September Magazine Roundup

Anna Kendrick – Angeleno
I love her. She looks great, a little dark and '90s and Gothic, but great.

Cam Newton - GQ
I don't follow football and have no idea who he is, but he's so cute. Fun shoot!

Cobie Smulders - Women's Health
I love her, and she's very pretty, but these are all pretty boring.



David Beckham - Esquire UK
Love. He's looks a little old and hard here, but still so sexy.

Emma Stone - Interview
I love this. I honestly don't think she can do anything wrong. She even looks good orange.

Emma Watson - New York Times Style Magazine
She's so beautiful and I love this classic photos. They make me crave fall!

Gwen Stefani - Harper’s Bazaar
She looks great and I love every single outfit. So fun!
Jake Gyllenhaal - Details
He looks so weathered. I like facial hair, but I'm not into a full beard. Still love him though!
James Marsden - Da Man
These photos are kind of boring, but I'll let it slide because he's one of my favorites.

Jessica Alba - Self
Cute! But for some reason I don't think she's this happy in real life. I love the blue dress.

Katy Perry - Elle
I really like that she always looks different. Cool spread. I love the second dress so much!

Kristen Bell - Zooey
Love her, love this, especially the cover and second photo.

Lady Gaga - Vogue
I'm totally bored. I like the cover, but the rest are just meh. It looks like she needs a cup of coffee.

Lea Michele - Nylon
She bugs me and doesn't look happy to be there, but I love all the shorts!!

Liam Hemsworth - Men’s Health
Swoon. Nothing left to say.

Miley Cyrus - Marie Claire
I really like this spread. Her mouth is kind of annoying, but otherwise she looks good. Love the clothes.

Nicole Kidman - V
Amazing. So hot! This is not the Nicole we're used to seeing and I like it! She's one of my favorites. And I can't believe she's 45!

Nicole Richie - InStyle Australia
Cool color, cool clothes, cool girl. I'm a fan.

Nina Dobrev - Ocean Drive
I love these clothes and think she's gorgeous, but these are boring.

Selena Gomez - Teen Vogue
A fun all-American beachy spread? Cliche, but cute. I like that she's a little more natural than usual.


Selma Hayek - Vogue Germany
I can't take this seriously. She's beautiful, but trying so hard to be sexy. It looks ammature and awkward.

Tom Brady - VMan
I know he's a douche, but he's very cute. Too bad these pictures kind of disturb me. Poor dog.

Tyson Beckford - Attitude
Where has he been? Regardless, I'm glad he's back. He looks gooooood.

Victoria Beckham - Glamour
I love these! As if Posh actually does any of this stuff. Haha. She's perfect!


Zoe Saldana - Malibu
These pictures are all so pretty and I love the set and clothes, but she looks too skinny.



Christianna said...

The Emma's and Kristen totally stole the show! Selena looks pretty too though!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I love me some Gwen! She's my ultimate girl crush!

And Liam...he's 12 but I adore him ♥

Meghan @ Shine On said...

Oh, I just LOOOOOVE James Marsden. Yummy!

Jen said...

Wow Anna looks so different but in a good way. Gwen swoon. Selena looks like a little girl. Wow Nicole Kidman looks amazing.

Marz said...

I love looking at beautiful photos and this post def provide LOTS of beautiful photos! And my favourite magazine spreads were those of my two favourite people - sexy Mr. & Mrs. Becks! OMG they are both equally hot! I just finally got to read the Glamour magazine on my lazy Saturday morning.

April said...

It's crazy how sometimes you don't even recognize the celebrity when they are all done up!
I am loving Emma, Nina, and Selena! :o)

hotpants™ said...

I have Posh's mag at home. Love the spread!

Selena definitely looks fresh faced in her pics.

David Beckham is just so yummy and James Marsden is adorable.

I'm blogging about Kristen and Dax soon!