Pink Hair?

As soon as I saw Riley Keough in Magic Mike last month, I immediately turned to my sister and said "I love her hair!" It seems like the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Her mom had a little pink in her hair back in 2003.

I was only ever allowed to dye my hair "normal" colors in high school, while all my friends were using Manic Panic to add green, blue and purple. I never really had the desire to do it back then, but I fell in love with pink hair when Gwen rocked it in 2000. I loved it the most when the bright pink faded out and her signature blond hair came through.

Another one of my absolute favorite ladies, Lily Allen, dyed her hair pink in her bathroom back in 2008.
Again, I didn't love the super bright pink, but once it wore away it looked so cute.

Of course there's P!ink, who's had various shades and styles of pink hair throughout the years.

Katy Perry is always changing her hair and she had fun with the cotton candy shade for a while, too.

All the major pop stars have done it.

All the kids are doing it.



TV stars.

Even reality TV stars.

Nicole Richie recently tweeted pictures of her new pink dye job.

I've seriously always loved it and wanted to do it, but I have brown hair. I never really thought that would turn out. But last month, one of my new favorite bloggers (Jen from Boys Will Be Boys) added some pink to her dark hair. I love it and couldn't stop telling her via Instagram, Twitter and Blogger exactly that. Read this post to find out more. So it can be done with dark hair! She looks great and I'm seriously considering doing something subtle like that. Yeah, I'm 33 years old, but if Julia Roberts and Joan Rivers can do it, why can't I?


Katrin said...

I like colorful hair? Do you want to try hair chalk or dye your hair? I am sure pink would look lovely. When I was a teenager I tried all kinds of colors. Pink, orange, blue, green...:)

Jen said...

Love this obviously! Thanks for the shout out!! You should do it!!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

This makes me feel better about my hair lol. I may not have pink but I'm not much of a pink girl. Although people are now telling me I should try pink next lol.

I was going for the look that Nicole Richie has, and kinda achieved that, but with teal :)

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

Do it, do it! I love subtle pink strands and if my work would allow it I would do it! My favorite was Sophie on ANTM.

Jessica Renee said...

AGH You should totally try it! You don't even LOOK your age, woman! And what I would do to pull off pink hair! ha In my early 20s I had black hair with a pink streak in my bangs but it just did not work for me! Gwen's hair will always be my favorite!!

Karen Peterson said...

I'm TOTALLY wanting to do pink peek-a-boo highlights in my hair, too! I wanted to do them last summer but was in the middle of job hunting. Now that I'm putting that off for awhile, I think it's time to go for it.

hotpants™ said...

I love the subtle pink highlights on blondes. I think it can be pulled off with any hair color and any age when done right.

April said...

Girl - I am all about adding fun colors to my hair! You've seen the purple and the blue extensions I did in the past, and I am starting to crave them again!! Go for the pink! Extensions are already dyed a bright color and they glue into your hair ... super easy and no worrying about bleaching your own hair to achieve the color you want. Having done both (bleaching/dying and extensions), I highly recommend the extensions! Let me know if you want the link to my supplier - super cheap and great quality hair! :o)

Beautifully Quirky said...

Now I wanna rock pink hair!!! My husband would flip, haha

Kyla Makay said...

Rachel McAdams had some pink highlights a while back... here is a picture: http://images.eonline.com/eol_images/Entire_Site/20070119/293.mcadams.rachel.011907.jpg
And this blogger- I don't know why, because her "look" is SO FAR from my "look." Almost my "anti-style..." but I always liked her hair.
A pink streak. Do it.

Lori said...

Wow! That's a lot of pink! Loving Carrie Underwood's subtle pink look though!