Straight No Chaser

After reading and loving Pitch Perfect, and then seeing the movie based on the book, I have a huge new found love for a cappella groups. It's kind of nerdy, I know, but I don't care! They are seriously talented...they sing songs without any instruments, it's all from their mouths (Pitch Perfect movie quote). Anyway, I asked my friend to go with me to see Straight No Chaser in concert. She had never heard of them before, but she knows I wouldn't drag her to something she wouldn't like (like Red Hot Chili Peppers), and she fell in love with them! For those of you in the dark, like my friend, Straight No Chaser is the name of the professional a cappella group, which originated in 1996 at Indiana University. In 2006, an old video of their song The 12 Days of Christmas gained widespread popularity and subsequently led to a five-album record deal with Atlantic Records.

She's also great to have around, because although I'm rarely without my camera, I forgot it and she ALWAYS  has one. So thanks for the pictures and videos, friend! Otherwise this post would have crappy iPhone pictures and videos just like my Madonna review.

mine. terrible.
hers. clear.
The first half focused on their talent. They sang oldies and top 40 hits like Somebody That I Used To Know, We Are Young, Rolling In The Deep, and Fix You. They ended the first half on a lighter note, putting hilarious lyrics to well known movie theme songs.

During intermission an attendant stood outside our aisle door passing out new seat assignments. Since I was late to buy tickets and didn't want to spend a ton, we were in the second to last row of McCaw Hall. But we were upgraded to the 23rd row! And the view got a whole lot better. We could see Charlie (our favorite) nice and close.

The second half kicked off with their famous 12 Days of Christmas and continued with holiday tunes. They even included Jacob's favorite Christmas song ever, Donde Esta Santa Claus?

Then they really had some fun with a medley of current hits.

For their first encore, they sang my favorite mashup: MJ's Billie Jean and BBD's Poison.

They entered the stage without mics for the second encore and performed O Holy Night beautifully. I got goosebumps. The theater was perfectly silent and no one took their eyes off of them.

I highly recommend seeing the show if they come to your area this December. The tickets weren't expensive, it was a fun holiday outing, and they are so talented! Also, check them out on Kathie Lee & Hoda on December 21. Love them!


jessica renee said...

For the hundredth time, I'm so disappointed that we don't live closer because I would love to tag along to all of these concerts! If you'd have me, of course. hahaha. They sound amazing and I'm definitely gonna check if they're in our area soon.

Misty said...

I'm with Jessica. I wish I lived closer, so I could go with you!

Jen said...

This show sounds amazing! Glad you had a great time!

MiMi said...

I've never heard them. But I know lots of people who LOVE them. Guess I should get on that!

Karen Peterson said...

I remember seeing an a capella singing group when I was in high school and they were just incredible. I marvel at that talent.

And I totally loved Pitch Perfect too.

Jo said...

I would love to see them, pity Belgium is so far away

Allison said...

I love SNC! I'm so glad you got to go see them. They are so amazing in concert. When I saw them, I also met them after the show and they were so nice!
Sounds like they've added a lot of new stuff. I need to go see them again!

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

what is the name of the group? is it straight no chaser or is that your post title? hahaha my "blonde" roots are showing hahaha