Cheers & Jeers

Cheers to Tina Fey! Jeers that 30 Rock ended last week, but I'm so excited for her next project! There have been rumors about a Mean Girls musical for years and Tina finally confirmed it! She said she thinks Paramount is on board and her husband Jeff Richmond (music director from SNL and 30 Rock) is working on the score. So exciting! I'm adding this to my must-see musical list, which includes Viva Forever, Bring It On, and Clueless. Plus some others that are probably more age appropriate.

mean girls

Cheers to Bad Lip Reading! They did it again with the Inauguration!

Cheers to Central Perk! Du Xin opened a cafĂ© in Beijing that is modeled after the Friends coffee shop. He says, "I'm crazy about Friends. For me, it's like a religion. It's my life." He recreated the set down to the couch, window, doorway and chalkboard menu. And people call him Gunther! He only serves snacks mentioned in the show and a TV plays nothing but reruns of the sitcom. He's also recreated Joey's apartment and plans to open a Central Perk in Shanghai.  I wanna go!


Customers chat at a Beijing cafe modeled after the Central Perk cafe in the hit American sitcom Friends, in 2010. Nearly a decade after the series ended, the popularity of Friends continues among young Chinese, who use the show as a language-learning tool and enjoy its depiction of young Americans.

Cheers to Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis! They're engaged! So cute. I love them both.

Cheers to Poor Michelle! This tumblr about how poorly Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child is treated is hilarious!

The time Beyonce was pinching her shoulder and she had to smile through the pain…
The time Beyonce was pinching her shoulder and she had to smile through the pain

The time Tina reached in to pull Michelle out of the photo…
The time Tina reached to pull Michelle out of the photo

The time she had to remind herself that it was an honor just to be chosen for the group…
The time she had to remind herself that it was an honor just to be chosen for the group

The time Beyonce and Kelly convinced her that lime green berets were cool…
The time Beyonce and Kelly convinced her that lime green berets were cool

The time she clasped her hands in prayer instead of making a gun…
The time she clasped her hands in a prayer instead of making a gun

The time Beyonce told her she had a fan in the audience…
The time Beyonce told her she had a fan in the audience

The time they let Michelle stand in the middle…during a recording session in the studio…
The time they let Michelle stand in the middle...during a recording session in the studio

Cheers to Selena Gomez! Check out her cover of Baby One More Time during a UNICEF concert a few weeks ago. I love it! I love her.

Cheers to Australian Pranksters! Someone placed a note in a Sydney library declaring that all of Lance Armstrong's books would be moved to the fiction section. By the way, did you hear JJ Abrams has the rights to make a movie about him? That was fast!

Cheers to Ashton Kutcher! Look at this side by side compression of Ashton and Steve Jobs for his new movie jOBS. Insane! So far the reviews for the movie aren't that great, but he totally looks the part! I still want to see it.

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Jeers to Jessica Simpson. NBC is working on a sitcom with Jessica Simpson, starring Jessica as herself, and based on her life and flighty moments. The co-creator is Nick Bakay, who is responsible for cinematic masterpieces Paul Blart and Zookeeper. He sees her as the next Lucille Ball. Yikes! But you know I'm going to tune in.

Jeers to the other Simpson sister too. I was sooo excited when I heard Ashlee was coming out with new music. I'm one of the few who really liked her CDs (even the last flop) and her MTV reality show. But this song is crap and the video is so stupid. Here's hoping she releases a full album soon and it has some fun tracks.

Jeers to Leonardo Dicaprio. Not really, I love him. But he said that he's feeling drained and won't be making movies for a while. He's really worn out from making three movies in two years. Oh, wow. That's so much work for millions and millions of dollars. Ok, in all seriousness he said he wants to do some good for world and environment so I'll let this slide. Plus, we still have The Great Gatsby to look forward to this summer.

Jeers to a This Is 40 sequel. Judd Apatow said he's thinking about another movie revolving around Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann's daughter, Sadie (played by Maude Apatow), as she goes off to college. Ugh, no. I kinda love that he got his daughters involved in the movies, but they are terrible actors. Like, really, really bad. There's no way I'd be able to watch an entire movie about Sadie. 

Jeers to Justin Timberlake. (Don't hate me!) If you watched until the last few seconds of his lyrics video for Suit & Tie you can see that his new CD, The 20/20 Experience, is coming out March 19. I'm mixed about this. I'm not really into the song or the few leaked tracks I've heard (they are slow and in his falsetto). I read that if he didn't fulfill his three album/ten year contract (with an album and tour by the end of 2013) he'd have to pay millions back to RCA. I feel like he doesn't really want to do this, but I'm hopeful that the album has some good songs on it and I'm excited to see the actual video for Suit & Tie, directed by David Fincher!


Jodi said...

Those Michelle pics/comments are SO funny! Loved the Superbowl Halftime show. So good.

And cheers to JT. Yum!

Jodie said...

Loved the tumblr page about poor Michelle... so freaking funny!!! Like last night... you couldn't even hear her!!
I can't believe you don't like JT's new song (just teasing!) I'm Justin's biggest fan... so of course I love it!!

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

Ahahaha Poor Michelle! She just looked majorly pissed of last night. And potentially a little cracked out.

LEO CAN DO NO WRONG. After seeing Django yesterday, I am now his biggest fan. So its taken me 20 years to fall in love with him...he was just so good. SO GOOD!

I think I'm the only person on the planet still listening to Suit & Tie on repeat. I never liked his old music. I'm a JT hipster.

jessica renee said...

It's about time someone recreated Central Perk - I wanna go now!!! haha
And ohmygosh I need to see the Mean Girls musical too! LOVE Bad Lip Reading!! hahaha And on my end - JEERS to Olivia for stealing my man!

Melanie Montgomery said...

Oh dear, Ashlee.. She thinks she's all edgy now because she was married to a "rockstar"..guess she didn't the memo that Fall Out Boy wasn't edgy..at all. That song is painful to listen to.

Misty said...

I want to go to Central Perk!

Leo's performance in Django is unbelievable. I seriously love him.

Jamie said...

Hhhaha. Those Destiny's Child pics are hilarious.

Marlen said...

hahah that Tumblr is AWESOME, she really is the forgotten one. and that Friends Central Perk cafe is so amazing. i wish we had one in the states- i'd totally make that my hangout

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Hilarious Destiny's Child stuff.

I love Leo. I can't wait for Gatby.

More Tina Fey, everywhere, please.

Christianna said...

What? A "Mean Girls" musical? I can get on board with that!

And I went to a Central Perk in Liverpool and it blew my mind!

MiMi said...

NO! Don't make This is 40 SEQUEL!! That will ruin it. I love Rudd...don't ruin it for him. Damn it.
Okay. That's all.

Kate said...

I can't stand JT's new song. The lyrics are so cheesy.

Jen said...

Was it just me or was the audio weird during the halftime show? You could hardly hear Micherle and Kelly. Eww that Ashlee video and song is ridiculous. She's trying too hard.

daniela said...

OMG, I saw the Michelle Williams tumblr last week and it was the bestttttt & oh so true! LOL

Karen Peterson said...

Oh my gosh, let's go to Central Perk!

Gretchen said...

Well, I guess I'm going to Beijing to visit Central Perk! ;) That was (and still is, if I'm being honest) my favorite show! I wonder why no one here had that idea first? I think New York should capitalize on it! :)