Elle's Women In Hollywood

Elle's 19th annual Women In Hollywood Celebration was held on Monday in Beverly Hills and most of the women brought their A-game!
Here are my favorite looks of the night.
Leslie Mann
Nina Dobrev
Rashida Jones
Emma Watson
My absolute favorite was Emma Stone. She looked amazing.
And then there's stupid Lea Michele. Ugh.



Yesi said...

My favorite would have to be between Emma Waston and Giadas dress! Both are very formal and elegant, yet still very dressy and fun!!

Great post!

xoxo Yesi @ For Miami and Love <33


Misty said...

I loved Emma Stone's look. Fab!

I saw another view of Jaime King's dress and hair and thought she looked great too.

Melanie Montgomery said...

I don't think Emma Watson could ever look bad. Ever. She looked amazing!

Miss Southern Prep said...

Love Emma Stone's shoes!

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Jen said...

I LOVE Nina's dress. I want an excuse to dress to the nines!

Michelle Pennington said...

Wow, I agree Lea Michele's dress is awful. Who let her go out in that? Seriously way too much make up too.

April said...

Nina is always at the top of my list ... love her!!