Summer Movie Reviews

I hadn't seen many movies this summer until recently, when I really made up for it. Here's what I've been watching these past few weeks:

It's A Disaster I thought this dark comedy was so funny and original and I laughed out loud several times. Every person in the cast was quirky, but in a hilarious way, not an annoying way. I loved the dynamic and chemistry between friends and partners. I haven't seen David Cross in many movies, and Tobias from Arrested Development drives me nuts, so his role in this movie was refreshing.

The Conjuring I love a good scary movie that isn't too gory. This was perfect. I jumped, hid my face, and squealed many times. I also loved how the life story of Ed and Lorraine Warren was incorporated. I went to this movie with a friend who had seen the Warrens speak at her university ten years ago. She said she and her roommates all slept in the living room together for weeks after the presentation. Creepy stuff!

The Way Way Back Such a sweet movie! I absolutely loved every single person in the cast so much that it's hard to pick a favorite performance or character. But Sam Rockwell shined and Allison Janney, who is one of my favorites anyway, was absolutely hilarious. The kids all pulled a ton of weight too. Even Jacob liked this feel-good coming of age movie!

Only God Forgives Even Ryan Gosling couldn't make this movie happen for me. At all. I flat out hated it and fell asleep towards the end. I wanted to see it because as gory as Drive was, I kind of loved it, and this was made by the same guy. I wasn't the only one who hated it. I thought Jacob would be into it because of all the martial arts, but he hated the art direction, cinematography, and unnecessary suspense. 

Planes I took Nolan and my 8-year old brother to see this movie. I was surprised by some of the voices (Teri Hatcher, really?), and delighted by others (Anthony Edwards and Val Kilmer as fighter jets? Love it!) It was a sweet story about a small town, good-natured underdog competing with the big dogs in a race around the world. In usual Disney fashion, there were a few jokes for the adults, but it was definitely geared towards younger kids, which is just what I was hoping for.  

Prince Avalanche The critics seem to adore this offbeat comedy, but I couldn't really get into it. I thought Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch were incredible, but the movie just wasn't very funny to me. It also wasn't dramatic enough to be a serious movie though. There were a few good moments, but I was mostly bored and wished the pace would speed up. I did enjoy the scenery though and it made me sad to think about all current wildfires.

We're The Millers I am so skeptical about comedies lately. They are almost always a let down and the best parts have been shown in the trailer. Sure, the plot was unoriginal and the hijinx were predictable, but overall, the movie was pretty hilarious. I absolutely loved how the "family" dynamic evolved and the supporting cast members were all so funny too. Jacob has already perfected his impression of our favorite character, Scotty P. 


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I will definitely see We're the Millers when it comes out on DVD.

Anthony Edwards and Val Kilmer as fighter jets? That's freaking awesome.

Misty said...

I plan to take my kids to see Planes. Glad to hear We're The Millers is funny. I haven't seen many movies this summer. I saw most of mine the first half of the year.

And I don't do scary!

Sarah said...

Rent Oblivion and Olympus Has Fallen. They were both great!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I thought the same thing about Planes. It was cute, but definitely for younger kids. My nephew loved it.

And oh my gosh, The Conjuring was SO GOOD. I would love to have heard the Warrens speak, although I bet I wouldn't sleep for DAYS afterward.

Melanie Montgomery said...

We saw 2 Guns recently and as far as action movies go, we loved it!
I haven't seen any of these but I'll have to check some of them out.

Suze said...

I don't go see many movies anymore, but I absolutely loved The Way, Way Back. So great

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

I'm dying to see Millers!! glad you liked it :)