Top Gun

Tom Cruise is pretty controversial. People seem to love him or hate him. I guess I'm indifferent. I think a lot of things he said during his TomKat media blitz were totally wack, but I don't really care about other people's religion or beliefs. To each his own. Karen is a huge Tom fan and when she enjoyed Top Gun in 3D earlier this year, I admitted to her that I had never seen it. Gasp! How could I have missed one of the most iconic '80s movies ever? I mean, I knew the story, I owned and loved the soundtrack on cassette, and I was familiar with all the catch phrases, mostly heard from my dad while I was growing up.

I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.
I feel the need...the need for speed.
Your ego is writing checks your body can't cash.
The *bullshit* cough

But I hadn't actually seen the entire movie. I snuggled up in bed on the 4th of July, ready to drown out the sound of my neighbors fireworks with a movie, and thought it was the appropriate choice for the holiday. I have to say, it was pretty awesome. So, so cheesy, but good. The cast is great, especially young and fit Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer. Even ER's Anthony Edwards was cute. There was a lot of eye candy in the many shower, locker room, and shirtless beach volleyball scenes.

And the sex scene? I may have watched it three times in a row because I was so conflicted. Was it hot? No. I came to the conclusion that I was grossed out. It's only 30 seconds long, but I couldn't get past their protruding tongues, George Michael Bluth style. See for yourself here.

And then there's the scene that makes all the girls swoon.
P.S. Tom Cruise can't sing. How did he get a part in Rock of Ages?

Oh yeah, there were some pretty great flying scenes too.
I was surprised that the special effects stood the test of time.


After Kelly mentioned that her favorite Cruise movie was Cocktail (again, I had and loved the soundtrack, but never saw the movie) and another friend asked why I didn't watch Born on the Fourth of July on the 4th, I realized I didn't pay much attention to Tom until Jerry McGuire. Sure, I watched Rain Man over and over with my junior high BFF because it was one of her family's favorite movies. And I've seen The Outsiders many times because the book and movie are just so good. Other than than that? Nothing. So now I have a new movie mission. I'll be sure to report back on the following:

A Few Good Men
Born on the Fourth of July
Days of Thunder
Far and Away
Risky Business
The Color of Money
The Firm

Am I missing your favorite Tom Cruise movie?
What did you think about Top Gun?


Christianna said...

I LOVE Top Gun! It was one of those movies that I grew up watching! Glad you enjoyed it!

Jo said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only person who missed so many of his movies. I had seen Top Gun cause it was my high school friends favourite. But I never saw Cocktail or Risky Business etc until my husband decided to educate me and make me watch them earlier this year.

Misty said...

You haven't seen any of those Tom Cruise movies?!?! He may be a little cray cray, but I love him. I really like the Mission Impossible movies, especially the first and second ones. Collateral with Jamie Foxx is really good too. And all the ones you listed are MUST SEES!

Misty said...

PS - The Michael Bluth tongue gift is the best.

PPS - Start with Cocktail!

Misty said...

Gif* not gift :)

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Ugh the George Michael gif cracked me up!!! HA!

Yes Cocktail is my favorite. I also love Days of Thunder, my mother's best friend is in that movie. She's one of the nurses (blond, short frosted hair) that pushes a cart into the ER. No spoilers, just stating that's who she is.

I've heard Color of Money is great and Risky Business but I never watched either of those, like I said not a real Cruise Fan. Have you seen Interview with a Vampire, I do like that Cruise Pitt movie.

Suze said...

I've never seen Top Gun, though I feel like I have.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I'm a fan of Cruise movies before he went to live in Crazy Town. I still think he's got exceptional presence on the screen.

My favorites:
Top Gun
A Few Good Men

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

LOL again, we are the exact same person. Never seen any of these movies. I am totally lacking in the "old" movie dept. I think that since it's 20 years later it's too hard to get into the movies.

Steph G said...

I hadn't seen Top Gun until this year either, but Tom Cruise is too much for me. I did love some old school Val Kilmer.

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

cocktail!!! love that movie...one of the few Tom Cruise movies I like...i'm indifferent too...i've never seen all of Top Gun nor have I ever seen any of the mission impossibles....he's meh to me

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Ok I know this may sound strange but I have never been much of a fan of Tom........

daniela said...

I only saw this movie for the first time just over 2 years ago & LOVED it! However, I watched it on TV so I don't think I saw that sex scene you're referring to (and I'm at work right now lol) but I'm intrigued. I thought it was great & definitely has a fantastic sound track.

I'm also pretty indifferent on Tom Cruise leaning towards the more positive side because regardless of what he does now, you can't deny he is/was talented and how great his old movies are! Similarly with Mel Gibson but that's a whole other can of worms...

Karen M. Peterson said...

Yeah, that love scene IS gross. But the rest of the movie is pure awesomeness.

Total Tom-nerd trivia, but he got the part in Rock of Ages and then worked with a vocal coach for an entire year. He really did do his own singing.

Oh, and please tell me the only reason the Mission: Impossible movies aren't on your list is because you've already seen them.