More September Spreads

Since September is the biggest month for magazines there were a ton of cool spreads that didn't make the cover. Check out some of my favorites.

Adam Scott - Maxim
I love him. I love this. It's simple, yet awesome and hilarious.

Celine Dion - V
What a fun day of adult dress up! Can you believe she's 44? She looks great!



Chloe Moretz - InStyle
I love the colors, her hair, her eyebrows! I just love her.


Ezra Miller, Logan Lerman, Johnny Simmons - VMan
I can't wait to see these guys in Perks of Being a Wallflower next month! Cool shoot for cool guys.


Katherine McPhee - Nylon
This should have been the cover, not Lea. These photos are amazing! I love her.

Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, Lizzy Caplan - Elle
I love these three girls so much and watched Bachelorette last night. Awesome movie!!!

Linda Evangelista - W
This superhero housewives editorial is so strange, but kinda cool. Retro, yet futuristic.


Lisa Cant - Fashion Magazine
She's a model, not celebrity, but man I love this entire spread. Amazing!

Zac Efron - John John Denim
I know it's just an ad campaign, but I always seem to find a way to work Zac in don't I?
Yeah, he looks super douchey, but he's still so hot.



Beautifully Quirky said...

Adam Scott is hot!!!

Annabelle said...

I agree! Adam Scott is beautiful! Wowza~ I love Celine but what is up with that last shot? Is she pulling a Lady Gaga!? haha

Holly said...

More Adam Scott please! :)

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

September Issues are my faves! Adam Scott is such a delight. And look at Celine! I love her!

Jessica Renee said...

Oh I love Adam Scott!!! Did you see Friends with Kids? Loved him in that! And I really love Isla Fisher too. She's so damn pretty and she seems like she'd be hilarious to hang out with!

Mrs Independent said...

I never think of Celine as a particularly attractive person, but WOW the shoot is awesome and she looks great!

Jodi said...

Zac yum!

Christianna said...

LOVE these! They are better then all the covers this month! That Adam Scott shot is amazing! So amazing!

Jodie said...

Zac Efron... you are so sexy!! Just marry me already!! :)