February Magazine Roundup

Allison Williams - Company
She's so pretty. Did you know she's news anchor Brian Williams's daughter?

Amy Adams - Citizen K
I love this film noir look. Great clothes!


AnnaSophia Robb - Teen Vogue
I LOVE the geometric shots! She looks great!!

Beyoncé - GQ
Is belly jewelry still a thing? Gross. She's got a bangin' bod though.

Carrie Underwood - Allure
So pretty and classic, as usual. This borderlines on boring though.

Claire Danes - Elle
Her hair is pretty amazing. I like these photos.

Darren Criss - Essential Homme
He's so cute, but these are blah. He looks bored.

Emma Stone - W
I get that this is supposed to be edgy and different, but she looks like crap.

Heidi Klum - Marie Claire
Perfection as usual. I just love her smile and teeth!

Jennifer Lawrence - Vanity Fair
She looks great! Like the sultry girl next door. I just love everything about her.

Jennifer Lopez - Harper's Bazaar
So sparkly. She nails it. The boot/shoes are awesome.

Katharine McPhee - Lucky
Very cute. I love all of these clothes. I'm ready for spring!

Megan Fox - Esquire
She is so beautiful, but these are terrible photos of her face. She looks stoned, not sexy.

Naomi Watts - Vogue
Pretty, pretty, pretty! I love them all, but especially the third photo.

Nicole Kidman - The Hollywood Reporter
This is a very plain spread, but she is so pretty it doesn't matter. I love it.

Prince Harry - Town & Country
He was named most eligible. I'm bummed that this was the only photo of him. I love him!

Ryan Gosling - GQ Australia
Great spread! I love the shadows! He's amazing.

Zooey Deschanel - Glamour
She does have great hair, but it's not real. Deceiving. Cute spread!


Sara Elizabeth said...

Allison Williams and Jennifer Lawrence are my favs!! Def going to have to pick their issues up!

Gwen said...

I love Jennifer Lawrence anyway, and these photos are great!

Oh, so disappointed in Emma Stone's look here.

Casey said...

Gah, that Beyonce, she never gets old.

Allison williams is popping up everywhere these days!

THanks for sharing and happy weekend to you!

Christianna said...

I'm loving Amy, AnnaSophia and Ryan's photo shoots. Some of the other ones are cool as well, but those three stand out to me!

Claire Kiefer said...

What is it that is SO SENSUAL about Ryan Gosling? Hard to put into words but DAMN.

Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous. Her skin glows & she's just such a natural beauty. Loved her in Silver Linings Playbook.

Melanie Montgomery said...

I love Zooey...still reeling over the newest episode of New Girl!

And I love me some Emma Stone but girl looks like a damn meth junkie in those photos. Why did they do that to her?

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Ryan Gosling's weirdness totally gets me. I love him.

I'm eh on Zooey.

I love Jennifer Lawrence.

Belly jewelry, GROSS.

Karen Peterson said...

Emma Stone looks a little too much like Courtney Love.

Misty said...

I kind of forgot what I wanted to say after seeing Ryan. I had no idea Allison was Brian's daughter. She's so gorgeous and looks killer on the red carpet. Love JLaw and her candid interviews. She's my current fave celeb.

Jodi said...

Love Carrie Underwood. Some of those pics almost don't look like her!

Every time I see these posts you put together it makes me wonder how long it must take you to put it together!

Krystal said...

I didn't even recognize Jennifer Lawrence! Wait, Zooey has fake hair? I'm so blind to these things!

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

lmao agree about Emma Stone. Naomi Watts and the Teen Vogue ones are my favorite. I actually didn't like the Claire Danes one... the pics were odd to me :/

Suze said...

Naomi Watts Vogue shoot is my favorite- gorgeous!

Jen said...

Megan Fox had a baby recently. How the hell does she look that good already?! I need to become famous and workout with a trainer every day.

jessica renee said...

Wow I had no idea Allison Williams' dad is Brian Williams! Crazy. I've only seen her on the Mindy Project but she's GORGEOUS! And dang, Beyonce has a freaking body!! Wow. And more Ryan please. He looks good in just about anything. As does Zooey. LOVE HER!!