I’ve been trying so hard to get back into the swing of things. I was only gone for 3 1/2 days, but life at home went on without me. That means dirty dishes, laundry, and bathrooms, an empty refrigerator, a pile of mail, and Nolan’s untouched homework folder. Jacob is amazing and takes such good care of the boys when I’m gone and I don’t have to worry about a thing. This time was a little different though because all three of them were sick. I don’t blame them one bit for lying around the house all weekend. Except that now I’ve got to do all the catching up! I'm also throwing a baby shower on Saturday so I'm going party planning crazy! I’m so behind on blog reading, commenting and responding, but I will get to it soon!

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You all know how much I love Disney so when I came across these photographs by Thomas Czarnecki, I kinda loved it, as depressing and disturbing as they are. From Enchantment To Down depicts fairy-tale heroines in scenes that are darker than their idyllic stories.

My Sweet Prince - Snow White

Happy End - The Little Red Riding Hood

Just a Trap - Alice

On The Other Shore - The Little Mermaid

Too Fast - Cinderella

Not So Romantic - The Beauty and the  Beast

Naughty Girl - Sleeping Beauty

One Last Wish - Jasmine

One More Trophy - Pocahontas

Then I found Dina Goldstein's Fallen Princesses.

And finally I saw these awesome minimalist movie posters on Etsy. I kinda want some!


What do you think about alternative takes on Disney?


ErinMSW said...

I love all those alternative things. Have you ever seen the Annie Liebovitz photos? They're amazing. http://www.insidethemagic.net/2011/03/photo-archive-latest-in-the-annie-leibovitz-disney-dream-portrait-series-capturing-celebrities-as-colorful-disney-characters/

Christianna said...

OH my goodness! I LOVED these! That first set is really disturbing, yet totally wonderful! What a creative mind!

Aubrey S. said...

Did you know that Danielle at Secrets of a Sweet Southern Girl is hosting Fairy Tale week? This would line right up with that: http://www.sweet-southern-girl.com/

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

I am on the fence about the first series, but the 2nd one, while disturbing, was really great stuff. Snow White with all the kids killed me. So interesting!

Ashlee Miller said...

Love the creativity of these photos!!

Jodie said...

Oh goodness... these are awesome!! I love the creativity of the pictures!

Kari said...

These are great!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

is it morbid that my favorite are the top series? I like the movie posters too, those are cute