I've Been...

I’ve been listening to these CDs:

Cher Lloyd is like an adorable British version of Ke$ha. I like it. The new Mumford & Sons has definitely lived up to the hype. It's good, good stuff. As much as I knock Taylor Swift and think her personality is annoying, I do enjoy her music. Red is total pop and while there are some songs I really hate, others are pretty good. I Knew You Were Trouble is my favorite song (which was co-written and produced by Britney's favorite, Max Martin). And of course, No Doubt. I hate to say it, but it took me a long time to like his album and there are still a few tracks that I just don't like. The lyrics are very uninspired and I wanted to hear upbeat, fun songs, rather than slow ones, which are very reminiscent of Gwen's solo stuff.

I’ve been watching these music videos:

Push and Shove is awesome, except for the weird close ups of Gwen's face. Other than that, she looks really pretty and Tony reminds me so much of my BFF when he's singing with such passion. Haha! (I miss you, A!) Your Body is totally ridiculous and that's why I love it. Trailer trash Xtina really knows how to kill a man. Robbie Williams. I don't think I've talked about my love for him on the blog before. I LOVE him. I'll post about him soon. His videos are always amazing, and Candy is no exception. He plays the guardian angel to one of my other favorite Brits, Kaya Scodelario. Anna Sun was my favorite song of the summer, even though it's a few years old. The video is so fun, showing the singer wandering through a house party. I especially love the routine at 1:50.

I’ve been reading these books:

Andy Cohen's biography Most Talkative was a fun and easy read. I love him and it was interesting read about his fairly normal upbringing and to see how he became so successful. The Fault In Our Stars was great! Everyone says its good, but no one mentioned that they cried through the last 80 pages. That wasn't just me, was it? I still really loved it though. I put all of John Green's books on my list. I started The Casual Vacancy a few weeks ago, but I'm not very far into it. It's really slow, filled with mundane details about the mundane townsfolk. Everyone says it gets better, so I really need to just sit down and get to it.

I’ve been TiVoing these new shows:

There's only been two episodes of Nashville, but I love it. I wasn't expecting Rayna and Juliette to be outright bitches. Fun stuff. The music is pretty lame and the girls seriously need some  new hair. Scarlett's extensions are a rat's nest and Juliette's wig is awful! But I still like the show. Go On hasn't been as funny lately. I don't really like shows where there is only one person amongst a cast of crazies. I had a really hard time with that with my beloved Gilmore Girls. But I'm going to keep watching because I love Matthew Perry. The Mindy Project is my new favorite show. She's hilarious and the comedy is smart. No complaints so far. Partners is pretty terrible, but I love the cast. My girl crush Sophia Bush is fun in a comedy, Michael Urie is adorable (when he's not over the top), and is it just me or did David Krumholtz get kinda cute? I'll keep watching.

I’ve been deleting these shows:

I watched the first two episodes of 666 Park Avenue and just didn't have an opinion about it. I like the cast, but it didn't wow me. I really, really wanted to like The New Normal. I gave it five episodes, but it was ridiculous. I think it's pretty stereotypical and offensive to gays. Worse, it's not at all funny. Ellen Barkin is awesome, but she's basically Sue Sylvester. And I hate to say it, but Andrew Rannells (who I love in real life) is suuuuper annoying as "Ryan Murphy". The X Factor was taking up too much space on my TiVo. I don't really like talent shows and only watched for Britney, but it's not worth it. I had five episodes saved up before finally deleting.

I'm about to delete these ones:

How I Met Your Mother hasn't been funny in two years and it's just getting worse. Robin is the only reason I watch. Everyone else is annoying and whiny. Yes, even Barney. I feel like I should stick with it since I've been watching since day one, but now that they said this might not be the last season,  I don't know if I can keep going for two more years. Modern Family hasn't been that funny either. I feel like the characters are getting more and more ridiculous for laughs and it's just not good anymore.
I’ve been seeing these movies:

Celeste & Jesse Forever was so, so good. It was sad, I cried a lot, and I saw myself in Celeste, which wasn't great, but I seriously loved the movie. Sleepwalk With Me was also good. Based on the book and play by Mike Birbiglia, it was simple, but thoughtful and fun to watch. Arbitrage was really good. Totally screwed up, but good. Pitch Perfect was hilarious! I can't find anything bad to say about the movie. The music was great, there were so many laugh out loud lines, Rebel was more amazing than I imagined, the other characters were crazy funny, I was blown away by their voices, and I developed a crush on Skylar Astin (who I saw a few years ago in NPH's production of RENT). I loved The Perks of Being a Wallflower and will review it on Friday. Frankenweenie was really cute. We never miss a Tim Burton movie and this one didn't let down. We laughed out loud quite a few times. The characters were awesome and strange, and it was fun to watch something in 3D that wasn't an action movie. Loved it.

