All I can see is Ross right now with that post title. 

Participant Media has made 43 movies and documentaries (Lincoln, The Help, Food, Inc., An Inconvenient Truth) and now they are starting a cable network aimed at Millennials, called pivot.

It'll be available to more than 40 million subscribers on August 1, but there will also be a free live streaming channel and downloadable app. It sounds like they know how to appeal to their target audience. It'll run old episodes of Friday Night Lights, air Canadian show Little Mosque and the Jim Henson sci-fi series Farscape, and premiere Participant Media documentaries (including A Place at the Table, State 194, and Last Call at the Oasis; all movies that I've been wanting to see) but also have a ton of original programming. Here are some of their new shows:

HitRecord on TV A variety show hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Each episode revolves around a theme and will include short film, live performances, music, animation, and conversation segments. And because his company is collaborative, viewers can submit their own music, stories, photos, artwork, performances, etc and he'll pay you for your work if he uses it. See trailer here

Raising McCain Part documentary, part talk show, but all Meghan McCain. The outspoken daughter of former GOP presidential candidate John McCain will explore today's pressing questions and debates through the frame of her own personal experiences. She'll tour the country Meghan described it as "Meet the Press" meets "Jackass" in a tweet.

Will One-hour scripted series created by screenwriter Craig Pearce (Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet, The Great Gatsby - my favorites!), based on the life of William Shakespeare. Will is a young man from the wrong side of the social, political and economic tracks who, against all the odds, sets out to do that most modern of things: create his own destiny. The modern period drama will have a fresh soundtrack and contemporary shooting style.

TakePartLive A nightly live talk show built by its viewers. Mixing serious and lighter content, celebs, activists, politicos and news makers will discuss the day's events. Viewers will help choose what will be on each night's show.

Jersey Strong Putting the reality back in reality TV. This series will follow two former gang members as they raise their families and pursue their dreams. One is working to build mentorship programs for young women in Newark while the other balances a day job in sanitation with his dream of launching a comedy career.

I'm technically a Gen Xer, but I'm 34 so I'm in that gray area where I could overlap or be on the high end of the Millennial Generation. And I probably have an immature taste in entertainment, so I'm totally into some of these shows and can't wait to watch Raising McCain, Will, and Jersey Strong.

What do you think about this new network? Will you watch?

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Misty said...

This sounds rather interesting. Friday Nights is on my long list of shows to eventually watch.

Micah said...

I will probably watch the JGL show. Love him. And I'm intrigued by "TakePartLive."

Karen M. Peterson said...

I think I'm definitely not in the target demographic, but some of this will still probably be pretty cool.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I could get into these.

But in reality all they had to do was rerun FNL and I'm in.