghostly holiday!