And I’ve been Netflixing these ones:

American ReunionSilent HouseWhat to Expect When You're Expecting

Girl in ProgressPeople Like UsThe Lucky One

American Reunion was so stupid. I rolled my eyes a million times. Was this stuff supposed to be funny to us ten years later or was it purposely written for 18 year olds? Silent House scared the crap out of me! I love Elizabeth Olsen. What To Expect was terrible. Way worse than I was expecting. I did cry though, over Chace and Anna's storyline. And the scenes with Joe Manganiello were funny. Otherwise, crap. I really liked Girl in Progress. It was predictable, but cute. Cierra Ramirez was adorable. People Like Us was so slow and boring that I fell asleep. I expected more. The Lucky One was alright. Just a typical romance, but I give it an A because of Zac.

What have you been up to?


SMD said...

I bawled through the end of The Fault in Our Stars, then told everyone I know to read it.

Also loving Nashville and stopped the series recording of 666 Park Avenue.

I ditched HIMYM about three years ago. I mean come on...produce the mother! Stil loving Modern Family though, although it is starting to get a lot more message-y I think.

That's What She Read said...

this is a great round up of stuff! I have had The Fault in Our Stars on my to read list forever, I think it's time to get started on it!

Emily said...

this is awesome! i feel like i need to pin it so i can remember some of those songs i need to download. haha.

MiMi said...

I'm waiting so patiently to read the J.K. Rowling book...I hope it's good! Even if it's crap though we'll always have Harry Potter. LOL
I'm adding the others to my Goodreads!
And I didn't realize No Doubt had a new cd out!

Aubrey S. said...

Nashville is my new favorite show. Can't wait to see what happens on tonight's episode.

Thanks for sharing the music videos. I'm now off to download the No Doubt song.

Melanie Montgomery said...

I LOVE The Mindy Project....but um, why hasn't their been an episode in two weeks?! The episode in the club had me in stiches, and I need more!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower...I read the book this year and sooo need to see the movie!

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

I need to read The Fault in our Stars. I need to obtain it first...lol.

Cher Lloyd is adorable. I haven't stopped listening to Babel yet. And The Mindy Project disappointed me, greatly.

Christianna said...

I need to get T Swift's album and try out Cher Loyds too!

OMG, "The Mindy Project" is great!

Jen said...

Ok so of course you know what I'm going to comment on. We seriously think exactly the same! Before I even read your what you wrote abt push and shove and I was going to comment about her weird faces. She looks like a drag queen in those shots. Her eyebrows are too light. But she looks amazing in the rest of the video.

Misty said...

This is the first year in a while that I've been giving up on shows. I deleted Grey's and Private Practice. I forgot to start a season pass for 90210. It sucked most of the time anyway, so I'm going to forget about it.

I really like Go On. I don't know that it'll last, but I'll continue to watch because of Matthew. The one new show that I am absolutely loving is Last Resort.

I'm still enjoying XFactor.

Love the new Mumford & Sons album. I also got Muse's new one. It's good too. I need to get Cheryl Lloyd because I love me some Ke$ha.

I always leave you the longest comments because you like most of the same things I do. Ha!

Mills said...

Andy Cohen's book was a great quick read on a recent flight I had. WWHL is one of my must-see tv shows. Love him.

Victoria said...

i stopped watching himym this season too,just not funny anymore and boring.

i love the mindy project and nashville too! i am a fan of connie britton so it works for me :)

i saw people like us a few weeks ago and i agree that it was soooo slow! i was glad i didn't waste money on it in the theater lol. but the sweet video at the end made me tear up :)

Corrin said...

The Fault in Our Stars is so fantastic.

And I adore Robbie Williams. I had no idea he had new music out!

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

I don't know how much more of Taylor Swift I can take.... LOVE me some Nashville!!