Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is another TV show I've been watching religiously this summer. I used to just watch some of the videos the next morning, but I found I was missing so much they don't share online. I love Jimmy. Maybe it's because he reminds me of my college years, when my friends and I would come home from a party and watch SNL while eating Taco Bell or Jack in the Box. We'd instantly memorize the sketches and recite them all week long. Or maybe he's just a really funny dork who makes people do the most hilarious and ridiculous things. Like this:

Adam Levine impersonates Aaron Neville

Brian Williams raps

Neil Patrick Harris plays Catchphrase

Sam Rockwell dances

Justin Timberlake sings at summer camp

Kristen Wiig impersonates Michael Jordan

I love that Jimmy is taking over The Tonight Show and that Seth Meyers (another absolute favorite of mine) will be the new host of Late Night in 2014! I thought to myself the other day about how exciting that these relevant, hilarious, super smart and talented people, who are a part of my generation, are taking over late night from the unfunny old men. Then it dawned on me that I might just be old and this is how my mom felt when Jay Leno got the job 22 years ago. Yikes. I'm getting up there. 

Who is your favorite late night host? Are you excited for the big switch in February?


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I really think I'm going to have to get on Hulu and watch BOTH of their new shows more often. I love Fallon, but never stay up to try to watch it. And Meyers... LOVE THAT MAN TOO!

I have to go home and watch these snippets - I can already tell Kristen will make me die laughing!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I love Jimmy Fallon. I got to see his stand up a few years ago and it was so cute how nervous he seemed in front of the audience. Like he was really concerned he might not be funny enough. But he was hilarious.

ErinMSW said...

Wait wait wait wait wait....Jay Leno took over TWENTY-TWO YEARS AGO??!?!?!!

Misty said...

I don't watch every episode of Fallon, but I should. I love him and think the show is so funny and clever. I'm super excited for him and Seth. I'm a big fan of Dave though. I think he's hilarious. I also like how he calls people out on their shit. And he doesn't pretend to like stuff he thinks is crap.

Gwen said...

I love Jimmy Fallon but I forget to watch/record. I should have watched him last night when I couldn't sleep. That NPH catchwords thing was hilarious!

I still like David Letterman and I was actually an adult when Leno took over for Johnny Carson. I remember Johnny Carson's last few shows.

Micah said...

I love Jimmy Fallon. He's so funny. My favorite thing is when he laughs at his own jokes.

I also love Seth Meyers. I really miss when he and Amy Poehler did the Weekend Update together on SNL.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

What a nice way to spend some of the morning watching funny video clips thanks.

April said...

Jimmy Fallon is hilarious ... I love the energy he brings!! I haven't had any time to catch any shows lately ... I dvr Housewives of NJ and Pretty Wicked Moms ... you know, quality TV. :-)

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I haven't watched late night TV in a while, but those clips are hilarious!