5Ks Are Fun!

Nolan and I ran The Color Run in Seattle on Sunday. We ran it as a family last year, but Jacob is weirded out by chalk and didn't want any part of it this time. It would have been too hard to take both boys, so Milo stayed home with Jacob. We had a blast! Nolan even made the local news for three seconds. Check him out getting cleaned off here at 1:35.

I've been running participating in 5Ks for about eight years. My first one was the Jingle Bell Run downtown Seattle. It was so much more fun than I imagined. Everyone is happy and in costume and it totally gets you in the Christmas spirit. We had a blast, so I continued to sign up for 5Ks, even though most were plain old runs. The Color Run last year was the first time I did a themed 5K. Obviously I loved it or I wouldn't have done it again. I'm also registered for the Electric Run in September. Since I've "liked" a few of these pages on Facebook, I keep seeing ads for themed runs. Take a look at how many there are touring the country!

The Color Run, Color in Motion, Color Me Rad, Graffiti Run, Color Fun Fest, Color Vibe, Run or Dye

Electric Run, Glow Run, Neon Splash Dash, Run the Rave, Run to Glow, Glow in the Night, Neon Run, Firefly Run

Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Rebel Race, Rugged Maniac, Dirty Girl, Survivor Mud Run,
The Dirty Dash, Mud Factor, 5K Foam Fest and Mud Run, Spartan Race, Muddy Buddy

Run For Your Lives, Zombie Survival Dash, The Zombie Run

Cupid's Undie Run , Hot Chocolate 15/5K, Naked Foot 5K, Iron Girl

You can find so many other types of runs that aren't national tours: superhero, urban courses, karaoke, pets, trails, vertical/stair runs, nude, etc. Holidays are always a good excuse for a city to throw a 5K. You can find them on New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

The Seattle area has some pretty awesome races. Of course we get all those touring ones, but we also have The Mustache Dache, Seahawks 12k, Seattle Marathon, St Patrick's Day Dash, Run Scared, Mud and Chocolate Trail Run, Nordstrom Beat the Bridge, Pumpkin Push, The Great Kilted Run, Oktoberfest Brew HA-HA of a Run, Park to Pint, Torchlight Run, Winter Pineapple Classic, Dawg Dash, and Volcanic 50k (a 31 mile trail run on Mt St Helens!).

I just signed up for Refuse To Abuse 5K at Safeco Field. (For you out of towners, "Refuse to Lose" was the Mariners slogan when we won the American League playoffs, almost 20 years ago. Yeah, we hold on to those fond memories tightly). The run benefits domestic violence and goes around and through every level of the stadium, ending on the warning track on the field. I'm so excited!

Fun facts: a 5K is 3.1 miles long, or 5 kilometers. The largest 5K in the world is Race for a Cure: DC with over 35,000 participants. The current record is held by Ethiopian distance runner Kenenisa Bekele at 12:37:35. That's 4:03 minutes per mile!

While I'm having fun running jogging walking and talking my way through themed 5Ks, Jacob is currently training for his first triathlon on June 1. I wish some of his athleticism, dedication and enthusiasm would rub off on me!

Have you ever done a themed 5K? Which ones do you want to try?


Gwen said...

I'm not a runner, but I've walked a couple 5k's and once walked a half marathon. One year I did the Turkey Trot, which was 5 miles, and got a pumpkin pie at the end (dessert? done.) I can't imagine ever wanting to do the Undie Run!

Jen said...

You and Nolan are too cute! We are doing Color Me Rad next weekend. John's a little nervous bc he has asthma. Any tips?

Kari said...

We did the Color Me Rad in OKC this weekend too! Thanks for sharing all of these different runs...saving this post for future reference!

Karen M. Peterson said...

That is so fun. Nolan is adorable!

I want to do a Color Run. And eventually a Zombie Run too. But I gotta work up to that one!

Kristine said...

Man, I know so many people that were at color run over the weekend! Looks like y'all had a blast! Oh yes, thanks for reminding everyone that our MLB team is really just a farm team for the rest of the league, haha ;)

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I don't run, but I do like to participate in 5Ks. Probably not the color run though. LOL I have issues with chalk too.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

DANG girlfrand you are active with these races! Ad go Nolan, little TV star!

I'm totally with Jacob, never doing the Color Run (or any of the spinoffs) again! Well at least while I'm blonde. Not OK with the staining haha.

There was a glow run in Downtown LA last weekend and I wanted to do it. It looked so cool!

Jo said...

That is so cool .. hoping to do one with our kids soon, that is if one of them doesn't break a foot again.

That's What She Read said...

Gosh that video makes it look so much fun! I definitely want to do one some day but would have to start with something low key and not soooo many people! Your little guy looks so cute!!

jessica said...

Damn I had NO idea how many themed runs there were!! I've never done a 5k but I imagine I would do a lot of walking and talking too - no running for me! ha And what is up with Jacob not liking chalk?! Looks like Nolan has no problem with it!! ;)

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Those themed runs do look like fun for those who like those type of things

Steph G said...

Fun runs are the best. I'm doing the Color Run here in MN in July. SO awesome!

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

I love that you took him! I yelled at my sister that she didn't bring her kids...next year she better!