Three Day Weekend

I love it when Jacob has federal holidays off! Friday was very low key. I started planning Milo's second birthday party (which is less than two weeks away...eeek) and watched Struck By Lightning. I thought it was a really cute, kinda sad movie, with a great cast. Chris Colfer, Rebel Wilson, Allison Janney, Dermot Mulroney, Christina Hendricks,Sarah Hyland, Angela Kinsey, Ashley Rickards, etc. I'm very impressed by Chris Colfer's writing skills.

On Saturday, my sister and her new baby joined me in Olympia for the Elvis Birthday Bash Dash! The first annual 5K was a very low key affair, starting and ending at a gym, with only 230 participants, but we had a good time. There were even people in costume. We saw Vegas Elvis, military Elvis, many wigs, gold glasses, side burns, and even a '60s Priscilla. Next year we are totally dressing up! As far as the "run" went, we walked. I'm glad I had a new mom with me so I could blame our slow speed on her. It was me though. I'm out of shape, still recovering from surgery, and have the worst plantar fasciitis right now. What a mess! I'm really hoping by the end of the year I'll be able to actual run, well, jog, a 5K. When we crossed the finish line we were greeted with a scarf, fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, and maple bacon donuts. Delicious! World Champion Elvis Impersonator Robert Washington also put on a mini concert afterwards.

On Sunday, we took the boys to the Seattle Children's Museum.

You can't even see the top of the Space Needle. We've had fog all day, for six days straight.

Afterwards, I ran errands and when the boys went to bed Jacob and I watched Ted and started Milo's party prep. For a movie about a talking teddy bear, it was actually pretty funny. I'm a huge fan of Seth MacFarlane and Marky Mark is always great to look at. We laughed out loud at least twenty times. I loved it.

He pretends to hate it, but he's a master banner maker

On Monday, my sister and I finally saw Les Miserables.  It really is as good as everyone says it is, but I'm going to critique the hell out of it anyway. It was way too long. I don't remember the musical having fifteen songs after the battle scene and I got bored. Russell Crowe looked the part and acted just fine, but he sounded like he was out of his range the entire time. Anne Hathaway overacted, as usual, but it worked. Amanda Seyfried sang surprisingly beautifully, but with too much vibrato. Eddie Redmayne had a weird Kermit the Frog voice and waaaaay too much vibrato. Like every single word. I hated it. The close up angles were really uncomfortable. And why were they all British instead of French? I especially didn't understand the little Cockney boy running around during the revolution. Now for the good. I loved all of the kids in the film. Amazing! I thought Samantha Barks was fantastic! Taylor Swift could have never (ever, ever) pulled that off. Ever. I don't know how she was even considered. The only time I got a little misty-eyed was during "On My Own". The sets, makeup and costumes were amazing. How did they CGI missing teeth on Anne? Creepy. Hugh really was great, even if he overacted every once in a while (this is a movie, people, not a stage), but Sasha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter were my favorite part. They provide the only humor in a very dark, serious story and were perfectly cast. (Casted? Grammar help?)

Les Misérables Movie Poster

After the movie we got sushi. I don't like seafood at all, so I had a feeling I wouldn't be into it, but it's my sister's favorite and I'm trying to branch out. I didn't love it, but I didn't throw up either. She made sure to order things I would like and none of it was raw. The vegetarian roll was really good, the other two (both tempura shrimp, one with spicy crab and one with scallops) were alright after I scraped all the seafood toppings off. What? It still counts!

Yeah, I used child chopsticks

Then I ran a million more birthday party errands and now I'm about to settle in and watch the Lifetime Original Movie Prosecuting Casey Anthony. I'm a terrible person for tuning in, but it's Rob Lowe. I have to. 

So yeah, this weekend was all about movies, family time, sister time, food, party planning and The King.
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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Dang girl! You've been busy! That's great. Means you must be feeling better :)

I can't believe it's almost Milo's 2nd birthday. I'm such you have a bunch of cute things planned for the little guy.

Haven't seen any of these movies, I have some catching up to do!

Thanks for linking up :)

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

Ah I dvr'd Prosecuting Casey Anthony and totally forgot to watch it today! Good times...hah.

I'm proud of you for doing the 5k during your recovery! Hope your foot feels better soon!

Mills said...

Maple bacon donuts, hello!!!

Jo said...

You walked 5K .. well done!

Loved Ted, soo funny!

Meghan Granito said...

I'm proud of you for trying sushi! It looks so....delicious. Excuse me while I salivate.

What a good weekend! I want to see that movie so badly - definitely on my list. Also want to see Les Mis, although after your feedback (and a few others), I may wait for it on DVD. Would I be missing out?

Cheers to a new week! :)

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

You packed this weekend!

So out of it movie-wise. Is Struck by Lightening at Redbox? Or in the movies? If it's Redbox I'm going to try to snag it this weekend.

That Elvis run looks awesome, as does the trip to the Children's Museum.

I can't do Les Mis - I can't watch people sing for two hours.

How was the Lifetime movie? I want to see it. Because, you know...Rob Lowe.

Misty said...

I had yesterday off too. Love me some federal holidays! I watched the Casey Anthony movie over the weekend. It was decent. I actually learned a few things about the case I didn't know. It just made me angry all over again.

I don't want to see Les Miserables.

When I worked at a tanning salon, we had a regular who was an Elvis impersonator. He took that shit very seriously. Ha!

Jen said...

That Elvis 5k looks so fun! We actually had a 3 day weekend too! John took off work. It was nice to have a whole 3 days in a row together.

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

Man that was a BUSY weekend!!! The run looked fun..but I am NOT an Elvis person!! I liked Ted...it felt like a long Family Guy episode hahaha. I love Children's Museums and have dragged Matt to one or two...it's still fun as adults. I actually used to work in one (my hometown's musuem but it wasn't as funa nd really small). I want to see Struck by Lighting soo bad!! I'm so curious about it!!
Have a great week!! Thank goodness for those 3 day weekends, right?

Karen Peterson said...

You sure packed a lot into the weekend! I'm impressed!

That 5k sounds like a lot of fun. I bet you're so glad you did it.

I didn't fall in love with Les Mis. It was fine. And beautifully shot. And there were some great moments. But I wasn't head over heels like so many other people. The British accents don't bother me anymore because the French accent is hard to listen to after awhile.

jessica renee said...

3 day weekends are the best!! You're always doing such fun things! Can i come live near you already? haha. I'm curious about Struck By Lightning now and TED, omg TED. Ronnie watched it the other day and was laughing his ass off. I was busy with the baby and doing other stuff but I plan to watch it SOON!

Mmmm sushi. That makes me want to immediately go out and buy some! haha I'm glad you finally tried it!!

Kate said...

I agree about Eddie Redmayne. I also just don't really like his look. I'd never seen the show before I pictured someone better looking, more manly (I realize some people find him super handsome so I guess it's all about perspective).