January Magazine Roundup

Drew Barrymore - Allure
She looks pretty here, but the pictures are so boring. I like her natural makeup on the cover best.
Elle Fanning - Bullett
I love this! It's so fun and colorful!
Garrett Hedlund - Interview
I never really thought twice about him, but he looks hot here.
Gwen Stefani - Vogue
I could do without the hat, but they really are great photos. I seriously love the gold jacket.


Gwen Stefani - Marie Claire UK
I love the second photo, but otherwise it's boring. I don't like her hair at all.

 Gwen Stefani for Marie Claire
 Gwen Stefani for Marie Claire
Jessica Biel - Elle
I'm not a big fan of hers, but this spread is amazing!

Jessica Chastain - W
Fashion and art. Pretty cool. I love the last three photos.
John Krasinski - Nylon Guys
He isn't really the best model, but that's ok, I like him anyway.
Kaley Cuoco - Self
She's adorable! I love the plaid shirt.

Kerry Washington - Uptown
She's amazing. Total girl crush. But her hand on her face in every photo? Over it.
Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx - LA Confidential
I love it! They look so classic and like they had a good time. I love every single dress.

Lea Michele - Flare
This is fun and I really like the clothes, but I'm over her hair. Change it up, Rachel.

On The Cover: Lea Michele, January 2013On The Cover: Lea Michele, January 2013

On The Cover: Lea Michele, January 2013On The Cover: Lea Michele, January 2013
Lea Michele - Marie Claire
She's pretty, but it's not amazing. She definitely looks better without bangs!
Lucy Hale - Nylon
She's so cute and I love the outfit on the cover. I'm so excited for PLL to return!
Michael Phelps - Men's Fitness
There was more in the mag about his exercise routine, but this is all we really need, right?

Sienna Miller - Harper's Bazaar UK
LOVE! The clothes, her hair, her makeup, the colors. All of it.



Melanie Montgomery said...

So disappointed with the Lucy Hale cover. She has so much more style and personality then that!

Mrs Independent said...

Could Gwen be any more amazing? Her look is just so...iconic. Drew and the blue eyeshadow? That ish has GOT to go!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I regret not watching Pretty Little Liars. I know so many people who love it.

Christianna said...

The mags seem a little boring this month! But I like a few of these picture groupings!

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

Thank you for Michael Phelps....drool!! And I love PLL..obsessed with all the girls and their clothing!! I like Lea Michele's 2nd one too and Gwen Stefani with the band is my fave...Kaley Cuoco is so cute and she hasn't changed a bit in the last years...she looks the same when she first started Date my Daughter or something

Misty said...

Love the Vogue photos of Gwen, but your're right. The hat is totally unnecessary.

Drew Barrymore is one of my favorites. I just love her.

I love Jamie Foxx. All of the black women I work with think he's ugly, but there's just something about him. I think he's so sexy. I think it's how confident he is.

Moving on... Michael Phelps. Yum.

Ashlee Miller said...

Not a huge fan of Drew Barrymore but she looks really pretty in the second picture. And I LOVE Lea Michele and Kaley Cuoco they are both so pretty.

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

Jessica Chastain. WOW. Just wow. She is so amazing.

Thank you for posting these. I usually only like magazines for the shoots so you do all of the work for me!

MiMi said...

Who's the Hedlund guy?