Seven Randoms

1. Christina is really hard to rhyme, so all of my nicknames have been a stretch. When I was little my brother and sister taunted me with "Christiner Wiener". It eventually got shortened to just "Wiener". In high school, my BFFs and I used half words (similar to nowadays): totes, sitch, fave, obvi, def, jelly. So while my friends Michelle and Christy were easily shortened to Mich and Chris, I became "Christ." with a period on the end, so the pronunciation wouldn't be confused with Jesus. An ex-boyfriend calls me that to this day. I'm also still known as "CJ" among my group of girl friends, which were my initials before I got married.

2. I am so old fashioned and still subscribe to a ton. Us Weekly, Entertainment Weekly, InStyle, Family Fun, Parents, and Reader's Digest (what? I got it for free and it's actually really good!). Jacob gets Backpacker and Snowboarder. My kids even get Thomas & Friends, National Geographic's Little Kids, and Zoobooks. I'll also pick up People Magazine or Real Simple every once in a while.

3. Jacob has had Lauren Graham, Penelope Cruz, Christina Hendricks, and Christina Ricci on his hall pass list for a long time. (He has a Christina thing going on, doesn't he? He also has a boob thing going on. I guess he got lucky with me.) His latest entry is Anna Kendrick.

4. I kind of want to travel alone and without an itinerary. I typically plan our vacations down to the hour to maximize our time away. I'd love to spend more time in NYC or London, skipping all the tourist attractions and doing whatever I felt like doing in the moment. Jacob can't sit still for very long, so lounging around in a park or café would make him crazy.

5. I can do the cups thing seen in Glee and Pitch Perfect. We used to do it at basketball games in high school in a huge line on the bleachers.

6. I'm turning into my mother. We used to tease her all the time for being constantly worried and scatterbrained. As a mom, I now totally get it. I worry about everything all day long, and that makes it hard to remember other stuff! I don't think my pregnancy brain went away after my kids were born. I'm still a lot more organized than she is though. I must have got the OCD gene from my dad.

7. I don't drink wine or beer. I do like hard cider and love margaritas, but I prefer to drink anything with vodka in it!


Kristine said...

Congrats on your blog award, girl!! Loving the Q & A

April said...

Blog Awards ... are they still going around? I used to love getting shout-outs back in the day. Congrats!!
I'm a vodka girl, too. I do the flavored varieties straight. Yep, I'm gangster like that.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Christ. lolol

I am so saddened whenever I am reminded that you have big love for Russel B.

So true about just loving someone. So hard to do though.

I get so many magazines, and I'm behind right now.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I love all of these... I always had horrible nicknames too but because Kelly was really easy to marry with words like Smelly or Belly... ugh.

I do love that all my guy friends still call me "Worthington" which is my maiden name.

Tina Fey hands down I want to be her BFF too!

Tricia Nae said...

Love these. My maiden name is Croft...so the kids would call me KRAFT mac and cheese. Really? Not the same! Ha. The nicknames got a little less dorky as I got older though...so there's that. Also, I may use these prompts to get me out a blog slump!

Jo said...

Yay I loved reading your answer! My freebie list is also as long as my arms, and it has rubbed off on Cat. She has a top 100 with about 6in first place

Misty said...

I guess Christ. is better than Musty. Ha!

My freebie list is long and constantly changes. I'm totally boy crazy too.

Jen said...

I'm turning into my mom too. John says we are both crazy.