Marriage Equality

I'm sure you've seen the red equal sign all over the internet this week. The Human Rights Campaign changed the colors of their iconic blue and yellow logo while the Supreme Court heard two cases on marriage equality. Many people showed their support by using the picture in social media. 


I try not to get too political around here because "debating" typically turns ugly when you're doing it behind a computer or anonymous screen name. But I strongly believe in marriage equality and have been sporting the HRC red logo on Facebook all week. While we won't hear the decisions until June, I'm so hopeful for the country after seeing how many people support this cause. The sea of red was pretty heartwarming. Ok, enough with the serious talk. I think no matter which side you are on, you can still appreciate some interpretations of the logo. The are artistic ones, silly ones, some based on pop culture, and some I just don't understand. Check them out:

And this is my absolute favorite one. I love living in Washington State!


Steph Gregerson said...

The Rafiki/Lion King one is my favorite :)

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

i like the super mario one :)

Jennee Thompson said...

The one I liked the most isn't on here... it's the ones with baby feet, because if we're going to have equality, we can't discriminate those babies from an amazing life either.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Yeah I have seen them and yeah there are some I don't get too

Misty said...

I love that there's a Clueless one. Ha!

You didn't see the Willie Nelson one? He's holding up a red sign with two pink joints on it.

jessica renee said...

Love this post :)

My favorite had been the Beatles and the Willie Nelson one buuut I'm liking the Clueless one too now that I see it! lol