I've Been...

I’ve been listening to these CDs:

So much good music lately! I'm in love with Bruno Mars and Robbie Williams. Glee Christmas albums are always great, whether you watch the show or not. I didn't instantly love Ke$ha's album, but I love it now. Lana Del Rey's EP is a flop. I was disappointed because I really liked her last album. Christina's album is hit and miss. I only really like about five songs.

I’ve been watching these music videos:

I already talked about Scream and Shout here. I still love the super awkward video and song! The best track on Christina Aguilera's CD is Just A Fool with Blake Shelton. I loooove it and try as hard as I can to screech along with Christina, but find that Blake's voice is more in my range. How sad is that? I'm also so in love with Broken Anchor's cover of Flagpole Sitta. The song (originally by one of my favorite Seattle bands, Harvey Danger) is seriously one of my favorite songs ever and this calm, quiet version is beautiful. The folksy cover of No Doubt's Settle Down is awesome! My BFF shared it with me this weekend and I've listened to it at least ten times now. I love it!

I’ve been reading these books:

I really loved the Heart autobiography Kicking and Dreaming. They are amazing women and it was very interesting to hear how they started, Ann's weight and drug issues, and Nancy's marriage to Cameron Crowe. Lauren Conrad Beauty was really stupid. I guess I shouldn't judge it since it's written for 14 year old, but it all seemed like common sense to me. I read it in an hour. Dash & Lily's Book Of Dares was cute, but Lily kind of annoyed me so I didn't get that into it. I love a juicy Hollywood memoir and Kirstie Alley's The Art Of Men had a lot of gossip. Like how she had emotional affairs with many men (like John Travolta and Patrick Swayze) and confessed it all to her husband each and ever time. Despite that, she stayed married to Parker Stevenson for 14 years. Good stuff! Plus, I just really like Kirstie. Let It Snow is three short stories sort of woven into each other about teens and their Christmas happenings. I read it in a day while sick in bed. It was pretty cute. I like all three authors a lot. When It Happens To You was another book with multiple characters and overlapping story lines. It got a little confusing to keep them all straight, but I'm blaming my fever. Ha! I thought it was kinda cute. Lauren Conrad books are a total guilty pleasure of mine. Her latest, Starstruck, didn't disappoint. If you have low standards. I just started This Is How You Lose Her. I'm only about 20 pages in, so I don't have an opinion yet.

I've been TiVoing these new shows:

I've got every episode saved, but haven't actually watched one yet. I loved the movie when I saw it a few years ago and people are saying they love it, so I'm excited to start watching it when things settle down a little.

I’ve been deleting these shows:

I'm just really not into TV lately. I can't find time to sit and watch for hours on end and my TiVo is overflowing with show that I really love, so the ones I just kinda liked had to go. I deleted a ton! Matthew Perry was the only good thing about Go On. I just couldn't get into the quirky cast. American Horror Story was so all over the place that I deleted it after two episodes. Is anyone else still watching? I haven't really heard much about it lately. I hardly knew anyone from this season's The Challenge and wasn't that excited to start it. I had five episodes saved before I read this article. It made me sick and I just couldn't watch at all. I don't know if another season with a better cast will change my mind, but for now I'm done with the series. Disgusting. Anderson Live is a really great show. But I can't find time to watch, so the shows just piled up and I ended up fast forwarding through them. When I found out it was cancelled after this season, I just stopped watching. It's not nice, I know, but I still have AC 360 for my Anderson fix. I'm sure if I stuck with it, I would probably like Nashville, but I only watched the first two before letting it build up. When I started the third episode, I was bored so it got the axe. I've been complaining about Modern Family all season. I finally gave up on it. Partners was cancelled, so that was an easy decision. I kinda liked it. It had some kinks to work out, but it could have been cute. Oh well. I started watching Wedding Band because of my undying crush on Brian Austin Green (RIP, kitty). I enjoyed the first few episodes, especially the one that Megan Fox appeared in, but there is just something off with the cast. I just can't continue.

