November Magazine Roundup

Ashley Greene - Marie Claire
Eh. The second picture is very pretty, but the rest are boring. I'm not feeling her clothes or hair at all.

Brad Pitt - Interview
Gross, but awesome. He can pull off any character.

Cameron Diaz - Esquire UK
Pretty skanky, but it is a men's magazine, and the photos are by creeper Terry Richardson. However, she's 40. Work it.

Christina Hendricks - Glamour UK
I wonder if she gets tired of wearing Joan's clothes. I love the cover, the other dresses do nothing for me.

Claire Danes - Flare
She's so pretty, but these are pretty boring.

Collin Farrell - Details
Where has he been? Remember when he was the hottest thing ever? He's still cute, but these are boring.

Demi Lovato - Teen Vogue
Pretty. I don't typically like floral, but she looks cute.

Gerard Butler - Men's Journal
Lookin' good, as usual.

Gwen Stefani/No Doubt - Nylon
Love it. They seriously don't age. I'm glad they are just as fun as they used to be.


Jennifer Lawrence - Vogue UK
The cover is amazing. I'm not feeling her hair at all, but since there's a '70s vibe, I'll let it go. Ugly sweaters.

Lauren Conrad - Allure
She's very pretty, but she always looks the same. There's nothing special here.
Lena Dunham - Asos
I love her, but why do they always make her so quirky and weird? Why can't she be in pretty dresses?

Logan Lerman - Fault
I LOVE him. Seriously. I can't wait to see what's in store for him.

Mila Kunis - Esquire
Sexiest woman alive. I guess I don't disagree.

Nicole Kidman - Harper’s Bazaar
Amazing spread! Fun location, great clothes, pretty model. I love her hair.

Nina Dobrev - Self

Rihanna - Vogue
I'm not a big fan of hers, but these are great photos and great clothes.

Sophia Vergara - Lucky
She's adorable.

Taylor Swift - Glamour
It's sweet, she's cute, good clothes. She looks so much better without bangs. And they look even worse now.

Taylor Swift - Marie Claire UK
Oh, she's such a musician. Really though, I like this shoot. The clothes are amazing.

Victoria Beckham - Elle France
Awesome as usual. I love the mirror photo.



That's What She Read said...

I think my favorite shoot out of these would have to be the creativeness of Brad and the Glamour one of Taylor. Good call on the bangs!!

This is one of my favorite blogs!! :)

Jo said...

You are so right about Christina Hendricks – it’s like no one has the imagination to dress her as anyone other than Joan

I have never been a huge fan of Claire Danes and this photo shoot just reconfirm it … boring!

Colin Farrell – I guess the photo shoot is meant to reiterate his now cleaner image … still not the worse looking man on the planet

LOVE No Doubt, so glad they are back. Also, what is not to love about Gwen Stephanie! She Rocks!

Mila Kunis – My husband has a serious thing for her at the moment. Can’t say I blame the man

And last but not least, VB … I love her style. I would look terrible in her clothes but I think she looks great.

Jen said...

Can I just have Victoria Beckham's legs? I mean seriously. I decided last night that for next halloween I'm going to dress up as Gwen. That gives me a year to get a flat stomach.

Meghan @ Shine On said...

TSwift ALWAYS has the same face!! And hellllllo, Gerard Butler!!

Misty said...

People are really hating on Brad these days. Yes, I prefer him with shorter hair, but it's not the end of the world. He is easily one of my favorite actors. I adore him.

Ashley's pics are boring, but damn she's gorgeous. Major girl crush!

Sometimes I like Cameron. Sometimes I don't. Love her bod though.

Mmm, Gerard!

MiMi said...

Brad IS skanky.
Cameron...the one picture you can see her ass through her crotch.
And Nicole...the sun shines out of her crotch I guess! LOL

Christianna said...

When did Ashley get so freaking skinny?

My favorites are Demi, Gwen, Gerard and the second Taylor one!

Jessica Renee said...

Um, I wanna be like Cameron, Gwen AND Sophia when I grow up! They look Am-ah-zing! I'm pretty much over Lauren Conrad. She really is the same in EVERYTHING. I can never tell the difference between her ads. Mila Kunis really is one of the hottest things around. BITCH. hahaha.

You have the best posts, friend :)