Valentine Spirit/My Thoughts on the Grammys

Ok, I know Valentine spirit isn't a real thing, and actually, I've never really even been into the holiday. Sure it was fun in high school when my boyfriend brought a single rose from the grocery store to school for me. Or when Jacob planned a fun date, that one time, years and years, and years ago. But honestly, whether I was single or in a relationship, it was just never a big deal to me. Jacob and I don't even exchange gifts. It is kinda fun now that I have two mini valentines though. We don't have a fireplace in our house (every single day I regret that we didn't add one when we built this house. Jacob has a phobia. I'll have to write about that later), so a few months ago we hung up these photo ledges from Ikea and I've been using them like a mantel. I decorated for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and now, VDay!

Free subway art here
Giraffes and heart frame from Target

Monogram M from Etsy
Hearts from Jo-Ann Fabric
Roses from Jo-Ann Fabric, in vase from Ikea, filled with conversation hearts

Glittery heart bouquet from Jo-Ann Fabric, in vase from Ikea, filled with Red Hots
Pink sparkly frame from Target, you & me from Etsy

Be Mine from Target 
Free xoxo print here
Heart Christmas ornament from Target that I painted with pink glitter

So yeah, it's not much, but it's fun to have pink sparkly hearts in the living room for a while!

- - - - -

I love the Grammys because there are more performances than there are awards to give out. It's such an entertaining show. Here's what went through my mind. What an annoying performance by Taylor Swift. She’s really not a terrible song writer, but this song is so immature. She should be embarrassed of it. Why did she touch her hair so much? Not sexy, Tay. I liked LL’s opening. It seemed very heartfelt. I like Ed Sheeran and love that Elton John sang with him. Thank God Adele won! She is the queen. Could you imagine if frickin’ Call Me Maybe one that award? Fun. was fun. I don’t really listen to country, so Miranda’s performance didn’t do anything for me. She’s so cute though. It would have been better if Blake was singing with her. Miguel and Wiz Khalifa were boring. Did Carrie Underwood say “golly” in her speech. Hahaha! I love what she said about her husband though. Be still my Mumford & Sons loving heart. They are so amazing. This is my favorite song on their album. Sigh, I just can’t say enough about them. They are playing a music festival in May and Jacob and I were going to go, but I just found out you can’t get a single day ticket and we can't/don't want to go all four days. I’m so bummed!!! I think Justin Timberlake is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but I’m still not into these songs. I loved the performance though. He’s so handsome! I love Jay-Z too. Yay for The Black Keys! I totally recognize and respect Alicia Keys, but she has always bored me. Even adding Adam Levine didn’t spice things up for me. I think anyone but Kelly Clarkson should have won best Pop Vocal Album. That CD is terrible and I can’t stand Stronger. Her speech was cute, but she drunk? She usually has better composure. Blah, Rihanna. The Black Keys were great! Kelly Clarkson was great! Bruno Mars and Sting were great! Every single person in the audience was on their feet, dancing and singing along. I love The Lumineers. What a simple, but really great performance! I want to be in their band, they look like their having such fun. Katy Perry looks so, so, so pretty with regular colored hair and neutral makeup. It must be John Mayer’s control influence. Another win for Fun.! I love that album, I’m so glad they got some awards. Hunter Hayes looks 12. Carrie Underwood’s dress is hideous. Oh, it just got uglier with a light show. She looks so awkward singing, but trying to stand completely still. Every single vocal performance of hers has been flawless though. Prince is so weird, I love it. Yay for Gotye! I really wanted him to win. His speech was sweet. Kimbra’s dress was terrible. All of those people singing The Weight? I got chills! Your Song is one of my favorites ever. It sounds great in every language! I was kind of mesmerized by Frank Ocean’s performance. Of course Mumford & Sons. I love those other albums so much (besides Jack White) and would have been happy with anyone, but it had to be Mumford & Sons! Marcus and Carey were so sweet. They couldn’t have ended the show any better. MCA forever.


Melanie Montgomery said...

Ahhhh..I forgot to watch the Grammys last night. We watched Big Fish instead, Johnny hates tv so every now in then I throw on a movie to make him happy. ha.
I love your Valentines Day shelves!

Casey said...

Um you are the CUTEST with that Valentine's day spread. Happy Heart week!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I love your running Grammy commentary. I never watch, too many aholes, but I like a good synopsis. Thanks for yours!

Love your shelves and how you've decorated them. Hate Vday on principal.

Gwen said...

I only watched the first half hour or so of the Grammys. I'm not a huge TSwift fan, but I wish she had done "I Knew You Were Trouble." I love fun.'s album. I need to find video of Sting and Bruno Mars.

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

I didn't get a chance to watch all of the Grammy's and had way too many spoilers by checking Twitter :( oh well I did see and really like Bruno Mars/ Sting performance thou....love all the creativeness of your mantle for Valentine's :)

Misty said...

I pretty much agree with everything you said. I was so happy for The Black Keys. I love both of their albums and listen to them all the time.

And Bruno Mars with Sting! Love!

tara said...

how cute is your vday decor?! maybe i should take down my christmas stuff and put up some vday stuff! LOL!

i seriously don't know how tswift wasn't beyond embarrassed to perform that awful song at the grammys. eek. and i'm still not really into JT's songs either. =/

Jen said...

I forgot it was on. But I'm going to find it and watch it online!

MintedPlus said...

I love your Valentines decor! I'm not huge on Valentines Day either, but who can pass up pink and red hearts!

We went back and forth on adding the fireplace into our build. I have all kinds of sick ideas of things that could go wrong with it. Ha!

P.S. The Grammy's are still on my DVR. Oops!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

So cute! I love the decorations. I never decorate for any holiday but I need to. I hate my apt though :/

OK my biggest comments for the night: Rhianna looked so pretty. She bothers me but I like the long hair. Katy was gorgeous. Taylor made fun of my bf Harry!! Did you catch that? With the English accent! Agreed on JT. Frank Ocean's Forrest Gump song was it for me. Couldn't handle it anymore and turned it lol. I have been curious about Alabama Shakes for some time and after the show I downloaded the album. I really like it! Do you want a copy? I'll send it to you :)

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

I love your festive shelves! Very cute.

I'm bummed I missed the grammys. I was going to DVR it but by the time I got back in town I knew the fun gossip would be over!