Body Swappers In The House Tonight

(Is LMFAO’s song stuck in your head after reading that title? Ugh.)

I watched the movie The Change-Up the other day. I wasn’t planning on ever seeing it because, well, it looked stupid, but I’m a big fan of the cast (Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Leslie Mann, and Olivia Wilde) so I gave it a shot. I was right though, it was stupid. The story follows Dave, a married father of twins, and Mitch, an unattached ladies man. One night Mitch and Dave pee in a fountain together while lightning strikes and they switch bodies.

See? Stupid. And so played out. It made me think about some of the other body swap movies I’ve seen.

Freaky Friday (1976) A mother and daughter (Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster) switch bodies on Friday the 13th after saying “I wish I could switch places with her for just one day" at the exact same time. The daughter has problems with the laundry, the mechanic, the maid, grocery shopping and their dog. The mother ruins typewriters at school, gets lost in marching band and loses a field hockey game. And more insane stuff happens like a car chase, driving a car into a river, water skiing and parachuting.

Freaky Friday (2003) A mother and daughter (Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan) switch bodies after eating a fortune cookie brought to them during an argument by an old lady at a Chinese restaurant. The daughter has to go to work as a therapist, promote her psychology book on a TV show, and gets a makeover. The mother deals with mean girls and mean teachers, gets detention, bonds with a boy over music and lands a band audition where she doesn’t know how to play guitar. Together they fake their way through the audition and learn to accept each other for what they are.

Like Father, Like Son (1987) A father and son (Dudley Moore and Kirk Cameron) switch brains after accidentally drinking a brain-transference serum. The son has to go to work as a heart surgeon and delivers a baby (really?) while attending meetings to become the hospital’s superintendent. The father has to go to school, run track and fight for a girl’s affection with the help of his nice car and credit card. I loved this movie when I was a kid because Kirk Cameron was my main man. I had his poster above the bed and everything!

Vice Versa (1988) A father and son (Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage) switch bodies after making a wish and touching an ancient skull at the same time. The son has to run a department store and is successful pitching new toys. The father has to deal with school, tests and bullies. Oh, and the son is kidnapped by people who want the skull. Craziness ensues.

I guess this plot never goes out of style. To be honest, I liked all of these movies except for The Change-Up.
What’s your favorite body swap movie?


hotpants™ said...

I have this on my DVR. I might delete it since you said it's dumb.

My fave body swap movie is The Kid with Bruce Willis. It's a Disney movie. I totally made Tony take me to the theater to see it. This was before we had kids. Ha!

Jessica Renee said...

It was definitely dumb but at least there were a few laughs in it!!

and i had no idea there were so many swap movies! haha

Christianna said...

I just watched "The Change-Up" too and pretty much hated it! It was soooo stupid. Why did those guys do it? I do tend to like body switching movies though!

Suze said...

I like all those movies but I haven't seen the Change Up... good to know.

PS- I love Judge Reinhold and haven't thought about him in years! Haha.

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I like the plot and all but the Change-Up was just gross. The cast was fun and somewhat hot...haha...but that's about it. Just stupid and gross. Why would you make a fun movie less fun?! Sad sad. :(

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Haha! I would only watch because I love me some Ryan and I think Jason is hilarious. Too bad it was a flop :(

Karen Peterson said...

It is a pretty played out genre. But I do love both versions of Freaky Friday. A very cute movie.

Krystal said...

You must not forget about Wish Upon a Star with the lovely Katherine Heigl in it, that movie is from like 97? I don't know, anyway, it recently popped up on Netflix to stream... I had totally forgotten about it!

Jodie said...

Great post!!! I've never seen the Like Father, Like Son before... totally gonna check it out! I love the Savage brothers!

Corrin said...

I love the original AND the remake of Freaky Friday! Oh, the glory days of LaLohan.

Kate said...

The Lindsay Freaky Friday is hilarious. I honestly love rewatching it and own it on DVD.

Judge Reinhold lived on my street for awhile and every time I saw him I thought of Vice Versa!