Music Monday - Christina

There are a ton of oldies written about certain girls: Rhonda, Donna, Sheila, Sherry, Barbara Ann and Peggy Sue. The Beatles wrote about lots and lots of ladies: Rita, Maggie May, Anna, Lucy, Michelle, Prudence, Eleanor, Julia, Sadie, Pam and Martha. The '80s brought on even more: Sherrie, Eileen, Billie Jean, Jenny, Roxanne, Mandy, Sara, Sheila, Rosanna, and Gloria. '90s rock stars sang about Polly, Iris, Suzanne, Lyla, Molly, Mary Jane, and Josie. And there are even some recent songs about ladies named Amy, Natalie, Helena, Valerie, Delilah, Alice, and Jenny. But no one ever wrote a song about a Christina. I get it. It’s a long name. It’s hard to rhyme. Then Jacob discovered this song when we were in college. It's apparently about Christina Applegate.

Butthole Surfers - TV Star
I`m in love with a TV star, she drove me home in her Lexus car
Like a dog but I don't watch her show, spend my time with the radio
Seen her dancing on the Sunset Strip, bell bottomed jeans and a-curvy hips
Seen her sitting there with her boyfriend, good looking fella but he's looking kinda thin
Christina a la la la la Christina I love you so

Then I found this one a few years later.
It's a very simple song from an independent Seattle band.

The Green Pajamas – Song for Christina
This is for you Christina, out in your world of blue
You didn't want me to sing it, I can't help what I do, I can’t help what I do
This is for you Christina, now you're no longer blue
I only long to touch you, I can't help what I do, I can’t help what I do

About a year ago, I found this song that was released in the late '90s. 

Patty Griffin - Christina
If you had the real thing how would you tell, liars can say it all just as well
Every single word you've heard in vain, baubles of gold, stars in your hair
Reflections that told that they were not there, and the diamonds on your cheeks have turned to flames
And up in the air they would write your name there, but love would fall to pieces in the rain
Who would know better than you, a hundred love letters and none of them true
Christina, Christina

But I think this next one is my absolute favorite. I found it a few months ago.
It’s ridiculous, but so funny, and it totally gets stuck in my head.
From the 1978 British miniseries Flambards – Song of Christina
You will not find her kissing the hem of your garment, however you beckon and call
She'll more likely share you red wine and rude stories, in the wee small hours after the ball
I'll chant you no anthems of sweet-smelling ladies uttering small talk at vicarage teas
Instead I'll sing of a smiling survivor who's been through the wood and the trees
I'll sing you a song of Christina, Christina, of Christina
I'll sing you a song of Christina at Flambards

Holy cow, hearing and seeing my name over and over makes me feel so narcissistic.
So tell me, what is your song? Link it to me in the comments. I want to hear them!


Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

wow!! I've heard the Butthole Surfers song before but didn't realize it was about Christina Applegate hahaha! There are NO Kathrin/ Katherine/Kathryn (however you want to spell it)!!!

Melanie Montgomery said...


Melanie by Toto.

ha, thank you for making me find this, my husband and I love the cheesiness of Toto's Africa and we listen to it all the time. I just showed this to him and he loved it!

Jo said...

So cool!

There are quite a few songs about Jo(e) but they are all about men.

Misty said...

The only one I know of you can find here. It started out as just music. Lyrics were later added. Many people have sung Misty including Johnny Mathis, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. I added Frank's version below.



I should blog about this too. Older people are always singing this song to me. LOL!

Aubrey S. said...

I guess that are more Christina songs out there than you thought. That last one is classic. LOL.

Now I challenge you to find another Aubrey song (aside from the Bread song I was named for).

You ought to link this post up with My So-Called Chaos for Musical Monday.

Jen said...

I've never heard one with Jen. Here's one with Jennifer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1cESSh-SqU lots of Jenny songs but I hate that nickname.

MiMi said...

Dude. Butthole Surfers...I haven't heard their songs in a while. LOL Love their stupid name.