Six Year Anniversary

Jacob and I have been married for six years today, but we’ve been dating for nearly twelve. TWELVE YEARS! That is a loooong time. Over 1/3 of our lives. Whoa. I gotta say I love him more now than I did in our young, free, butterfly days, but man, does he get on my nerves sometimes.

He puts clothes on tabletops. He takes off his sweatshirt or coat after work and throws it all right on the kitchen counter. Where I prepare meals. Ew. He knows I’m a germaphobe! And yeah, he has a desk job, but he also tours aircraft carriers all day. That’s dirty.

He bites his spoon. The cracking sound of his teeth hitting metal while eating a bowl of cereal literally makes me scream. Speaking of cereal, he leaves about 1/2 cup cereal in the box. I’m obsessed with cereal. This pisses me off at least one morning a week.

He's rude. My skin has been crazy since having babies. I get more breakouts now than I did at 16. When I have a zit, it never fails, he’ll ask, “What happened to your face?” And I always say, “It’s a zit! Rude!” Then he ALWAYS says, “Oh, it looks like one of the kids bumped or scratched you.” No, it's just my face.

He gets lost in kid cartoons. We usually can’t get a word in at the dinner table with the kids talking our heads off so before bed while the boys wind down with Curious George or Team Umizoomi, Jacob and I try to catch up on our day. Except that he zones out before I've finished my first sentence and can’t hear me repeat his name because the cartoon we've seen ten times is just that good.

He can’t remember anything unless it’s on a list. This is the worst. Just a simple chore or favor escapes him unless he has it in writing. An example: after Nolan’s birthday party, I asked him to take the leftover candy to work. It sat on the counter in a ziploc bag for THIRTEEN days! He walked passed it numerous times a day, but it didn’t dawn on him to pick it up. And during those thirteen days I asked him FOUR TIMES to take it and reminded him where it was. He’s hopeless.
He won’t make reservations. He won’t order in dinner, ask a question at the store, plan a trip, or do anything else that requires talking to strangers. He’s has a management position at work. He probably talks to fifty people a day. Why is this so hard?
He’s a huge weather nerd. At least four times a week he wants to tell me about the current and predicted weather pattern. He also checks the temperature online at the golf course across the street a few times a day so he knows the exact temperature at our house and not just what the news says it is at Sea-Tac airport. And yes, he gives me those hourly reports too. So boring.
Ugh! See? He’s annoying! I’m getting fired up writing this right now.
I'm positive I annoy him just as much, he just doesn't express it as much as I do. But I love him so much and I really shouldn't complain. He works hard to provide for us and lets me have ten boxes of cereal at a time (I need variety). He lets me wear bright white spot treatment on my face when I come to bed at night without batting an eye. He goes above and beyond to get stuff done around the house, as long as it’s on his list. Although he’ll probably never make a reservation, I get to plan vacations, trips, and events my way, without any objection from him. He’s also a great dad who genuinely loves hanging out with me and our little monsters. Yeah, he annoys me at times and we’ve definitely had some rough patches, but they are a distant memory. We just keep getting better year after year.

I love you, Jacob!



Jen said...

I love this! John always asks me what happened to my face too. And I love the quote about being crazy. Yep, they married us! I always tell John he's lucky to have me. No other woman would put up with his sh*t like I do. And I mean that in the most loving way possible :)

Annabelle said...

I completely agree with all of this! I love my husband but I get so annoyed with him sometimes! It's just part of it I guess!

Jodie said...

Oh goodness... I love this!!! It made me laugh and smile the whole time!! :) Happy Anniversary to you guys!!! I hope y'all have a wonderful day!!!!

hotpants™ said...

No marriage or relationship is perfect. It was refreshing to see the honesty in this post. Happy Anniversary!

My biggest pet peeve about T.. He doesn't open his mail unless he knows it's super important. This would be ok if he threw the rest out. No, he saves it. He's a damn mail hoarder and it drives me insane. I already know what I'm getting him for Christmas. I'm getting him an industrial paper shredder, so he can finally get rid of ALL OF IT!

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

Awwww this is so sweet and romantic in the weirdest way ;-) Happy Anniversary!

Ashlee Miller said...

Hahaha Some E Cards are so funny and true! Happy Anniversary!!!

tara said...

lol! i loved this post! my husband drives me absolutely insane, but i sure do love him! happy anniversary!

Suze said...

happy anniversary!

I love the way you wrote this post

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Aw! I love those post! Lol the honesty of love :) You two are adorable together and clearly made the cutest kids ever!

Congrats and here's to many more years :)

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

happy belated anniversary!! Congrats on 12 yrs & 6 yrs(marriage) & 2 kids!! As much as husbands annoy, they are also great to have around sometimes...like when there's a spider on its way to eat me hahaha. Hope you had a great anniversary!!

Kate said...

Happy 6 years! You guys look like a great couple-best friends!

Lori said...

CONGRATS! Happy Anniversary Christina!