Halloween Randomness

We let Nolan pick out the costumes this year. He chose a shark for himself and a pirate for Milo.  Not bad choices, kid.

We did some afternoon trick-or-treating and visited both sets of parents and my sister. That evening my parents and little brother met at our house to trick-or-treat around our neighborhood. Milo hung out with us for about ten houses before Jacob took him home to pass out candy. We continued for another half hour and then called it a night. Nolan was exhausted. Plus, he doesn't really care about candy. Jacob took 90% of it to work yesterday.

- - - - -
Here are a few of the best costumes I've seen online this year.

Fresh Prince and Carlton Banks

The Fresh Prince And Carlton
Loader from Aliens 
Adam and Barbara from Beetlejuice

Obama's hope poster
Obama's "Hope" Poster:
Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story
"For Halloween this year, I dressed as the leg lamp from 'A Christmas Story.'"

The ruined Ecce Homo restoration

The Ruined Ecce Homo Painting:
Wilson from Cast Away

Jetpack kid
Kid Riding A Jetpack:

Cat scratch tree

A Cat Scratcher:
Bill from Schoolhouse Rock

Yearbook photo

Your Awkward Yearbook Photo:

Don Draper from Mad Men
Little Don Draper From "Mad Men":

Jack from The Shining
Here's Johnny! From "The Shining":
Roger from North By Northwest

Hurricane guy

A Guy Caught In A Hurricane (no wind involved):

Man, I wish I was creative.


MiMi said...

LOVE some of those costumes online...the Bill and the school portrait crack me up! Carlton too. :)
Your boys were adorable!

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

I think we should let Nolan pick out costumes for us next year. SO CUTE!

Jessica Renee said...

Good job on the costume, boys! They're so cute!

And seriously I would LOVE to be that creative!! The school picture one is HILARIOUS!!

Melanie Montgomery said...

I wish I was that creative.
I didn't dress up, but I did dress my dog up!

Holly said...

You make me want kids so bad! That shark costume is too cute!

This is the first year that we didn't dress up our dog. :(

Misty said...

The kiddos looked so cute. Some of those costumes are so clever. A high school friend of mine went as leg lamp this year. Hilarious!

Meghan @ Shine On said...

Your boys looks so cute!! And those costumes...man! The cat scratch post is my faaaavorite. Ha!

tara said...

adorable boys! i was a pirate too this year! ;)

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

ok, your boys are adorable. Second, where is the lamp guy was fab. How great to take a situation and make light of it. Or is his leg there? Oh, gosh I am confused. Anyhoot, thank you so much for coming over and visiting my blog. I am humbled beyond words truly. Big Hugs,


Claire Kiefer said...

Your boys look cute in their costumes! And that's willpower, letting Jacob take the candy to work. He would have had to pry it out of my hands. ;)

Love these costumes you found--that mini Mad Men costume is adorable!

Jen said...

The kids looked so cute! We still have so much candy that I'm going to make John take it to work. I only let the boys have one or two pieces a day. At this rate we'll still have it for next Halloween!

Jodie said...

Loved Nolan & Milo's costumes!!! Too cute!! Beetlejuice... omg why haven't I ever thought about that!!!