Robbie Williams

I can't believe I’ve failed to mention my love of Robbie Williams around these parts, so let’s get to it! I think he is amazing. So talented, so funny, so attractive, and he makes the best videos ever. I don’t really know how I first learned about him. I only knew one song from the British boy band Take That and he only had like eight seconds of screen time.

Good song. Super awkward video. Robbie was the youngest in the group and didn’t sing lead all that much. He had problems with the band’s management, all the rules forced upon them, and his ideas weren’t being taken seriously. He acted out, drank, drugged and showed no interest in being in the group. He was asked to leave then started a solo career with George Michael's Freedom. His career really took off with Angels, which is still his most successful single. But for me, the crush began with this goodness:

Millennium was his first number one hit and the first of his singles to chart in the U.S. It's just an awesome song. Then there’s  his cheesy video for She’s The One where he plays a figure skater. Rock DJ made a big impression on me. I love both the song and the video because, well, it’s gross. He’s a stripper in a roller rink and things get weird. Take a look:

He performed Kids with Kylie Minogue. In Supreme he’s a ‘70s Formula One driver. Let Love Be Your Energy is a cartoon. In his remake of Somethin’ Stupid he duets with Nicole Kidman. The video is pretty cute.

In Come Undone a hungover Robbie wanders around a house, flash backing to scenes of the party from the night before. The video was banned or edited in most countries. Something Beautiful shows people auditioning to play Robbie at the end of the same video. Jamie King appears in the video for Sexed Up. Radio features some pretty gritty cheerleaders. In Tripping, Robbie is having a trippy nightmare.

Robbie plays Elvis in Advertising Space, which describes the fall of a superstar. In Sin Sin Sin, he is some kind of hippie cult leader for pregnant women. He shows his hip-hop side (?) in Rudebox. Bongo Bong/Je Ne T'aime Plus is my favorite! It features my girl, Lily Allen, and my kids LOVE it. Plus, I learned a little French. Unfortunately there’s no video. But take a listen anyway, it's awesome.

Robbie is a drag queen in the video for She’s Madonna. He wanted Madonna to star with him in the video, but Guy Ritchie objected. Bodies was filmed in the Mojave Desert and features his wife (who he just had a baby with last month), who was just his girlfriend back then. You Know Me is based on Alice in Wonderland, with Robbie playing the role of the white rabbit. In Morning Sun, Robbie is an astronaut. And now his latest video, Candy (which I mentioned here), is a dig at girls who think they're fabulous.

I love the song and video. I can’t wait to get his newest album is out today!
I love him. Any other fans out there?


Meghan @ Shine On said...

Ha, oh, Robbie Williams. ;) I think Puck from Glee resembles him. Too funny, and so many memories!!

jessica renee said...

I'm not a super fan, like follow all his music and stuff but I did like him a lot back in the day! He is pretty nice to look at ;) And I TOTALLY think of him when I see Puck! haha

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

I haven't listened to him in forever! Such a cutie though.

MiMi said...

Man, I haven't heard him in forever!

Jodi said...

Love that Take That song! I do like Robbie Williams. Hadn't thought about his in forever until I saw your post.

Jo said...

Aah Robbie, love him. I also loved his Frank Sinatra album, he did this whole tribute to Frank a couple of years ago.

Love his new song and yes, his music videos are great! Glad he has some fans over in the US

Jodie said...

Oh my goodness, how funny!!! I was thinking about his song Angels just the other day... like no joke!

Patricia Knetzer said...

I love Robbie Williams!! <3 I had one of his CDs once upon a time.. I wonder if I still have it? Running off to Youtube to watch some of his videos!!

Kate said...

I seriously think we were separated at birth! She's Madonna is my favorite! Come Undone is a close second

A high school friend lived down the street from Robbie. I always wanted to try to see him but never had a sighting

Lori said...

Oh...Robbie. One of my all time faves. Saw him in concert back in like 2000 at a small club in Dallas. LOVED it. LOVE HIM!