July Subscription Box Share

I'm so excited to link up with Tara, Katie and Meg again to share what I received in July. 

Ipsy After seeing the awesome Glam Bags from some of my fellow bloggers in May and June I had to sign up. And I am not disappointed! I got a POP Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon in Coral Crush, which is an orangy color that I never would have bought, but totally love. The BH Cosmetics California Collection Eyeshadow Sample is fun and the colors are right up my alley. I've always loved Sexy Hair products and this Soy Renewal Beach Spray is no exception. Although, I can't quite figure out how to make my hair look cute and beachy, I like it for a little bit of texture at my roots. I haven't tried the Derma e Microdermabrasion Scrub or Coola Mineral Sunscreen, but I'm excited to. This bag was awesome! I'll use everything I got! I think there's a waiting list right now, so go get your name on it right here!

Julep Maven At first glace I didn't really like the California Coast collection, but the more I looked at it, the more I wanted all of it. I opted for Classic With A Twist which came with Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil, Cassie (soft coral sheer) and Alaina (driftwood taupe creme). Then I added on Tracy (sparkly ocean blue) and Sea Salt Texture Spray. Whoa. I'm really happy with all of it. Such pretty colors! Want to sign up? Go here and enter FREEBOX to get your into box free! 

Graze I cut back to just one delivery a month. We were devouring everything in the box the second we opened it and although they're only $5, it just didn't seem special anymore. This month we got to try pear tatin, Mississippi bbq pistachios, yaki soba, and billionaire's shortbread. We liked it all!

Kiwi Crate I still haven't signed up for a subscription yet, but did order the Shadow Puppets mini crate, which came with a mini flashlight and materials to create shadow puppets. I'm sure I could figure out how to do most of Kiwi Crate's projects on my own, but this is so much easier and much more exciting for Nolan. While Milo naps, we create. It's great one on one time. 

Target Beauty Box I got this back in June, but had to share. I know people were complaining that Target stopped sending free samples, but this just was $5. It came in a cute box with five samples (three were full size) and a coupon for $3 off your beauty purchase. I received La Roche-Posay acne treatment, Fakkai glossing cream, a Gillette razor, L'Oreal Magic BB Cream, and Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips. I don't know about you, but I kinda loved it. Just the Fakkai hair product was worth it to me. This box was just an experiment. I really hope Target continues and even lets us subscribe.

I can't wait to see what everyone else got last month. There really is a box for everyone (see here).


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

It's like Christmas at your house!!! :)

Let me know what you think about that L'oreal BB Cream. I have used it and I'm on a fence. As you can tell I'm obsessed with BB Creams. This one was great for me in the winter when I wanted to be more matte but I felt like it was really yellow.

Looks like you will be busy beautifying and snacking all month!

Meg O. said...

Dang, you are quite the subscription box subscriber!! Love it!!!!! And wow, that Target box looks awesome!

Niki Caron said...

I need to change my Julep account to Classic with a Twist - I want that beach tonic and sea salt spray!!!!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Thanks for the info! I didn't know there were so many subscription boxes out there. I'm going to check them out!

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Receiving parcels is a great feeling, I know how much I love getting things in the mail

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I did so well again this month with ipsy - didn't know what I was getting until I opened the bag! Last month I got something else, not the scrub...can't remember what. The beach spray didn't work for me so I need to try again. And I hate the lip crayon I got. It's like 80s pink :(

Same with the blush I got this month. But so far I like the other products!