Bah, Humbug

I have so much to write about. Like date night with Jacob to see Elf the Musical. Or seeing Journey in concert with friends, after we were detained by Canadian customs. Or our Christmas decorations and activities. I just don't want to. I've been sick since December 1. I finally realized I wasn't getting over it last week and my doc called in an antibiotic and a steroid. Thank God!

But Prednisone makes me a grumpy bitch. I've been on it many times the past few years for my trachea problems, and have always been a bit irritable, but this time takes the cake. I'm horrible to be around! I've snapped at Nolan a few times, which instantly makes me feel horrible and I cry and retreat to my bedroom, leaving Jacob to take care of the kids, chores, and grocery shopping all while dealing with his own nasty respiratory infection. I also feel like I have restless leg syndrome and I REALLY have the urge to put my hand through a wall or window. Total roid rage and I'm only taking 10mg! It must just be combined with how crappy I feel and how tired I've been the past few weeks. I took my last dose this morning, so hopefully I'll be back to my charming self very soon.

However, the super strong antibiotic is tearing apart my stomach. I'm supposed to eat before I take it, but it makes me so nauseous that I can't keep anything down. And I have three more days of that. On a positive note, I can totally breathe and my cough and congestion is almost gone.

We haven't been doing a whole lot lately. On Friday Nolan and I wrapped a few presents. He is in charge of writing on the gift tags this year. This present is for "Carrie". On another present for her, he used THREE tags! It's so cute.

We also finally decorated our Christmas tree. The boys get to pick out an ornament every year from Hallmark. This way they'll have a nice (embarrassing) collection of ornaments when they grow up (their wives are going to looooove that). Nolan chose Santa's fire station and Milo fell in love with Jingle the puppy.

We didn't make it to the Jingle Bell Run on Sunday. I wasn't willing to get up at 5:30am and run walk crawl five kilometers in 34 degrees. I'm bummed because it's so much fun and was going to be our first time taking the boys. We tried a morning trip to the mall instead, thinking we'd beat the crowds and see Santa. I only made it to two stores before calling it quits. And the line for Santa was ridiculous so we got smoothies and headed home. I already know Milo won't go near Santa and Nolan seemed pretty skeptical, so they didn't mind leaving.

I took a two hour nap when we got home, another one right after dinner, and I was out for the night by 10:30pm. I think I slept 14 hours on Sunday and 12 hours on Monday. The problem? Our mattress isn't great and spending all that time in bed (when I wasn't sleeping, I was watching TV) jacked up my back. We will be buying a new California King mattress next week. And I'm getting new tires on my car this weekend. Merry Christmas to us. Being a grown up sucks.

I'm honestly not feeling that much better. I had a fever again on Monday and my stomach is still killing me. It's more tolerable, but I'm not chancing anything by putting food into it. Maybe I'll make my weight loss goal after all? There's always a positive spin, right?

I'm so behind on blog reading, commenting, emailing and posting, but I will be catching up this weekend. I don't have anything on the agenda besides a friend coming to town tomorrow for a few days, a Wilson Phillips concert, a trip to see Santa, mailing out Christmas cards, a mani/pedi appointment, and a hockey game. Oh crap, I better go back to bed and stock up on sleep.

Ok, ok, enough of my bad mood. The universe must feel really bad for me because I recently won two giveaways! I got chevron bangles from Fabulous But Evil and Monica's Closet Essentials.

And hair chalk and nail caviar beads from dot...dot..dot... and Sharee Boutique.

Remember how bad I wanted pink hair? Well, I never could get enough courage to go for it. This is the perfect way! I love everything I won, especially those bangles, and I'll be sure to be share my goodies on the blog soon.

And now let me leave you with a few laughs. Check out the blooper reel from the first season of New Girl. Hilarious!


Misty said...

I'll have to remember to watch the gag reel from home. No videos at work. Boo!

Prednisone turns me into a raging psycho, but boy can I breathe! I've taken it twice and told myself never again.

I have a lot going on in the next couple of weeks too. And I've hardly done any Christmas shopping. Then again, this is just how I roll. I'm a procrastinator to the max.

MiMi said...

Aw, you've had a hard time of it lately it sounds like! I hope it gets better and that you have an awesome holiday!! Those boys are just so adorable.

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

I was thinking of you when I head Britney on the radio last night! Soon you will feel alllll better just in time to enjoy the best parts of Christmas!!

jessica renee said...

I was going to email you today to check up on you, I didn't know you were so sick and was wondering where you had been. It sounds like it's been a hellish time, I'm really sorry. I hope you get better soon!!!

Jodi said...

That sucks that you are sick. It sucks more that the meds that are suppose to help you make you feel crappy too! Hang in there and at least you got sick prior to xmas. Love that you are going to see Wilson Phillips. Love them. And I totally want to see Elf. Fave xmas movie ever!!!

Jen said...

Boo!!! I hope you feel better. Being sick sux! Last month when I was sick I finally broke down and went to the doc for drugs. I got a double whammy while there...high blood pressure. So I get to go have my blood drawn tomorrow (you know how much I hate blood). Fun times! Let's be neighbors and be grumpy bitches together!

tara said...

hope you start feeling better soon!! and congrats on winning 2 awesome giveaways!! :)

undomestic mama said...

I started buying a series of ornaments for each of my boys last year (their first Christmas) but I like the idea of letting them pick on out even better. I didn't LOVE any of the series they had so I just settled on two. Hope you feel better really really soon!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Poor thing :( I get sick for weeks/months at a time every time I get sick and people just don't get how miserable it is. I'm glad you're starting to feel better!

And now I am going to watch this gag reel and have an asthma attack because that's what New Girl does to me!

Karen Peterson said...

I think getting up the courage to dye my hair pink gave me the guts to try some other new things. I recommend it.

I hope you're feeling better!

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Loved the New Girl blooper reel :) One of my favorite shows!

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

I freakin love new girl!! Sorry you were feeling so bad, hope you're feeling better!! I love the idea of your sons picking our ornaments...soo sweet!!