Show Me Your Teeth

Last year Jewel tweeted a picture of herself in the role of June Carter Cash for an upcoming Lifetime movie. She had dark hair, blue contacts, and new teeth. Gossip sites went crazy, saying she looked great and it was about time she got her teeth fixed. She assured everyone that they were temporary and she'd be back to her flawed smile as soon as she finished filming.

I have janky teeth too. My top lateral incisors stick out while the rest of my top teeth are perfectly straight.

My bottom teeth are a crowded mess, but you can’t usually see them when I talk or smile so they don't bother me as much. I always wanted to get them fixed, but we couldn't afford braces when I was a kid. I’m too embarrassed to get adult braces (kudos to you if you've done it!) and I've looked into Invisalign, but it seems like such a hassle and it's also pretty spendy. My sister loves my crooked teeth. She says they give me "character". What does she know? Her teeth are naturally straight! My teeth are basically a less pointy version of Kirsten Dunst's teeth.

Kirsten has said in interviews that even after being pressured by people in Hollywood to get them fixed, she won’t do it. I guess I feel the same way now. They are just a part of me. Yeah, so maybe I won’t ever pose for a profile photo where you can really see them stick out, but I’m not going to stop smiling or taking cheesy pictures with my friends and family.

Here are some celebs that did get their teeth fixed. It does make them look a whole lot better…

What do you think? Should celebs who have all the money and resources in the world correct their flaws?
Or do you appreciate it when they are just like us?
Have you embraced your flaws or do you wish they could be fixed?

Back to Jewel. Lifetime's Ring of Fire will air on May 27.
She looks great! I don't know any June Carter Cash songs. Does Jewel sound right?


Gwen said...

I would not have known that was Jewel! I only know June Carter songs as sung by Reese Witherspoon so that doesn't really help.

I don't like my teeth and I think if I were in a profession that relied on my smile or people looking at my mouth, I'd get them fixed.

I think of the comparison pictures you showed, Katherine Heigl actually may have looked better before than after.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

She actually does a pretty good June Carter impression. I still like Reese's rendition better but Jewel holds her own. June is rather twangy when she sings/ talks.

I love that Jewel's teeth are jacked, it makes her more human and down to earth to me. She's always seemed so much more about living life to the fullest then being a certain Hollywood type.

Anna Pacquin (sp?) her gap drives me insane but I'd be upset if she fixed it, again, I like that she's still famous even with that flaw.

Kari said...

Interesting post. I have a small gap between my 2 front top teeth and it drives me crazy! I also have grinded my "fang" teeth down to be completely straight and not pointy (i'm a BAD grinder while i sleep). I just recently found out I need braces to fix my issues...$8000!!! I'm debating - I will probably just save the money and deal with my not so perfect smile!

ErinMSW said...

My mom did Invisalign and hated it! As soon as her teeth were straight and she stopped wearing them, her teeth started moving back out of place again. She's really pissed she spent the money!

I had braces as a teen, and after they were taken off, they cemented in my bottom retainer. It was in for 10+ years. As soon as it was removed, my teeth moved again and now it's quite crowded down there. I so don't care. Leaving it alone!

Lauren said...

I personally love Kirsten Dunst's 'flawed' teeth as they add a certain charm to her smile. I have a much more pronounced version of her (& yours!) teeth. It's something I've been thinking about fixing but I'm just worried about being an adult with braces! I wish I had of just bitten the bullet as a child and had them sorted out.


Kristine said...

I've tried to embrace my flaws but I hear myself saying how I wish things were different about me...
Awesome post, lady :)

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I love June Carter Cash.

Teeth are something I'd fix if I had the excess money to drop on them. I don't, so they remain janky and I will always choose to spend my money on other things so they'll be that way until I die.

I don't think anyone is required to spend $$ to look like the perfect specimen just because they have it.

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

My top teeth are practically perfect, but my bootm teeth are jagged in the front. I had adult-ish (20-21 years old) braces and beasue I lost the damn bootom retainer, it's as if i never had braces in the first place!! UGh I hate teeth!!

Misty said...

I never had braces growing up and didn't need to. My teeth were always perfectly straight. Until my wisdom teeth came in... The top's not so bad, but the bottom is. I hate it and really want to get braces. I just wish insurance would cover all of it. I'm not a fan of botox or frivolous plastic surgery, but I would totally get veneers if I were rich.

daniela said...

My top teeth are okayyyyyy but not perfect. However, my bottom teeth are a DISASTER. My jaw is too small to hold them all and when my wisdom teeth were developing they were completely horizontal and pushing on the rest even more. At the beginning of university I did a consult with an orthodontist but I said only if I can do only bottom teeth. He said no so I walked out. I kind of regret it but at the same time, I really didn't want my parents to dish out all that money.

If I win the lottery, I would maybe consider getting them corrected but honestly, not top priority. I like a lot of those celebs (except maybe Zac Efron) with their original teeth. I don't even notice most of the celeb's teeth issues until I look at the 'corrected' version.

tara said...

i had braces back in the day, but after my orthodontist was murdered by his wife (seriously there's an e! true hollywood story about it), i never had a permanent retainer put on my bottom teeth so they are now a hot mess. my top teeth are ok, but they could be better. if i had tons of money, i'd definitely fix them up. but sadly i'm poor. lol. though i do think flaws are endearing so i can see both sides of this!

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Sometimes I wish I had better teeth but at the same time I am glad my mouth isn't all teeth like my sisters

Karen M. Peterson said...

I have the worst teeth. I hate my smile. My eye teeth stick out really bad. So bad that I've had kids ask if I'm a vampire. It's awesome.

I think it's kind of cool when celebs have imperfect teeth. I've always liked Jewel's smile.