I’ve been seeing these movies:

When my BFF came for a visit from California, we had to go see a scary movie. No one else will see them with me! Sinister was freaky. A good old fashioned hide behind your hands, jump and scream kind of horror movie. Argo was AMAZING. I seriously can't rave enough about it. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and definitely had high blood pressure for the last hour. Ben Affleck is a God, in every way. I really loved Breaking Dawn: Part 2. I'm always prepared to be kind of annoyed while watching the poorly produced and badly acted Twilight movies, but this was actually really good. I haven't heard anyone complain about it yet. If you haven't seen it yet, go! The Fitzgerald Family Christmas was pretty good. I love dramatic Christmas movies (one of my favorites is The Family Stone) and while this one took a long time to get happy, I'm a big fan of Edward Burns movies. They always make me want to have a huge family.

And I’ve been Netflixing these ones:

Ruby SparksVampsYour Sister's SisterSave the Date

Ruby Sparks was really good. I tend to hate movies with a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, because I'm just too logical and realistic for that crap. This movie showed just how weird and crazy those characters are! I really wanted to love Vamps, and did for the first 30 minutes, but it was just weird. Your Sister's Sister was good. It was calm and slow, but it really kept my interest. I'm pretty sure the ending pissed off a lot of people, but I kinda liked it. Save The Date was cute. It wasn't really a comedy (even though it featured two of my favorite funny ladies Alison Brie and Lizzy Caplan), but it felt real and I like that in a movie.
What have you been up to?


Jen said...

AHHH thanks for sharing the Blake & Christina song. It's amazing! She is an amazing singer and I love everything about Blake. I've started watching Catfish. I don't know yet how I feel about it. We started watchign Go On but are way behind in all our shows. I'm way behind with everything right now. I need a pause button for life!

Misty said...

I'm such a Matthew Perry fan that I can't delete Go On. I've watched every single one. Each episode has its moments, but I don't think it'll make it. There's just too many weird characters. Why can't he find a good tv home? He's been great in all his guest appearances, but he deserves a fantastic sitcom.

Misty said...

Oh, and I hate that Lana Del Rey's cd sucks. I love the first one so much. I'm really enjoying Bruno's cd. I want to put him in my pocket. Ke$ha's is just ok. I only really like 3 or 4 of the songs.

That's What She Read said...

We just watched Pitch Perfect last night, and I thought it was good! It wasn't as funny as I thought it would be based on the trailers, but the music was FANtastic! I am going to have to catch up on some of these movies!!

Karen Peterson said...

I haven't been watching much TV lately either. I just can't get into a lot of the shows I used to love. I haven't quite gotten to the point of deleting things off my DVR, but there are several shows I didn't add when we got the new box.

I can't wait to see Argo. It looks fantastic and Ben Affleck is really talented behind the camera.

undomestic mama said...

I didn't know Partners was cancelled, that makes sense, 'cause it doesn't seem to ever be in my DVR.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Dang girl - you've been to a lot! I have Ke$ha's first album and love half, hate the other half. I never bought Bruno Mar's first album but I think I'm going to give in and buy this one. I have an "ugly guy crush" on him lol! Although I dug the 50s style much more than the 70s and his fro!

MiMi said...

I pinned this post so I could remember it. :)

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Um I'm obsessed with Catfish! haha watch it so we can gab about it :) The last episode actually had a happy ending... finally!

I am alos obsessed with Scream & Shout. Britney's fake accent and hand dancing hehe gotta love Brit Brit

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

I like the Blake/ Christina song too...I loved hearing it on The voice. I'm glad you gave a good guilty pleasure review to LC's Starstruck...kinda wanna read it hahaa and I am not a fan of Junot Diaz ( had to read his other book for class and boring!!) I love Catfish!! It's so crazy and how can these people stay in a "relationship" for that long!!! I read the artcile about the Real World Challenge!! OMG!! that is so wrong..I stopped watching years ago...i think after Las Vegas 2. It's just not good anymore, but I will always love the first seasons and the show responsible for relaity tv. I want to see Vamps, but if you thought it was weird...i dunno now, maybe my curisoity will get the better of me hahaah