Seven years ago today, Jacob and I got married in a ghetto little chapel in the now defunct Aladdin Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Did you know that's where Elvis and Priscilla got married? It has since turned into Planet Hollywood and will host Britney Spears for the next two years while she performs her show, Britney: Piece of Me. Could that hotel be any more perfect for me? Anyway, two weeks after we got married in sin city, we had a reception in a log cabin back at home. I put on my ugly dress one more time and we were announced as husband and wife to the friends and family that couldn't make it to Vegas. We kept it ghetto low-key (can you tell I wasn't a fan of my own wedding? Read more about that here) and had food, drinks, a DJ, and karaoke. We also cut the wedding cake, listened to toasts, and of course, had a first dance. Our wedding song was the acoustic version of Foo Fighters' Everlong

We never had a song to call "our song". If we did, it was probably a sad one since we were off and on for a few years before we finally committed. We were at a loss, and since I wasn't really interested in wedding planning anyway, we just sort of randomly picked this one. It's a slow and pretty love song, and not a typical wedding tune, which is what we were looking for. A few years after we got married I read somewhere that it was about Dave Grohl's divorce. Oh man. Are we doomed? I recently did a little more research because I didn't believe it. I mean, just look at the lyrics:

And I wonder, when I sing along with you
If everything could ever feel this real forever
If anything could ever be this good again
The only thing I'll ever ask of you
You've got to promise not to stop when I say when, she sang

That's love, right? I was finally able to dig up some information last year. Yes, Dave was going through a divorce, but the song was about the new woman he fell in love with. He said it was about randomly finding someone that he was truly in sync with. So the song is about love. Whew. I'm still not thrilled with our choice, just like I'm not thrilled with almost everything else at our wedding and reception. But you know what, it's the marriage that counts. I love Jacob more and more every day, and somehow he loves me back just as much. Seven years and we don't even feel itchy!


April said...

Congrats and happy anniversary!! What a cute pic of you two! Cheers to many more!!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You're right - your marriage isn't about the WEDDING. That's one day, to celebrate hooking up and making a commitment, the marriage is where all the wonderful stuff happens. If your wedding day was the happiest day of your marriage, then something is totally wrong, right?

I love that Everlong is your song, I should have thought of that song... I love the acoustic version.

Our wedding song was "Patience" by Guns n' Roses. It really reflected our relationship - I had to be VERY patient for him to make up his mind about us, and our love... (long distance made him worried)... then I had to be very patient for him to propose (7 years)... but it was worth the wait. My only regret for the wedding song is that Eddie Vedder hadn't released "Longing To Belong" because THAT would have been our song, forever and always. Thankfully, it was released right after our wedding and our videographer used it in our "preview" video. Now everytime I hear it, I think of the snippets from our big day cut to the music. Makes me get a bit misty eyed.

*** I say you do it up for your 10 years throw a fun renewal ceremony the way you'd like to, and celebrate again, ONLY FUN, NO meh moments :) ANd make a new song if you need to but I love Everlong! So perfect! ***

DrayaAnn said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I hated my wedding too! I'm a big fan of running off and eloping now. Congrats to 7 years.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Happy anniversary!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Congratulations on 7 years of wedded bliss!

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

Happy Anniversary! You know I think your wedding story is awesome :)

I am trying to be careful about song choice! So much of the music I like has sad meanings...lol.

Misty said...

I hate the Foo Fighters, but... I LOVE the acoustic version of that song.

Jo said...

Hey it's about the kind of marriage you have not how much money you spent on your wedding day ... Clearly you are doing it right!

Congratulations! Hope the next 7 is as good

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Yay! Happy belated anniversary :)

I've grown to love that song. It used to creep me out because the music video was so weird bahaha!

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

I hope you had a bloody great anniversary and that you and hubby have many more to come.