In My Life

My high school boyfriend was obsessed with The Beatles. When we started dating, I hadn't heard much of their music because my dad can't stand them. I knew the typical, super popular songs. The ones that are so common you actually don't even know who really sings them because they've been turned into jingles or covers. But with each album he showed me, I got more into them and he'd probably be proud to know how much I still really love them today.

I've been thinking about him lately. Not in an "I want you back" or "what could have been" way. I've just been thinking about the impact he left on me as a first love. All of my memories of high school involve him. I miss him. I wonder what he's up to, if he's happy, if he has a family. We were together in 11th and 12th grade and couldn't have been more different. But we were in love and planned to go to college together, travel, get married, and have babies. You know, what every teenage girl dreams of. He was a really great boyfriend, he got along with my family, and treated me well. Until two weeks before senior prom when he broke up with me. We had been arguing a lot about stuff he was doing that hurt me and affected us and he just couldn't take it. He was tired of answering to a girlfriend. He wanted freedom.

We tried getting back together twice the summer after graduation, but it just didn't work. He was an ass after that. He talked a lot of crap about me to his friends (all my ex-friends) and new girlfriend (one of my friends). I had already moved on, but it still hurt. A lot. It was one thing to be heartbroken over the end of our relationship, but it was a totally different kind of pain to be betrayed by someone I loved and trusted for so long. I never said one bad thing about him. He apologized a few years later, blaming his "crazy" girlfriend for needing constant reassurance. Uh huh.

We caught up a few times a year after that, but I haven't heard about him in about seven years. Jacob works with him but the place is so big, they never cross paths. My brother used to play golf with him, but hasn't done it in about five years. I admit I even Googled him, but came up with nothing. And really, who isn't on Facebook? I'd love to get lunch and catch up, but I don't want to be that creepy ex-girlfriend. His mom is on Facebook, but again, hey creeper! I guess I'm not that desperate to find out.

Here's the happy ending...about a year after we broke up, he hung out with Jacob (small town, one high school, we were all friends), and told him to ask me out because he didn't like my current boyfriend. Jacob and I dated off and on (mostly off) for a few years before finally becoming "official". Then we got married, had babies, and now I have THREE loves my life. I suppose I need to thank him for that!

Geez, diary, let's get to the music already! It's really, really tough to narrow down, but here are my favorite Beatles songs.

In My Life
Good Night
Hey Jude
You Never Give Me Your Money
Oh! Darling
All You Need is Love
Here Comes The Sun

I'm so, so, so excited because my mom and I just bought tickets to see Paul McCartney in July. It's the closest I'll ever get to a Beatles experience! My mom and I hang out a lot (musicals, movies, shopping, events, vacations, etc), but have never been to a concert together. It'll be so much fun to go with her, especially because she appreciates him as much as I do and I'm not just dragging her along. I can't wait!

What's your favorite Beatles song?


Jo said...

O my it is quite hard to pick a favourite Beatles song! I'm going to have to say: All my loving

Its so funny that your ex suggested that Jacob ask you out .... my ex phoned my husband all the way from Australia when he found out that we were dating to tell Himself that he was thrilled and thought we were a good match. (oh yes they knew each other from when we were dating).

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I love your story and where you ended up. It's good to think about the things and people that brought you to where you are.

My favorite Beatles songs:

Two of Us (MFD and I walked down the aisle together to that after we got married, the Aimee Mann/Michael Penn version though)

Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight (played together)

I've Just Seen A Face

Hey Jude

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I have a love, not so much love relationship with the Beatles. I do enjoy them, and I do think they are talented beyond belief, but honestly I always like Beatles covers, more than the originals.

I love Sgt. Peppers - love it all. But I love the movie soundtrack better than the originals.

Sort of the same with Across the Universe.

I'd have to say my favorite Beatles song regardless of who sings it, is Strawberry Fields. Love it.

I am I guess you'd say more of a Rolling Stones person. Always have been. My father is the same way so I was never really introduced to the beatles until MUCH later in life. Maybe that's why?

Karen M. Peterson said...

I love the Beatles up until around 68. After that, it's mostly just blah to me.

Maybe one day you'll randomly run into that old boyfriend and you can catch up. It would be funny if you ran into him at the concert.

Gwen said...

I love Blackbird.

That's pretty wild that he's partly responsible for you and Jacob getting together!

I have a high school boyfriend that I wonder about. His sister-in-law is on FB but I don't really know her (although I have seen pics of him on her page).

Misty said...

I'm such an Elvis girl that I can't totally get on board with The Beatles. I respect their talent and really like some of their songs. I don't like Paul McCartney solo though. He does nothing for me.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Yet another thing we have in common, no not your ex ;), the Beatles. Sort of. My mom hated them and while my dad likes them, he's a huge Stones fan. So I grew up with The Stones. I only know a few Beatles songs and I like them enough.

Not for the ex. So uncool of him to act like that. But thank God he introduced you to Jacob!!