Fall Movies

I didn't see many movies this summer because there wasn't a lot out there that interested me. There are a ton coming out in the next few months that I will definitely try to see in the theater though!

Enough Said
This looks really, really sweet. I love the cast. It makes me sad about James Gandolfini.

Jake! Plus, it looks pretty good. It'll be hard to watch though and I know Jacob won't go with me.

Thanks For Sharing
I'm not a Gwynth fan, but Mark Ruffalo won me over.

A Single Shot
This looks super creepy, but Sam Rockwell doesn't make a bad movie. I'll see it.

Blue Caprice
I was hooked on the news stories of the DC sniper attacks back in 2002,
especially because Malvo and Muhammed had lived in my college town while I was there!

Don Jon
JGL's accent is enough for me. Plus, he wrote and directed it. I'm there!

Baggage Claim
I'm not really into rom coms, but this looks cute. I love Paula Patton, and of course Taye Diggs.

Runner Runner
Ben and Justin? I already want to see it. Also, it looks pretty good.

This movie looks AMAZING, and not just because Zac Efron is in it. But that's always a plus!

Amazing cast and funny plot. It's a must-see for me.

Soooo creepy. And with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, you really can't go wrong.

Captain Phillips
This movie looks totally scary and suspenseful. Tom Hanks can do no wrong.

Escape from Tomorrow
This looks super creepy, but not that well made. I still can't wait to see it, being a Disney freak and all.

Romeo and Juliet
You're never, ever, ever going to beat Baz, Leo and Claire. I'll probably wait to rent this one.

Kill Your Darlings
I've been excited to see this since I heard it was being made.

The Fifth Estate
Absolutely yes.

Finally! I've been waiting for this movie all year. It was released late so they could add scarier scenes. Awesome.

12 Years a Slave
This is another movie that will be very hard to watch, but will be great.

About Time
Another rom-com I wouldn't mind seeing.

The buzz around this movie isn't very good, but I want to see it. Naomi Watts looks perfect.

The Wolf of Wall Street
I think I'm most excited to see this movie. Maybe only for Leo's dancing, but whatever.

Ass Backwards
This looks like a bad ripoff of Romy and Michele's, but because of Casey Wilson, I have to see it.

Delivery Man
Original and cute. Great cast. I'll see it!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom
I've always wanted to learn more about him. I suppose I should pick up a book though.

Inside Llewyn Davis
Gotta love the Coen Brothers. And Carey Mulligan. And Justin Timberlake. And everyone else in this movie.

Dallas Buyers Club
This story is really incredible. Just don't look at McConaughey too hard.

Saving Mr. Banks
Again, Tom Hanks can do no wrong, even as Walt Disney. I think this looks great.

American Hustle
Amazing cast. David O Russell. I love it already.

The Monuments Men
Another amazing cast and story. I'm sensing an Oscar nomination for this one.

Anchorman: The Legend Continues
I may be the only person who didn't love the first one, but I'll probably still see this.

Also playing this fall: Riddick, Adore, The Family, Insidious 2, Jayne Mansfield's Car, Battle of the Year, Rush, +1, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, The Secret Lives of Dorks, All Is Bright, Curse of Chucky, Machete Kills, All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, Escape From Tomorrow, Escape Plan, All Is Lost, The Counselor, Bad Grandpa, Ender's Game, Free Birds, Man of Tai Chi, Thor: The Dark World, Best Man Down, The Best Man Holiday, Oldboy, Nebraska, Homefront, Black Nativity, Frozen, Out of the Furnace, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas, and Last Vegas.

What are you excited to see this fall?


Misty said...

I'm most excited for Catching Fire, Prisoners, Runner Runner, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Enough said looks great. I only want to see the sex addiction movie because Pink's in it.

The JGL movie and pirate movie with Hanks look great too, and I love both of them.

I didn't realize Isaiah Washington was playing the DC sniper. It looks good.

I'm ready for Pitt and McConaughey to get Oscars. Oh, and Leo too!

Delivery Man looks great. And I think I'm the only one who didn't like Leo and Claire's Romeo & Juliet. I am such a fan of the 1968 Romeo & Juliet that I just can't get on board with any other versions.

Jen @ That's What She Read said...

how do you always find the best movies!? I have seen a couple of these but that one with Gwnyth and Mark is my fave!!!

Tricia Nae said...

I'm so excited for several of these. This summer seemed kind of slow for movies. I think we saw one, maybe two? Boring!! Ha

Jo said...

So many great movies ... I want to see most of the movies on your list, so it would be shorter to mention the ones I'm not really planning on watching.
Diana, Carrie, Kill your darlings, Romeo & Juliet, Curse of Chucky, All the boys love Mandy Lane, Escape from Tomorrow ... other than that I can't wait to start watching.

Gwen said...

There are so many of these I want to see, especially Catching Fire and 12 Years a Slave. I love Clooney and Bullock but I can't figure out Gravity. It's getting awards buzz, though, so I guess I'll see it.

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

HUNGER GAMES! So excited. And also Don Jon. HELLO JGL!

Speaking of Sam Rockwell, have you seen Moon? If not, you totally should.

And Romeo & Juliet was obviously perfect last time so I do not ever want to see this new one, EVER.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I need to go home and watch ALL of these. Ugh I can't wait for Anchorman freaking 2!!!!

or Dallas Buyers... I am dying to see that. And Carrie. Thor, let's see... The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, I am sure there are others I'm not thinking of but thank you for all the trailers in one place!!!!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

PS I watched an interview with Hugh Jackman on the Daily Show and he was saying that in his role in Prisoners his wife was holding his hand so tight because it was so intense and then at one minute she let go and looked at him like... "WHO ARE YOU!?!?!?!" His role must be a real mind twist... lol

Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm going to a press screening of Escape from Tomorrow this weekend. I'm intrigued and curious.

I plan on seeing a lot of the movies on your list. Especially looking forward to Gravity and The Wolf of Wall Street.