July Concerts

I just saw four concerts in a two week time period. I'm exhausted and totally hoarse from all my screaming and singing, but it's worth it. Concerts are my favorite thing ever.

Of course my friend and I had to see NKOTB again. It was my fifth time in five years and if they toured every year for the next ten, I'd be at all of them. They are just so much fun and genuinely look like they love it. The show started with Boyz II Men, who I actually saw last year, so the novelty was gone, but they were amazing, singing six of their biggest hits. 98 Degrees looked so happy to be there, smiled the entire time, and sang about ten songs. I only knew five, but it didn't matter, they were having a blast and sounded great. Nick Lachey is so cute. New Kids on the Block never disappoints. Even though I've seen them so much, they still had surprises up their sleeves and kept the energy high the entire time and they were able to fit a ton of songs into their set by doing a few medleys and even including George Michael and Prince covers. Seattle native Sir Mix-a-Lot even came out for a song! The crowd went nuts. I mean, who wouldn't for "Baby Got Back"? I say it every time, Jordan Knight still does it for me. I've been very faithful since I was 8 years old.

- - - - -

I was more excited to see Paul McCartney than any other singer or band I've seen in years. I mean, it's a Beatle, and you know how much I love The Beatles! It was a sold out concert at 45,000 people and the first concert ever at Safeco Field (where the Mariners play), so it was a very unique experience. My mom and I had terrible seats on high up on the right side of the stage, but it didn't matter. It was an awesome show, one of the best I've been to in my life. He played 38 songs, for three hours! How does this 71 year old man have all that stamina? About 2/3 of the set list was Beatles songs and he even brought out the surviving members of Nirvana (now called Sirvana) to play the encores with him. Amazing. 

- - - - -

Holy hotness! I've always had a little crush on the crooner, but Bruno Mars is seriously sexy. (Don't believe me? Start this video at 1:15). He made all the ladies swooooooon, to put it politically correctly. I haven't heard that many sequels and screams at a concert, ever.  The show was so fun, mixing sounds and scenes from the 70s, 80s, and 90s R&B. his entire band is a part of the act, singing and dancing right along side him. His voice was perfection the entire time, which was kind of unbelievable. And he played guitar and drums. I had no idea! I'm officially a super fan. I highly recommend his show even if you're the slightest fan. It's a good time. Ellie Goulding opened. I was already a fan of hers. She put on a great little set and she's so cute, I love her even more. She also played drums and guitar and sounded perfect. I love her weird, raspy voice.

- - - - -

Jacob reluctantly accompanied me to one of my favorites. Courtney Love/Hole was where it was at for me in high school and the first few years of college. I LOVED her and totally wanted to be her. She was my first girl crush, way before Gwen Stefani and Britney Spears. And I still absolutely love her. She's a disaster, but I don't care. I saw Hole after they released Celebrity Skin in the late 90s, when she was sober and pretty, but not since then. She performed almost 20 Hole songs and sounded and acted professionally, sane, healthy, and like the rock star she is. The venue kinda sucked for sound and Jacob was sensitive to the tone of the audience screams so he kept covering his ears. What an old man! Courtney also announced that she's writing a memoir and a new Hole will be out next year. So excited for that! 


Karen M. Peterson said...

Those sound like some awesome concerts!

I was trying to remember the last concert I even went to and...well, I can't. That's how long it's been. I need to fix that.

Jo said...

I'm so jealous, but in a good way :)

Jen said...

Awesome! I was the concert queen back in the day. Sad to say I only make it to about one a year these days.

Misty said...

I wish you lived here!!!

NKOTB and Bruno Mars didn't come here. I totally would have gone to both if they had.

Paul came here. My niece went and loved it. She's a huge Beatles fan. I don't dislike them or anything, but I just don't love them.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I would love to see Courtney. I have mixed feelings about her but I've always loved her music!!!

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

I can't believe you did all of this so soon after your surgery! You crazy lady.

How I love Ellie G. Starry eyed is my fave!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

That's a lot of concerts! I used to have a crush on Bruno when he was into the 50s, now the 70s don't do it for me at all lol!

And Dave Groll loves his old British men. He was the surprise guest for the Stones in Anaheim. So glad you got to see Paul!

Glad you're having a blast post-surgery :D

Melanie Montgomery said...

Im so jealous! I attend one concert a year if I'm lucky. ha.

tara said...

consider me jealous! i am so bummed i didn't go to nkotb when they were in houston! i bet bruno mars put on an incredible show too! so fun! i need friends who enjoy concerts because my husband isn't a huge fan! =/

Kristine said...

Girllll, I went to nkotb too!! Why did we not even think to meet up?! Ps so jealous you got to see Bruno!!