March Magazine Roundup

Ashton Kutcher - Esquire
I couldn't stand him for so long, but I'm coming around. He looks great here. I give credit to Mila.


Aubrey Plaza - Asos
She's so pretty, but these photos don't show that at all. I love the black and white clothes though.

Bruce Willis - GQ
He's looking pretty handsome! I've always been a fan.


Chloe Grace Moretz - Teen Vogue
She's so great. I like the punk-princess feel of this spread. She looks cute, but not too Avril Lavigne-y.


Chris Colfer - Icon
Looking good! I can't stand his character on Glee, but I really am a big fan of his. He's very smart and talented.


Cindy Crawford - Harper's Bazaar Brazil
Can you believe she's 46? She looks amazing. Is anyone else obsessed with her infomercial? Just me?

Dakota Fanning - Glamour
Fun shoot! I love her hair and the sets.


Daniel Radcliffe - Out
He is attractive, but he's trying too hard to be sexy and it just looks awkward. I love the photo in orange though.


Dave Franco - Wonderland
I like his face. I like his body. I'm glad that we're seeing more of him lately.


Drew Barrymore - Harper's Bazaar
She really is so pretty! I love her natural look lately. The wind is fun in these photos.


Elisha Cuthbert - Maxim
Total girl crush! She was named the most beautiful on TV. I agree! I LOVE the cover and third picture.

Elle Fanning - New York
So much fun! I love every photo shoot she's done. She's young and can do high fashion without getting slutty. I'm hungry.


Hayden Panettiere - Nylon
I think she looks really pretty here! I love the cover. And that last dress.


Julianne Hough - Self
She's gorgeous and always looks so happy and fresh. I want her hair.

Lauren Conrad - Lucky
Typical cutesy Lauren. There's nothing wrong with it, she just doesn't really transform at all.

Matt Bomer - Da Man
He's always so handsome.


Mila Kunis - Allure
I feel like she does this look a lot. She looks great, it's just kind of boring.

Miley Cyrus - Cosmopolitan
I don't care at all that she's showing skin. She is 20. I'm just not feeling the clothes or her face. Or her hair anymore.

Taylor Swift - Elle
Love it. She can really be fierce in photos. I love all the clothes!


Victoria Beckham - Elle UK
Perfect, as usual. The light and fluorescent colors are awesome. She nails every single shoot.



Gwen said...

I freakin' love Bruce Willis. The end.

Totally agree about Daniel Radcliffe. Trying way too hard.

Misty said...

Bruce Willis is a bad ass. And sexy.

Ashton mostly gets on my nerves, but he's hot.

The photos of Daniel are great, but I don't think I'll ever be able to think of him as sexy.

I love Miley's hair. On her.

Love Drew and Cindy Crawford looks amazing.

Misty said...

I just noticed it says Bruce is a bad ass on the cover. Glad they agree with me. :)

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

No to Daniel Radcliffe. Ever.

I love Mila Kunis. Ashton not so much.

Bruce Willis is awesome.

Jo said...

Ashton K ... I think he is growing up nicely, every year I seem to like him a little more
Bruce Willis .... is my man! I love him! always have!
I want to look as good as Cindy by the time I'm 46! ... okay, I know that is never going to happen but still, a girl can dream
Drew Barrymore .... motherhood really seems to suit her, she's gorgeous!
My husband loves Elisha Cuthbert
Hayden Panettiere .... sometimes I like her, sometimes I don't ... but you are right she really looks good in these pictures
Matt Boner ... no argument, he is good looking!
Mila Kunis .... she can look better
Miley .... hey if I looked like her and was 20 I would also show off my body. I like the hair (okay, maybe cause mine looks similar)
Victoria B .... you are absolutely right -> perfect

Karen Peterson said...

I love Bruce Willis. Always have. Always will.

Melanie Montgomery said...

Had to do a double take at Dakota Fanning..she looks like Anna Sophia Robb with the curly hair.

Jen said...

I love Victoria. She is so gorgeous. Miley looks ridic!

Kate said...

I always have so many comments on these posts!

I used to love Ashton. When he looks good, he looks really good!

Definitely not the most flattering photos of Aubrey.

I will always love Bruce. The Kid is one of my favorite movies.

Chloe and Chris I'm eh on. No real opinion either way

I love the Fanning girls!

I'm embarrassed for Harry Potter. Looks like hes trying way too hard (probably how I look when I try to look serious or sexy ;)

I like Dave. He looks good

Drew looks so pretty. Wow!

I hope Happy Endings doesn't get canceled. It's so funny!

I didn't even recognize Hayden! She has really grown on me now that I watch Nashville

Taylor really does have great photo shoots

I just can't get on board with Julianne Hough. She really bothers me. I don't know why.

LC is the same in every single shoot!

That's What She Read said...

That's the first time I've seen "Harry Potter" look hot...and that Dave Franco's eyebrows? I die! Swoooon!

Jodie said...

Matt Bomer is one word... gorgeous!

I love Miley so I personally loved her on Cosmo!!

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Work it cindy crawford!! damnn

Love the Chloe Moretz and Elle Fanning shoots most :)