October Magazine Roundup

Britney Spears – Elle
She looks great! Yes, that singing shot is super cheesy, but again, she looks GREAT!

Carey Mulligan – AnOther
The boy in the bubble with ugly clothes. Interesting. She's so awesome though. I'll let it slide.

Chace Crawford – August Man
Love. I know he's "too pretty" for most of you, but he's just the right amount of pretty for me.

Christina Aguilera – Lucky
Boring. She looks so good with natural looking makeup though.

Denzel Washington – GQ
Even with all that gray hair he is super fine. Yeah, I said fine. I'm from the '90s.

Elizabeth Olsen - Bullett
I love this. I love her. I think this spread is absolutely beautiful. So pretty and wintery!

Emma Watson - Glamour
Fun shoot. She looks great and I really love her hair cut and color.

Emma Watson - Glamour UK
Beautiful. I LOVE the last photo.

George Michael and Kate Moss – French Vogue
I love him. There should have been more of him. Her clothes are pretty great though.

Gwen Stefani – Elle UK
Fun shoot. It's totally Gwen!

Gwen Stefani – Marie Claire
I love this one. She's more toned down and really beautiful.

Ian Somerhalder –Essential Homme
He's hot when he's mad. I like everything about it. Well, except that there are too many layers of clothes.


Jennifer Lawrence – W
 That doesn't even look like her on the cover. I'm not a big fan of birds, but I like feathers. Cool spread.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Flaunt
I love him. We ALL love him. He can do no wrong.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Glamour feature
It's not a cover, but it's worth posting. He is adorable.

Kate Hudson – Harper’s Bazaar
I don't know how I feel about her as an actress, but man is she pretty. These pictures are amazing.

Katy Perry – L’Officiel
She always looks so different! I love the hair, the clothes, her makeup. So pretty.

Marion Cotillard – Dior
I'm pretty excited about this new magazine from Dior. I'm already very impressed.

Taylor Kinney – Men’s Book Chicago
He's is soooo cute. How did Lady Gaga land him?

Zac Efron - BlackBook
I talked about this here. I love it. He looks amazing and the animals are adorable.

Zooey Deschanel – Cosmopolitan
Pretty boring. I love New Girl and her character Jess, but Zooey kinda gets on my nerves.


Annabelle said...

My two favorites here are Gwen and Ian. They put TOO MANY clothes on IAN! I want to see some skin! I agree with you, He's freakin hot when he is mad! Yummy!

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Wow you covered it all! hehe I liked the high fashion ones like Elizabeth Olsen and Jennifer Lawrence. Give me JGL any day! And wow I wouldn't have expected that from Katy Perry...

dk everyday said...

Great round up! So agree with all of them...though I don't care much for Chace Crawford either way. Honestly, that doesn't even LOOK like Katy Perry! And Zooey can move on now...boooring.

Have an awesome day :)

Jodie said...

Matt Bomer is just like Chace Crawford... they are beautiful... not sexy... not hot... just beautiful!!

Joseph Gordon Levitt- wow... he is just so good looking in these pictures!!

Ian- wow... I like the dark pictures and his sexy look! wow!

Zac- wow is all I can say!! I love the face he is making with the snake! ha!

Melanie Montgomery said...

I love Zooey! I think she's great!
I'm not a fan of the Katy Perry spread. I don't like her with red hair.

ErinMSW said...

Brit does look fantastic, but I LOOOOVE the Emma Watson shoots. Man, she is pretty. I am so excited to see Wallflower.

hotpants™ said...

Brit looks great, but I hate the cover. Holy airbrush!

Chace, like Zac, does nothing for me.

I agree. Denzel is fine. JGL, Somerhalder and Taylor are fine too.

Christina looks so much better without all the crazy makeup.

Love Emma's hair. Adore Gwen!

Katy doesn't look like herself here. It's weird.

Ok, I'm done.

Christianna said...

WOW, I love Katy's new hair color!

Kate said...

I have so many comments! Here we go:
I love Britney. Always have, always will!

Not a fan of this Carey shoot.

ooh Chace. Looks GOOD! Usually he looks too pretty but I like these photos a lot, especially sweater and white shirt

Denzel can do no wrong

Love Lizzie. I'll always think of her as the sister from the way old Olsen twin movies (now Brother for Sale is stuck in my head). I think she is prettier though. Loved her in Lberal Arts.

Prefer the second set of Emma photos. I wish my freckles looked that pretty!

Kate Moss doesn't age. Seriously.

Agree that Ian needs to shed some layers. Like all of the clothing actually.

JGL is too cute. So handsome. He looks short though-I'd tower over him. Oh well.

How did Lady Gaga get Taylor? I will watch his show purely for the hotness.

oooh Zac. Looking good!

Jen said...

Gwen.swoon. I've been reading a lot of articles on ND since they released the new album. Did you read the one where they asked what Gavin thinks of the band. She said he has never liked what they do. I guess the whole room went silent and her "handlers" where not pleased with her response. They say she's getting more candid and opening up with age.

Jen said...

I also meant to say what the F is up with Britney's look on the X Factor. Doesn't she have a stylist? Girlfriend looks like she just rolled out of bed.

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

i love Denzel....he's so hot!! I like Christina in natural make up too, even if it was boring and you totally could not tell that was Jennifer Lawerence.