A Few Of My Favorite Things

YCMA We joined the Y this weekend. It's time to get serious about working out. I have an appointment with a trainer tomorrow night. Yikes! They also have so much stuff for the kids to do, like swimming lessons, art, music, and tumbling classes, summer day-camps, and  even kid yoga. We're totally signing up for that.  I think this will keep us pretty busy over the summer. Check out how awesome the building is:

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion I love this stuff so much. I have a good mix of drugstore and department store makeup, but eye shadow isn't something that I splurge on. This primer allows me to wear my Maybelline and CoverGirl all day long without fading or creasing. It's the best! 

Scandal This show is easily my favorite on TV right now. It's so unbelievable and ridiculous. I know some people are over it, but I still love the Fitz and Olivia drama. He sure knows how to talk to her! Mellie's monologues are out of control. I love to kind of hate her. Jake is charming, yet super creepy. Huck's story line last week had me crying like a baby. And let's not forget about Olivia's wardrobe. I want it all! Please tell me you're watching this show. The first season is on Netflix Instant right now.

Instant Watcher Speaking of Netflix, we got rid of the DVD part of our subscription a few months ago, so this is my new favorite website. It lets you know what has just been added, what's popular, and most awesome of all, what's about to be deleted. It's so much easier for me to see it in a list than searching randomly on TV.

Candy Crush I cannot stop playing this game. It's preventing me from reading at night because I'm playing this in bed instead. Thank God for my west coast friends who gift me late night extra lives. Right now I'm on level 161. See? Totally obsessed. I found out that you can use your five lives on your phone, then play five more lives through Facebook on your computer right after.

Charli XCX This British pop star is so much fun! I just got her new album True Romance this weekend and can't stop listening to it. Here are her latest singles, but I love the entire album.

Old Navy Vintage Tees I love these simple, soft t-shirts. I stocked up when tees were BOGO last month  and now have them in just about every color. I grabbed a few in crew neck, v-neck, long sleeve, and baseball styles. The sizing seems to be inconsistent though. Sometimes I'm fine in a regular size and sometimes I have to get a tall, so try them on! But they are cheap and perfect for loungewear, which is what I wear 80% of the time.

Batiste Dry Shampoo I gave up washing my hair every day last summer. Honestly, it just doesn't work for me. My hair is so fine that it and looks flat and gross halfway through the second day. But if I don't have any major plans, I still only wash every other day. I've tried six different dry shampoos, powders and sprays, from $5 to $30, and this one is my favorite. It's $9 and doesn't have a strong scent. It's meant for brunettes, but still gives off a gray color. As long as you blend really well it works. I even use this on shampoo days to add some volume. 

Amy Schumer I first noticed her during the roasts of Roseanne Barr and Charlie Sheen, but didn't give her much thought. I've recently watched a few of her stand-up specials and I can't wait for her Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer, to start tonight. She is so funny! Totally offensive, but in the most hilarious way. I love her.

Lush Popcorn I bought this lip scrub around Christmas and L-O-V-E it! I can't get over how awesome it is.  I have exfoliated my lips before and used similar products, but nothing is this good. I didn't even realize how dull and gross my lips were or that they could be so soft. Plus, it tastes good. I bought it for some Christmas gifts and most people were like, "Yeah, cool, a lip scrub," but once they actually tried it they were in love too. It was only supposed to be a holiday item, but it was so popular, they are keeping it around. I highly recommend it!

My monsters My kids are so much fun lately. Milo is a serious talker. He has huge conversations and understands so much more than I give him credit for. He's so physical and kind of a class clown too. And my ever inquisitive Nolan wants to know everything about everything. His vocabulary is off the charts and he literally can't learn enough right now. I love these littles so much! They amaze me.

What are some of your favorite things?


Jodi said...

Your YMCA is so nice!!! Good for you for getting a membership!

I have that Urban Decay primer but have never used it. It came w/ the naked pallet I bought. I'll have to try it.

I may have to try that Batiste dry shampoo. I was using the Psssssst for a long time and just switched to Suave (in the gold bottle). I like the Suave a lot. But I was wondering about the Batiste since it is for brown hair - too bad it still leaves the white/gray. Here is a tip for you - I spray my hair at night before bed. When I wake up my hair has absorbed the dry shampoo and the white is gone!!!

Misty said...

I may look into joining somewhere with my kids this summer too. Before, my kids hated going to the daycare in the gym. Now, they're both old enough to actually do stuff.

I'm going to start Scandal soon. I'm caught up on all my shows and most of them only have 1 or 2 episodes left.

I'll have to bookmark that site. I use Netflix a lot more in the summer when my shows are on hiatus.

I got some of the Old Navy v-necks the last time I was there. Love them!

Gwen said...

So much to say! First, I am in love with that eye primer. It's THE best and totally worth the splurge.

I'm still a few episodes behind on Scandal so I purposely didn't read that paragraph but it's such a great show!

I struggle with dry shampoos. Many of the ones I've looked at talk about brushing it through but I have curly hair that never sees a brush or comb, so I don't know what to try.

That is the coolest looking Y I've ever seen!

Off to check out some Charli XCX!

Annabelle said...

Your YMCA looks awesome! I wish we had something remotely close to this in our podunk town! I just bought two tees from Target that are very similar! Love them!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I love Lush stuff - I had been eyeing up the slip scrubs. I wish we had one here so I could smell and test. We reserve that for when we go to New Orleans ;) (I think it's he closest one to me).

That YMCA is amazing! I wish ours was that cool. Ours is run of the mill and I might try to go back there once I Get in better shape - I just purchased Insanity so ... I'm trying that now.

I pretty much love Amy Schumer - have you ever seen her on "BURN NOTICE" it's hilarious! I believe she was the runner up on Last Comic Standing or something like that.

I need to get some of that dry shampoo. I only wash once a week, but now that I'm working out again I will probably have to step it up to 2 times a week and use more dry shampoo (sweating wrecks a blow out).

They should call it crack crush... not candy. I am addicted to that stupid game!

Thanks for the INSTANT WATCHER link, I need that. There is so much on Neflix I'm unaware of because I don't know what to search for. I'd much rather have it laid out in front of me. To be fair I'm an old soul and I miss the printed TV guide that you got in the paper years ago too. ;)

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

My Y looks like a dingy turd compared to that one. Amazing!

I should try that popcorn stuff. Lush is right around the corner.

Fellow non daily hair washer here. I'm on day two dirty today.

Jen said...

Your Y is insane!! I wish we had one closer to us. There is one in the works but not sure when it's actually happening. I am stuck on level 65. It's starting to really piss me off. And every time someone sends me that extra 5 moves thing it doesn't work!!

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

There are so many things on your list I need to try! The lip scrub in particular. And the dry shampoo!

And those pictures of the boys...ughhh so damn cute!

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

We dodn't have YMCA's here but yours looks good.......

Karen M. Peterson said...

That YMCA is gorgeous! I'd want to stay there all day long!

I can't live without eye primer. My eyes just don't love eye shadow without it.

I love the Sally brand of dry shampoo. It smells good and it's $6.