December Magazine Roundup

Amanda Seyfried - Vanity Fair
I LOVE the clothes! Although she's expressionless and the sets are boring, she's really pretty and it works. I want her hair.

Anne Hathaway - Vogue
Hair, makeup, clothes? No, no, no. I don't like anything about this.

Ben Affleck - GQ
I will never not love him. He's so talented and just plain hot. Even with that gray!

Bradley Cooper - Esquire
He's lookin' a little like Phil here, don't you think. So cute, but why are they making Hangover 3?

Britney Spears - Lucky
What the airbrushing? This looks like a wax figure of her. And TERRIBLE wig. Lucky, you are ridiculous.

Cameron Diaz - Elle UK
She just looks thrilled to be there. I love the bottom green lace dress though.


Channing Tatum - GQ
I wish he was doing all these dance moves naked, but he looks pretty great in a suit too.

Ewan McGregor - GQ Style
I really love him. He looks so handsome and debonair.

Heidi Klum - Amica
Amazing! Lots of hair, which kinda creeps me out, but I love everything else! Great clothes and hats. Heidi is so awesome.
Isla Fisher - InStyle Australia
Pretty! I love the colors, clothes, makup, everything! I always forget that it's summertime down there.
Jennifer Lawrence - Elle
She looks amazing! I really love the last picture by the pool, but honestly, they are all beautiful.

Ke$ha - Wonderland
Eh. It's very Ke$ha, which is kind of annoying. I can't wait for her new music though!

Leighton Meester - Flaunt
Whoa. She looks great in a gross way. I'm not into the clothes, but I love that this look is so different.

Logan Lerman - Visual Tales
I love him. I love him. I love him. The end.


Marion Cotillard - W
Weird as crap and I like it! It reminds me of the first season of American Horror Story.

marion cotillard w magazine

marion cotillard w magazinemarion cotillard w magazine

marion cotillard w magazine

marion cotillard w magazine
 Nicole Kidman - Dujour
I just love her and this spread. It's so natural and simple and she's so freakin' pretty.

One Direction - Wonderland
Is this for real? Are these kids for real? I don't get the appeal at all.
Scarlett Johansson - V
I love the cover and I'm so excited for the movie. That said, she really, really bugs me.
Selena Gomez - Glamour
She looks great! I love the dresses and her red lips! She can do waaay better than Bieber.

Taylor Swift - Elle Canada
This is very sparkly, pretty, feminine Taylor. Boring. But I LOVE the blue dress.

Taylor Swift - Harper's Bazaar
I like this a lot. You don't see pants very often anymore. She rocks them with her super long legs.
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Jo said...

I love this monthly post that you do ... here is my 2cents worth:

I totally agree with you about Ben ... mmmh very nice!
Bradley Cooper .... not so crazy about his hair in these pictures
Britney Spears .... it hardly looks like her
Cameron Diaz .... whats up with her expressions? She looks scared and sad and they really could have gotten better pictures of her, she's gorgeous
Mr Tatum ... o my word! YUM!! So glad he was vote People's sexiest man!
Ewan McGregor ... can't say anything bad about the man, he is just nice
Leighton Meester .... I like the photos I just don't like her hair
Marion Cotillard ... the pictures are strangely Christmas-ish ... must be the red and the tin soldier
Nicole Kidman .... she looks so young in these pictures
Selena Gomez ... I love her in the red dress

MiMi said...

Seyfried...whoa...NO expression. Same in every shot almost.
Britney DOES NOT even look like herself! I don't like.
Who are those boys with the puppies? I mean, I know who they are, but they're generic, does that make sense?

Karen Peterson said...

Bradley Cooper needs to cut his hair.

Misty said...

Amanda is gorgeous, but the lack of expressions is odd.

Ben Affleck is SO SO SO hot. The Town is my fave movie of his. I guess because he's a bad guy with his natural New England accent. I could seriously watch it every day.

The pics of Britney look so bad.

Ewan is a great actor, but I don't think of him as being cute or sexy.

Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous. Her interviews always crack me up. She seems to lack a censor button.

Love Heidi!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Lol laughed out loud with the Channing comment. I should buy that for my mom lol! She's obsessed with him.

Meghan @ Shine On said...

A time of the month that I actually love and look forward to!! This is always one of my favorite posts from you, especially your commentary. Agreed - Selena looks stunning. Jennifer Lawrence is spotless. Nicole is perfection.


Jen said...

Love love Heidi! Taylor looks amazing!

Julia P F said...

Spot on. Britney I love you! What have you done?! Don't you think Nicole looks like Rebecca Romain (sp?)? One direction is terrible and Taylor is boring

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Whoa that is a lot of Heidi hair! The Britney one was an epic fail. Leighton kinda looks like Katie Holmes to me but I do love her. She takes risks and always preferred her to Blake :)

jessica renee said...

Bahahaha Channing doing those dance moves naked. You're hilarious, my friend. I would have to say though that I'd rather see that from Ben. Just saying ;)

Taylor Swift bores.me.to.tears. I'm so over her!

Amanda Seyfried is gorgeous per usual. And Kesha is just gross to me :/

Kate said...

I don't like One Direction. Their songs annoy me.

Ben looks good! Better with age I think

I don't like Bradley Cooper's hair like that-the weird part in the middle. Not a fan.

Yikes about Britney's hair. It does look like a wig!

I think I'm in the minority but I don't think Channing Tatum is attractive. I think he's funny and a great dancer but not sexy or cute.

Logan is such a cutie. I can't wait to get Perks on dvd!